Eight Elements of the Shakespearean Tragedy by hcj


									Elements of the Shakespearean
 Tragic Hero: a person of high rank
  whose fate affects the destiny of his
  country, city, or family.
 The hero is always an extraordinary
  and admirable man. He is usually
  good and noble, but when evil, he
  has equal traits such as strength,
  courage or ambition.
Shakespearean Tragedy

 The hero has a character flaw, which,
  with the help of other circumstances,
  leads the hero to calamity and
  death—a contrast to the hero’s prior
  happiness and glory.
 A dual conflict generates the play’s
  action. There is an external conflict
  (war) and an internal conflict
  (Macbeth’s ambition and later his guilty
Shakespearean Tragedy

 Good always triumphs in the end.
  Although the hero has pulled down the
  world around him, there is someone who
  restores order at the end of the tragedy.
 Tragedies contain the supernatural, such
  as witches and ghosts.
 Tragedies contain characters who
  experience abnormal psychological
  states, such as Macbeth’s visions.

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