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the ChambeRs


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									st pancras renaissance hotel london           hotel introduction

                                          the ChambeRs

                          st pancras renaissance hotel london                                       hotel introduction

                          FIRst FlooR ChambeRs sUItes

         165                167         169                        171       173              175     177         179                      181

       164          166           168          170       172      174         176       178   180     182           184              186

First Floor Chambers Suites Description
165. Chambers Club Room (Accessible)           164. Chambers Grand Junior Suite                                                       did you know?
                                                                                                                    In the Booking Office Bar and Restaurant, you
167. Chambers Grand Junior Suite               166. Chambers Junior Suite
                                                                                                                 will find 173 carved diamonds in the wood panelling.
169. The Walker Suite                          168/170. The Heywood Suite                                               All 173 feature a flower of different design
       (Chamber One Bedroom Suite)                      (Grand One Bedroom Suite)
171.    Chambers Club Room                     172. Chambers Junior Suite
173. Chambers Club Room                        174. Chambers Junior Suite                                                           did you know?
175. Chambers Junior Suite                     176/178. The Gilbert Scott Suite                                     There were two billiard rooms in the original
                                                                                                                  Midland Grand Hotel – one for private guests and
177. Chambers Junior Suite                              (Grand One Bedroom Suite)                                 one for the public. In the public billiard room, now
179. Chambers Club Room                        180. Chambers Junior Suite                                        one of the meeting rooms on the 1st floor, a man was
                                                                                                                    paid ten shillings a week to mark up the score
181. Chambers Junior Suite                     182. Chambers Junior Suite
                                               184. Chambers Junior Suite
                                               186. Chambers Grand Junior Suite

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                                  st pancras renaissance hotel london                                                      hotel introduction

                                 seCoND FlooR ChambeRs sUItes                                                      thIRD FlooR ChambeRs sUItes

Second Floor Chambers                                                                         Third Floor Chambers Suites Description
Suites Description                                                                            351. The Grand Staircase Suite
260-263. The Royal Suite                                                          262               (Three Level Suite)                                            351
       260. Master Bedroom
       261. Chambers Club Room                                                                352. Queen Victoria Suite
       262. Sitting Room
       263. Chambers Club Room
                                                                                                    (Two Bedroom Chamber Suite
254.   The MacCarthy Suite                                                                          with private kitchen)
                                                                                    261       353. Chambers Club Room
       (Chambers One Bedroom Suite)                                         260
256.   Chambers Junior Suite                                                                  354. The Bell Suite
258.   Chambers Grand Junior Suite                                                  263             (Chambers One Bedroom Suite)
259.   The Woolf Suite                                                                        355. Chambers Junior Suite
                                                                                              356. Chambers Junior Suite (Accessible)                                    352
       (Chambers Grand Junior Suite)
257.   Chambers Grand Junior Suite                                                            358. Chambers Grand Junior Suite
255.   Chambers Junior Suite                                                                  359. The Forster Suite
253.   Chambers Junior Suite                                                                        (Chambers One Bedroom Suite)


                                                                                                                                   357                358
                                                       253                                                                                      359


                                                                                    n                                                                                          n



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st pancras renaissance hotel london       hotel introduction

     the grand staircase suite             chambers suites

                14                                15
st pancras renaissance hotel london            hotel introduction

                                          the Royal sUIte


                16                                     17
                            st pancras renaissance hotel london                                                   hotel introduction

    the Royal sUIte

Our Royal Suite offers a sumptuous, secure           The Royal Suite offers:
retreat for those at the top of the ladder           • Sumptuous master bedroom with four
in business and public life. It occupies the           poster bed, walk in wardrobe, private
former Venetian Ballroom on the second                 study and luxurious marble bathroom.
floor, and as its original name suggests,            • Two adjoining chamber rooms
there is no shortage of grandeur or artistry.          (one king, one twin) with on-suite
The suite is hidden away on the second                 bathrooms and work space.
floor of The St Pancras Chamber, is over             • Private kitchen.
300sqm in area and has a grand ceiling               • Large living room with lounge seating
height of 16 foot. With two deluxe                     and fitted private boardroom or dinner
bedrooms, a master bedroom including                   table for up to 22 guests.
walk in wardrobe, study, master bathroom             • Separate bathroom facility off main
with roll top bath and a spacious lounge               living space.
area, the suite can host meetings, events
and butler dinners for up to 20 guests. 
The Royal Suite also includes its own
kitchen space which allows this suite to
be completely self contained making it
the perfect space for an intimate getaway.

                                                                                                    the royal suite’s dining room and master bedroom

                                                18                                                                         19
st pancras renaissance hotel london                         hotel introduction


     the royal suite floorplan                the royal suite’s living room and master bathroom

                20                                                   21
st pancras renaissance hotel london           hotel introduction

                                          the ChambeRs


                22                                    23
                           st pancras renaissance hotel london                                       hotel introduction


The most public part of the original hotel         From 6am until midnight, they can enjoy
is now – with the exception of the guest           hospitality of a very special nature,
rooms – its most private and exclusive.            beginning with a breakfast worth
The Chambers Club was once the                     breaking the sweetest sleep for. Enjoy
entrance hall of the Midland Grand,                a mid-morning snack, lunch or an early
and for Victorian ladies and gentlemen,            evening supper – modern and traditional
entrances were everything. As a lobby,             dishes served in surroundings that unite
its breathtaking staircase, archway and            the grand and the contemporary. Every
ceiling set the stage for the hotel beyond,        moment spent here is a rare treat – a taste
for every guest. Today, that grandeur              of the best the St Pancras Renaissance
and sense of occasion are reserved for             Hotel has to offer.
Chambers Suite guests and VIP visitors.

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st pancras renaissance hotel london                                                   hotel introduction

                                                              a peRsoNal
                                           Just as our hotel represents the model                       Your St Pancras Hotel Butler will be able
                                           update of a traditional icon, our vision                     to provide:
                                           of the ideal butler fits the demands of                      • A comprehensive introduction to
                                           the most modern and demanding lifestyle.                       all hotel facilities
                                           Think of your St Pancras Hotel Butler                        • Assistance with reservations during
                                           as your personal assistant – a trusted                         your stay
                                           advisor, a skilled secretary and a                           • Packing/unpacking assistance
                                           scrupulous steward rolled into one,                          • Refreshments on arrival
                                           and the only person you need ever turn                       • Personal shopper service
                                           to for assistance during your stay.                          • Complimentary pressing
                                                                                                        • A personalised wake up call
                                                                                                        • In suite dining service
                                                                                                        • Coordination of in suite receptions
                                                                                                          and parties
                                                                                                        • Baggage transfer to St Pancras
                                                                                                        • Airport transfer and on line check
                                                                                                          in assistance

                                                               did you know?                                  conde nast traveller, march 2011
                                           Servants in different parts of the hotel communicated         The restored hotel “retains a gentle echo of a time
                                                           through speaking tubes                            when train travel was a genuine luxury”

                26                                                                                 27
                          st pancras renaissance hotel london                                             hotel introduction

                      FoR yoU
Connecting Rooms and Suites                     Bespoke
Many of our exceptional Chamber Suites          Five Star experienced Chambers Guest
and rooms offer the unique opportunity          Relation Managers are available to take
to connect. This allows joined up access        care of your every need with precise
and privacy for families, friends or            attention. This service includes:
entourage along with the exclusive              • Private group check in
facilities of The Chambers Club and             • Reservation bookings at restaurants,
24 hour dedicated care and attention.             theatres, clubs, concerts, events,
                                                  London attractions, meeting facilities
Access                                            and City tours
• Underground entrance tailored                 • Support with travel arrangements
  to individual requirements                      and bookings
  on appointment
• Separate Private Chamber Club
  entrance to avoid main Lobby usage
• VIP Parking by reservation
• Private fast track escort to
                                                         the guardian, january 2011
  Eurostar entrance                               “The much trumpeted St Pancras Renaissance
• VIP car service available on request           Hotel… will be the big hotel opening of the year”


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            st pancras renaissance hotel london

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, Euston Road, London NW1 2AR
               telephone: +44 (0)20 7841 3540


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