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									                          Beauty And The Beast
                     Parent/Student Information Sheet
This information sheet is a way of addressing specific issues that have come up during
previous productions. It is not meant to replace the actor’s contract. Rather, our goal
is to compliment that contract and give you a more detailed description of
responsibilities that both parent and student have regarding the production of “Beauty
And The Beast”.

    Attendance is crucial. Students need to understand that rehearsal times are
      scheduled on Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. We will do our best to
      give each group of students who need to be at a specific rehearsal a bit of notice,
      but please be prepared to attend on Saturday if you are a member of a chorus
      and on both Wednesday and Saturday if you are a ‘lead’ or have a speaking part
      in the play. As we get closer to the actual performance dates, practices may be
      extended to include other weeknights or longer hour on Saturday. During “Tech
      Week” all cast members are expected to attend every rehearsal. Attendance will
      be taken at all rehearsals. It is your responsibility to have your attendance
      verified for each practice that you attend. All absences will be limited this year. It
      is also your responsibility to contact one of the directors prior to any absences.
      Excessive absences cannot be accepted and actors will need to make some

    When a student is attending a practice they are expected to be in one of 3
      areas…the actual rehearsal room if your character is in the scene being
      practiced, a chaperoned quiet room designated for study, or another chaperoned
      area where talking, games, or music (if appropriate) is allowed. Students will not
      be allowed to roam the school and will face disciplinary actions if they do so.
      Academic probation will be enforced and there is no excuse for not using the
      quiet room for homework or study.

    Any areas of the school used for the play will be left cleaner than they were
      before we start. Students are responsible for cleaning the rehearsal areas
      (Faustina & other classroom used, the gym), dressing rooms and bathrooms
      used BEFORE they will be allowed to go home after any rehearsal or
      performance. It is NOT the responsibility of the Production Staff to clean up after
      them. Once you start bringing costumes to school, they should be kept with you.
      It would be wise to use some type of sport bag or equipment bag to keep all of
      your clothes, shoes and accessories together. EVERYTHING YOU OWN
      SHOULD HAVE YOUR NAME ON IT!!! Non- play related items, such as, but not
      limited to books, calculators, cell-phones, etc are the sole responsibility of the
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       student to whom they belong. If you do not want to lose it, either don’t bring it or
       keep track of it!

    If you are going to be hungry during a rehearsal, you must bring food or money
      with you. For most Wednesday and Saturday rehearsals, you need to eat or buy
      your food before rehearsal begins. As we get closer to Tech Week and during
      Tech Week, some of the rehearsals may be longer than the normal 3 hours. If
      you need to leave during a rehearsal to get food we must know about it and your
      parent must have given approval for you to do so. Please check in and out with
      one of the directors or the chaperone of your room.

    Costumes: Parents and students are ultimately responsible for the purchasing/
      acquiring/ making of costumes (with the exception this year of some of the
      ‘special’ costumes, e.g., Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts). There will be many
      opportunities to look at costume ideas and suggestions. Mrs. Morrison and Mrs.
      Rogers will be glad to share their experience with you so that this is not too
      daunting a project. At this time we do not have specific students assigned to
      chorus or even to age groups, but as soon as we have that information it will be
      given to you along with a list of items you may need/want to supply.

    Makeup: Students are responsible for providing their own makeup. Makeup
      requirements will be provided in early to mid January so students/families can
      ‘look for sales’ in purchasing makeup. Top ‘brand name’ makeup is NOT required;
      generic brands work just fine. We will endeavor to keep makeup requirements
      simple and easy. For the boys, we will provide certain items (foundation, blush,
      and bronzer) and collect a small fee for this purchase. In the past it has been
      very difficult for the boys to provide their own makeup and we have found that
      this is the most cost effective way to handle it. All boys unless excused by the
      make-up coordinator/ mentor will have their makeup done in the makeup room
      before each dress rehearsal/performance. It is their responsibility to get there on
      time. Do not make us find you…

If you cannot attend a rehearsal, contact Mrs. Fletcher, Mrs. Morch or Ms. Bailey:

Mrs. Fletcher      Home=703-330-9830 Cell=703-895-3281  
Mrs. Morch         Home=703-791-2372 Cell=703-505-4989  
Ms. Lisa Bailey    Cell=703-881-8333                    

If you have any other questions concerning the production or volunteering, contact Mr.
Mike Bartnick
Mike Bartnick      H=703-476-0442 W=571-227-1006 C=202-680-2808

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