Annotating Text - The Trojan Women by leader6


									The Trojan Women
         Annotating the Text
• You will take your own annotated copy of
  the Trojan women into the examination
  with you.
• This is a golden opportunity to ensure that
  your text is as helpful to you as possible.
     What is an annotated text ?
• Annotate (verb):          • The text is interleaved
                              with blank pages for
• To supply with critical     that very purpose
  or explanatory notes.
  (from the latin)          • It looks very like a
                              Director’s copy of the
                              script would
        Personalise Your Script
• Find a way of
  annotating YOUR
  script from the start of
  your work, and it will
  build into a useful
  working document
  that will aid your
  understanding of the
  text as well as make
  the exam easier
Ideas How to Annotate …

Colour coding your text can be
a quick and easy way to locate
things in an exam situation

Highlighter pens are the best
way to do this
   Possible Areas to Select …
                                Issues and
                 CHARACTERS      Themes

ELEMENTS           Staging     COSTUMES

                              Social, Cultural
Off text Ideas    AUDIENCE     & Historical
There’s Only Really One Way to
Make Theatrical Sense of a Text
 This is a practice exercise, so
don’t use your real text just yet,
 use this extract from Pages 95
and 97 of the text to have a go at
     useful annotation ……
          You have 5 minutes ….
Victoria & Alex    Themes and Issues
Jane and Sian      Characters
Adam and Janine    Staging Issues
Liam and Heather   Off text Ideas
Fiona and Jo       Design elements (Technical)
Katie and Katie    Costumes
Pippa and Chloe    Rehearsal Techniques
  5 Minute Timer

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