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									   Free Carnival
                On how to make

Carnival Costumes
with Pat Howe and Sean Kimpton – Professional Carnival Artists

              Workshop 1
             Booking Form
      Please complete and return, by 17 March 2006, to:
      Pat Howe, 8 Beverley Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR5 8AL


Are you part of a Carnival Group?

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                      Workshop 1
             Introduction to Carnival
                 Costume Making
           10am – 4pm, Sunday April 2nd
 New Phoenix Centre, 132A Mile Cross Road, Norwich

  This workshop will be an introduction to costume making,
             with photos, slides, a short video,
             and various examples of costumes,
        from head dresses, masks to large structures.

                     Then it will be over to you!
               A practical session for you to have a go.

    There will be templates, pictures and lots more to help you
 design and construct your very own carnival mask or head dress.
All materials, decorations, etc will be provided at this workshop so
                  come along and have some fun.

      After lunch we will discuss this year's theme 'Simply Science'
Pat and Sean will be on hand for you to share your ideas and help develop
 them into spectacular costumes that will impress the judges and all those
                           watching the parade!

    They will also provide you with a suppliers list for everything you
might need to make your costumes, plus costings so that you can plan and
      budget for your next workshop. Ordering at this point means
     your materials will be ready and waiting at your next workshop.
                 Remember - it is cheaper to buy in bulk,
   so if you would like Pat to order anything now is the time to do it.

       Having attended this first workshop you can then book
          onto further ones. Pat and Sean will run suitably
         sized groups to ensure you get their full attention.
                   Workshop 2
         Developing your ideas
        10am – 4pm, Sunday May 7
       10am – 4pm, Sunday May 14
New Phoenix Centre, 132A Mile Cross Road, Norwich

 You must have attended workshop 1 before
       you can attend workshop 2.
        This workshop will help you achieve your design ideas,
   with practical solutions for any problems you have encountered.
   Also open practical sessions on technical advice on construction,
                         joining of materials etc.

      Then again it is over to you with help from Pat and Sean
                         should you need it.

         Book your place when you are at Workshop 1
  Should you require any further information please contact Pat on

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