RFID based library management system by uHqeN8d


									                         RFID based library management system


       Wireless   sensor    networks      have   the    potential    to   provide

unprecedented     remote     monitoring     capabilities   that     can   benefit

applications such as industrial control, environmental monitoring, and

defense. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is one of the most exciting

technologies that revolutionize the working practices by increasing

efficiencies, and improving profitability. It is often presented as a

replacement for today’s barcodes used in library books, but the

technology has much greater possibilities, such as individual serial

numbers for each item, and the possibility to read these numbers at a

distance of several metres. They are simpler to deploy than wired

solutions and these networks will enable improved understanding of

processes and environments through continual monitoring of a larger set

of parameters. In this project the evolution of wireless sensor networks

will   be   presented,     using   RFID    techniques      with     examples   of

implementations in library management systems in college.

       In this project the issue and receving of books are recorded by the

use of RFID tags. These cards were based on the DuoProx II, made by

HID®, one of the bigger manufactures of proximity security cards. It

features both a magnetic strip and an RFID tag, which uses a carrier

frequency of 125 Hz and modulates the signal by using Frequency-Shift-

Keying (FSK).

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