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					Unit 2         Medium          March 4, 5                      How Chocolate Works                       Chocolate-making is an art. The dark chocolate we eat contains cocoa liquor, extra
                                                                                                    cocoa butter and some sugar.          17     In fact, it takes more than just tossing all the
I. Vocabulary:
                                                                                                    ingredients in a bowl. The first step to making dark chocolate is to put these ingredients
   A. creamy        B. heavenly      C. unsweetened        D. crystal        E. recipe              through a process called conching.         18    By doing this, the sugar crystals and cocoa
   F. liquor        G. smashed       H. consume            I. temper                                solids are broken up into very fine particles.   19 The next step is to temper the chocolate.
                                                                                                    This step ensures the fats crystallize in the right way.     20   But only one of them makes
_____ 1. Although there are many different kinds of eucalyptus, koalas _____ only some of           for good eating. The next time you enjoy dark chocolate, think of all the effort put into making
        them.                                                                                       it and you’ll enjoy it even more.
_____ 2. I like the _____ texture of this peanut butter better than the crunchy texture of that     A. This helps make the chocolate taste absolutely smooth.
        one.                                                                                        B. In the conching machine, all the ingredients are mashed over and over again by big heavy
_____ 3. Black tea in Japan is served _____. Sugar is not used.                                            rollers.
_____ 4. Amy is interested in cooking and she has lots of _____ books.                              C. Because these ingredients are simple, people often think it’s easy to make dark chocolate.
_____ 5. The mob of angry citizens _____ the windows of the cars on our street with sticks          D. Potentially, the fats can crystallize in six different ways.
        and bats.
_____ 6. The _____ smell of food coming from that restaurant is making my mouth water.
_____ 7. The drunkard staggered down the street with a _____ bottle in his hand.                    Unit 4      Low          March 9, 10                      Gas Stations
II. Cloze Test:                                                                                     I. Vocabulary:
     Have you ever wondered         8 chocolate comes from? The following may help you
know 9         about its origin. Chocolate starts with the cacao tree. This tree produces a fruit   A. windshield      B. reader        C. suppose     D. cool my heels      E. awful     F. insert
about the size of a pineapple. Inside the fruit are the cacao seeds, also known     10 cocoa
beans. Grinding these beans transforms them into a thick, nice-smelling paste. This paste is        _____ 1. To use this vending machine, _____ coins first and then choose what you want to
the base from which all chocolate products are made. Squeezing the paste in a big hydraulic                 buy.
press gets rid of fat,     11 behind brown solids in the press. These brown solids are later        _____ 2. Who do you _____ will win this coming election?
used to create cocoa powder,         12     is great for baking.      13    the paste cool and      _____ 3. Thomas is a(n) _____ driver. He drives too fast and never obeys traffic rules.
solidify results in pure, unsweetened chocolate. But this chocolate is too bitter to eat.     14    _____ 4. When Ed came out of the building, he found a parking ticket under one of his _____
it     14    extra cocoa butter and sugar will yield the delicious dark chocolate you’re used to            wipers.
eating.                                                                                             _____ 5. I was early for my dentist appointment, so I had to _____ in the waiting room.
                                                                                                    _____ 6. A card _____ allows you to make purchases without using cash.
_____ 8. A. where           B. how           C. when            D. why
_____ 9. A. something B. everything    C. anything        D. nothing                                II. Passage Completion:
_____10. A. by              B. as            C. for             D. to
_____11. A. to leave        B. leaving       C. which left      D. left                              A. attendants        B. reads            C. handle           D. tank               E. receipt
_____12. A. it              B. which         C. what            D. there                             F. accepted          G. shut off         H. fill up          I. just               J. other
_____13. A. Allow           B. Get           C. Letting         D. Keeping
_____14. A. Regarding…as B. Dividing…into C. Relating…to D. Mixing…with
                                                                                                         If you drive in the United States, you’re very likely to have to pump gas yourself. In fact,
                                                                                                    7    two states—Oregon and New Jersey, still have 8                do this job for customers. In
III. Sentence Matching:                                                                             every      9 state, it’s self-serve. But don’t panic when the gas gauge in your car              10
_____ 15. Inside this fruit                      A. we call the fat cocoa butter.                   “almost empty.” It is actually very easy to __11 your car’s tank. Most stations have “pay at
_____ 16. The brown solids you find in the press B. you can find cacao seeds.                       the pump service.” So the first thing to do after you get there is to put your credit card into the
                                                 C. are used in baking.                             pump. Once your card is       12 , the machine will tell you to start pumping gas. When your
                                                 D. a popular source of pure pleasure.              13      is full, the pump will automatically     14 . After you return the pump           15 , a
                                                                                                    readout on the machine will ask you if you want a         16 . Press “Y” for yes or “N” for no.
IV. Discourse Structure:                                                                            See? It’s really a piece of cake to pump your own gas.
III. Sentence Matching:                                                                          _____10.A. flourishing        B. nourishing     C. breeding       D. beaming
                                                                                                 _____11.A. on the surface     B. literally      C. far from       D. or so
___17. What a bother                            A. against drive-offs.                           _____12.A. ranging            B. including      C. regarding      D. concerning
___ 18. Prepaying is the station’s protection   B. which you can’t trust people anymore.         _____13.A. in total           B. in need        C. all through    D. as well
                                                C. to prepay for gas inside a store.             _____14.A. against            B. beyond         C. along          D. via
                                                D. I’ll have to go inside.                       _____15.A. write              B. writing        C. written        D. to be written
IV. Guided Translation:
19. 你知道的嘛!就是有那些不付錢就把車開走的人。                                                                       III. Sentence Matching:
    _______________ _______________, there are those who drive away without paying.
20. 這些加油站的便利商店現在什麼都有。                                                                            _____ 16. Once you finish the questionnaire     A. what podcasts are.
                                                                                                 _____ 17. My sister still doesn’t know          B. why do we podcast?
    These gas station _______________ _______________ have everything now.                       _____ 18. With the RSS technology,              C. hand it to the man at the door.
                                                                                                                                                 D. hosting podcast programs.
Unit 9       Medium           March 19, 20                    Podcasting Power                                                          episodes are downloaded
I. Vocabulary:                                                                                                                                      automatically.

 A. feed            B. imaginable           C. equipment               D. hook it up             IV. Reading Comprehension:
 E. access          F. on the go            G. get the ball rolling    H. disc jockey
                                                                                                     To make a podcast is easy. All you need is a microphone connected to a computer and
_____ 1. The thief stole the high tech _____ from the company and sold it on the black           audio software. After you’ve made an MP3 file, find a podcasting website to host it, such as
        market.                                                                                  Podcast Alley or Then you can share it with your friends and, at the same time,
_____ 2. He tried every means _____ to make his girlfriend happy.                                an audience of thousands. What’s even better, you can receive comments and valuable
_____ 3. The DVD player is not broken. You just forgot to _____ to the television.               feedback about your podcast. No wonder podcasting is becoming increasingly popular. Why
_____ 4. To _____, the teacher donated two thousand dollars for the school’s building            not make one yourself today?
_____ 5. Take the radio with you and we can listen to the news _____.                            _____ 19. What is NOT needed in making a podcast?
_____ 6. A password must be entered to _____ the files stored in this computer.                            A. An MP3 player.           B. Audio software.
                                                                                                           C. A microphone             D. A computer.
II. Cloze Test:
                                                                                                 _____ 20. Which is the best title for the above paragraph?
     Podcasts are broadcasts you listen to on an iPod or other MP3 player. Though           7
                                                                                                           A. The many Uses of Podcasting.              B. The ABCs of Making Podcasts.
radio shows, podcasts are recorded and distributed over the Internet. By downloading
                                                                                                           C. Interactive Games on Podcasts.            D. Popular Podcasting Websites.
episodes or   8    a certain podcast program, people can listen to their favorite programs
9     they want. Thanks to their convenience, podcasts are             10 . There are      11
thousands of podcasts available online. Pocasts are available on almost any topic, 12
from professional news to homemade comedy shows. Podcasts have a huge listening
audience. However, as technology develops, people are no longer satisfied with just listening.
More and more people are starting to make their own podcasts            13 . They share their
opinions, knowledge or interests with others __14__ podcasts. For example, the podcast,
Grammar Girl,    15     by Mignon Fogarty, provides answers to specific English writing
questions. Many educators find podcasts useful and encourage students to use the
technology. Podcasts are sure to be an essential part of our future life.
_____ 7. A. due to     B. similar to            C. viewed as             D. innate with
_____ 8. A. signing up B. bringing in           C. subscribing to        D. devoting to
_____ 9. A. whenever         B. whatever        C. no matter             D. whether

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