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									Many investors apply to be a shareholder in
Ameratex Energy.
There are 2 types of drilling-exploratory and developmental drilling. The first is exploring to find
oil or gas, while the latter is to bring up currently discovered oil and gas deposits. Typically,
developmental drilling uses wells that already exist and monitor production at a profitable

Normally, propane and heating oil prices have fallen in New England and Atlantic Canada by
about 10% since January 1st, 2012. The primary driver of heating oil and propane prices is the
price of crude oil, which has been falling since January 1st, 2012. Extreme weather, seasonal
demand, supply disruptions and speculation can also affect short-term propane and heating oil
prices. Therefore, to get an idea of where heating fuel prices could go, you have to understand
where crude oil prices could go.

Oil and gas investments are generally considered safe investments, as they are commodities
that will be used for a number of years in the United States. While the prices can fluctuate
greatly, large amounts of money can be made in oil-gas investments if you do some research
and buy or sell at the right time.

We call this the 'get rich quick' or 'get rich overnight' ethic or mentality. That is, the notion and
thinking that just the mere involvement of one in the petroleum trading business, whether as a
dealer or a broker, agent or other intermediary role, will almost automatically guarantee one a
millionaire, in deed, a multimillionaire, station in life, and almost in no time at all! That is an ethic
and mentality that has pervaded the common mindset and psychic of the average intermediary
involved, or contemplating involvement, in the business today, and has been even particularly
more heightened since the modern era of the Internet trading. In a word, it is a mentality that
says that world oil deals and the petroleum trading are a business that is awash in wealth and
fortunes and easily guarantees the intermediary who gets involved in it in any capacity at all, but
in particular as an agent or intermediary of some sort, that, as one analyst put it, "you are going
to be super rich next week or next month" by doing so.

Crude prices have primarily gone down due to concerns over the economic growth rates of the
United States, China and Europe. Slower economic growth leads to lower demand for oil, and
therefore lower prices.
Global markets are hard to predict since there are too many variables. Therefore, no one can
accurately predict the price of oil - beware of people or companies that try to convince you they
can forecast crude oil prices.

These events will likely lead to lower 2012 crude oil prices:

Lower predictions for the global economic growth and recovery, and therefore lower oil demand;

No resolution to the European debt crisis, and therefore a belief that Europe's economies will
continue to suffer;

Conflicts in Africa and the Middle East get resolved in 2012 and oil supply increases (e.g.
Yemen, Syria, Sudan and Iran).

These events will most likely lead to higher 2012 crude oil prices:

Decrease in oil supply from African and Middle Eastern countries due to conflict or economic
sanctions (e.g. Yemen, Syria, Sudan and Iran);

Ameratex Energy Forecasts for global economic growth improve, particularly in the United
States, China, or Europe;

The European debt crisis is resolved in 2012 and Europe's economies improve.

Historically, in the past, over a period of several decades (and beyond), there has almost always
been a sizable number of what could be called "professional middlemen" who operated in the oil
and other commodity "secondary market" trading industries who are primarily but genuinely
driven by the belief or inner conviction that working as an intermediary in the industry is a
reasonable path to honest living which, if not leading one to an instant wealth, then at least to a
reasonable means of livelihood and steady economic progress and well-being.

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