Organic Blue Agave Syrup


• Organic farming, cultivation, and production.

• Fair trade with our farmers.

• State of the art production facilities.

• Continuous quality control.

• Research and development.

The Facts

What is Agave Syrup?

Agave syrup is a pure, natural sweetener that comes from the heart or pina of the Agave
Tequilana, a succulent plant grown in Mexico. This is the same plant used to make
tequila. Agave syrup has been used for thousands of years in Mexico as an ingredient in
food and drinks.

Its healthy properties, including low glycemic index, have recently garnered attention
around the world, making agave syrup a popular and healthy alternative to refined sugar

How is Agave Syrup made?

The process starts with the harvesting the pina or heart of 6-year-old agave plants. The leaves
and roots are left in the fields to enrich the soil for the next planting.

The juice is expressed from the pina using a simple mechanical process. The resulting juice is
heated to 176 o Fahrenheit (80o Celsius) to break down the carbohydrates into fructose. The
excess water is then removed using vacuum evaporation.

The final step is bottling this 100% pure product and delivering it to you.

How are standards maintained during production?

The blue agave used by PURA™ is farmed organically and processed in a state-of-the-art
production facility. It is produced according to the industrial standards of the Mexican
Government, which legislates the chemical characteristics a product must have to be called
blue agave syrup. To protect our product’s quality, samples are taken and records main-
tained for each batch of our blue agave syrup.

                                  Organic Blue Agave Syrup

How does PURA™ ensure the quality of its syrup?

Quality control at every step of the process is important to us and ensures you can have
confidence in our products.

Our agave fields are systematically tested to ensure optimal conditions for the plants and the
soil. We also work with our farmers to guarantee top quality agave crops.

Our production facilities have state-of-the-art technology and equipment, with stainless steel
walls and ceilings. With the environment in mind, we have instituted a sustainable process to
recycle the water used in the mechanical extraction process.

To maintain our high standards we have third party audits that review factory production
processes, manufacturing practices, and food safety systems (HACCP included). PURA™
also has BCS Organic and KMD Kosher Certification.

Is PURA™ Organic Blue Agave Syrup fair trade?

Yes, we are committed to fair trade and pay 30% more than the commercial price for the
agave harvested, which means the farmers involved can enjoy the fruits of their labor and
improve their living conditions.

Does Agave Syrup cause insulin resistance?

 There are nutritionists who recommend agave syrup for preventing insulin resistance
 based on its low glycemic index as well as inulin (soluble fibre) and prebiotic content.

 Dr. Rafael Valle Rivera, in his article “Tratamiento de la Diabetes por medio de la alimenta-
 cion” explains that the inulin contained in agave syrup decelerates the digestive process in
 a way that avoids the rush of glucose into the bloodstream and helps avoid excessive
 levels of insulin, thus improving organ sensitivity to this hormone (insulin).

How can I use Agave Syrup?

You can use PURA™ Agave Syrup anywhere you would use sugar. It is a perfect flavor
booster for food or beverages and you can even use agave syrup for canning.

                                  Organic Blue Agave Syrup

Can I cook with Agave Syrup?

Yes, you can cook and bake with this 100% natural product as it does not crystalize. Since
Agave Syrup is about 25% sweeter than sugar you use less Agave Syrup than you would
sugar. Just reduce the liquid ingredients in the recipe by 25% and reduce the oven tem-
perature by 25 degrees. Since agave syrup helps retain moisture, baked goods stay

Is Agave Syrup safe for diabetics?

With is low glycemic index (17), PURA™ is ideal for diabetics interested in maintaining
the equilibrium of their blood sugar. Products with a low glycemic index are absorbed more
slowly into the bloodstreams, producing a gradual effect on blood sugar. This avoids the
insulin rush caused by rapid increases in blood sugar levels, which is critically important for
diabetics and also provides a healthier option for everyone.

What is the caloric content of Blue Agave Syrup?

Although the caloric value of table sugar and agave syrup are very similar, blue agave
syrup is sweeter, which means you can use about 25% less agave syrup to achieve the
same sweetness as table sugar or other sweeteners. This means you are actually eating
less, which means fewer total calories.

How much Blue Agave is grown in Mexico?

More than 80,000 hectares of blue agave are in cultivation in Mexico, which is ample to meet the
demand of the discerning consumer seeking a healthy and all natural alternative sweetener.

Is Agave Syrup good for your metabolism?

Agave syrup contains up to 5% of inulin and other natural prebiotics. A study from the
University of Guadalajara, the pioneers in agave studies, shows that the inulin and other
prebiotics found in agave syrup contribute to an improved metabolism by stimulating the
intestinal flora.

                                Organic Blue Agave Syrup

What is the shelf life of Agave?

Agave syrup can be kept unopened for up to five years.  Once opened, agave syrup does
not need to be stored in the fridge and can be used for up to five years after opening.
Because agave syrup does not crystallize, it flows easily to the last drop.

Who should use Agave Syrup?

Agave syrup is perfect for dieters, vegans, and those who are kosher as well as everyone
interested in a healthier alternative to sugar or honey.


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