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Merzouga Sand Dunes


									Merzouga Sand Dunes : 50 km/31 mi
far. An early wake up call for sunrise
excursion to Dunes. An experience not
to be missed is to watch the sun as it
rises from the top of the golden dunes, a
spectacular view of the Sahara which no
words can describe. Back to the tent for
special Breakfast with the Touargees
people, then continue on to explore the
holy ancient city of Rissani by your 4X4
Land Rover. ride camels over the
dunes. Visit the ancient town of Rissani and the
ruins of Sijilmassa, a famous capital of the old
caravan routes in the 8th century

On the way, Borj Est (East Fort) overlooks the
villages offering a splendid view across the date
palms, the Ziz valley and the Sahara desert. Further
South the Goniatite quarries where fossils are
extracted. Then a succession of splendid sand dunes
stretching along 40 km/25 mi. and 170 meters/558
feet high making up the Erg Chebbi and giving a
foretaste of the breathtaking beauty of the desert,
especially at sunset and sunrise. Nearby lake Dayet
Srji, where during the wet season (February, March)
you can see various species of birds such as pink
flamingos. Transfer by chauffeur driven land rover.
Possibility to have Berber lunch or dinner and sleep under nomad's tent.
 Rissani & Sijilmassa : a 75 km/47 mi. circuit passing through beautiful palm grove. Visit the
Tinrheras ksar and Oulad Abdelhalim ksars, Ksar Akbar ruins, Moulay Ali Cherif Mausoleum, Rissani
(souks on Tuesday and Thursday) and Sijelmassa ruins first Muslim city in North Africa and stating
post on the Trans-Saharan caravan route.
Erg Chebbi
The dunes of Erg Chebbi is a strikingly strange natural formation. On the top of the flattest area you
could imagine, suddenly a long mountain of sand rises. This mountain is surrounded by flat and
desolate nature on all sides, and you could end up wondering if it really is real. But so it is, even if its
existence is so weird that it has given rise to lengeds and myths among the locals
One legend tells us that the dunes of Erg Chebbi were created by God as a punishment to the locals of
nearby Merzouga after they refused to give shelter to a woman and her child during a local festival. A
sandstorm came, and buried the village of Merzouga is it was then.
In order to get out to Erg Chebbi, you will have to pass through one of the flattest areas you could
imagine. For several kilometers there is nothing but small, black stones spread on the ground evenly.
When the sun shines, a strong reflection comes from the stones further away, so that you won't really
believe your eyes when you suddenly see a camel or a man.
Even in such a remote area, where the sun always shines, there are people out to sell souvenirs. Of
obvious reasons, what they sell has not been carried from a long distance, and you stand a fair chance
of buying OK fossils at an OK price.
There are several stories told about these dunes. One is that they are the largest in the world, but that
could very well prove not to be true. But they are the largest in Morocco!
Another one is that they can be good for patients with rheumatics — they bury themselves in the sand
and stay that all the day. That is not unlikely.
Another one is that the dunes are often used in films and commercials. And that is definitely true!

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