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					                                                     H OT C HO CO L ATE                                     M AR C H        2 0 0 6
                                         THIRD         ANNIVE RSARY ISSUE

                                YUMMY NORTHWEST
                                          MARY ROSEWOOD, EDITOR AND PUBLISHER
                                               LESLIE PHILLIPS, COPY EDITOR
                                                    KENT, WASHINGTON

                                                                                   Closer to home, the Wild Wheat Bakery in
                                                                                   Kent, Wash., is still a huge favorite with several
                                                                                   readers. Nearby, the Dilettante Mocha Café

YUMMY NORTHWEST                                                                    has a new location at the Kent Station mall,
                                                                                   along with their two original places in Seattle.
                                                                                   Tully's is another favorite found throughout the
The third anniversary celebration of Yummy                                         Seattle area.
Northwest began with a cheering toast by
Oscar winners. By representing all Yummy                                           Readers suggest visiting the Arosa Café in
readers, this editor already felt like a winner,                                   Madrona, the Chocolati Café near Greenlake,
but it was a special treat to dine with Nick Park                                  and Amore Chocolates in Bellevue, Wash. In
and Steve Box (co-directors), Claire Jennings                                      Seattle's Pioneer Square, Zeitgeist Coffee was
(producer), and Zennor Box (concept artist),                                       recommended, and since Zeitgeist also supplies
some of the folks who created "Wallace &             Enjoy chocolate!              the Plymouth Café a few blocks away, why not
Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit," which                                       swing by to try their version.
won the 2006 Academy Award for Best                  "Researchers say that
Animation.                                           dark chocolate [the           In Astoria, Ore., Bach N Rock is a groovy place
                                                                                   to hang out and relax with George, the owner's
                                                     darker, the better] may       agreeably lazy girl dog.
When dinner conversation turned to the poor          protect the heart, reduce
quality of British and American produce, a           blood pressure, improve
discussion tinged with dismay, this editor                                         In Portland, there are many tasty places to
                                                     circulation, lower            explore. Recommendation comes high for Zell's
explained that the goal of Yummy Northwest
is to draw attention to caring, local farmers and    cholesterol, balance          Restaurant on the East Side, also known for its
local edible products. And naturally a toast was     blood sugar, and help         great breakfast selection. Moonstruck, with its
called for on that point.                            treat diabetes."              expansive hot chocolate menu, is an
                                                                                   understandable favorite of Portland Yummy
Thinking about what you eat and enjoying what        - Naturally Preferred         readers.
you eat are the foundations of Yummy                 magazine, February 2006
Northwest's simple philosophy. This issue is                                       Several readers who listed it as a top favorite
filled with ideas, thoughts, and tributes relating                                 will be disappointed to learn that Chantico is no
to the enjoyment of hot chocolate, all supplied                                    longer served at Starbucks. A barista explained
                                                                                   that the thick chocolate syrup was prepared
by eager readers.                                    Olympic Chocolate             ahead each morning and, in accord with
And so, a toast to the readers of Yummy
                                                         Festival                  company policy, any left over had to be thrown
                                                            400 W. Fir St.         away at the end of the day. A previous Yummy
                                                            Sequim, Wash.          taste test found that three cups of regular-
                                                                April 22           strength hot chocolate could be made from one
                                                           10 a.m. to 5 p.m.       small cup of super-strength Chantico. Not your
                                                 everyday beverage, but we do mourn its
Places to go                                         Find wonderful recipes on
                                                     the Web site, including
Wherever you are in the world, you can find hot
chocolate approved by discriminating Yummy
                                                     Frango Pie, a reminder of     Make some at home
                                                     the nostalgic days of         If you're stuck at home, try one reader's
readers. In Paris, find Angelina's, and in           Frederick & Nelson.           delicious-sounding idea: "I put a little milk in a
London, look for the Max Brenner Chocolate
                                                                                   mug and microwave it till it's hot. Then I add one
Bar in Harrods and the Chocolate Society near
                                                                                   serving of whatever chocolate I'm using, stir,
Victoria Station. On your way through Colorado,
stop at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate
                                                     Need to find it?              nuke it about 30–60 seconds more, depending
                                                     Addresses for all locations   on microwave power, add more chocolate, and
Factory in Boulder, where one reader learned
                                                     mentioned in this issue are   top off with milk so it's not boiling. I especially
the difference between hot cocoa and hot
                                                     online at                     enjoy dipping pieces of chocolate – chips,
chocolate and, she says, "My life has not been
                                                    Kisses, whatever – in the hot cocoa until it melts
the same since."
                                                     yummy/addresses               just a little, then licking off the melted part, or
                                                                                   just stirring the chocolate piece into the cocoa."
                                                                                            taste compared to the others, possibly because
What's hot….                                                                                it comes premixed with sugar. Dilettante didn't
                                                                                            stand out as particularly special, but its fine
"Hot" takes on a new meaning for readers who                                                quality means that the more powder you put in
insisted that to really enjoy a cup of hot                                                  the cup, the better the chocolate flavor. (You
chocolate they add cayenne pepper, chili                                                    can also get Dilettante cocoa powder with mint
pepper, or hot sauce.                                                                       flavor added.)

With acute skepticism, Yummy conducted a                                                    further improvement
taste test with the help of PJ and husband J.                                               Other reader suggestions for improving hot
                                                                            cocoa pods      chocolate include adding peppermint schnapps
a taste test                                                                                (this combination is a cocktail called a
Beginning with a recipe PJ found, called Spicy                                              "Snuggle," according to one reader), Kahlua, or
Mayan Cocoa Mix (middle column), we set out                                                 a shot of whiskey. Also, stirring any version with
                                                         Hot chocolate is made with         a peppermint stick adds another delicious
to discover what exactly the "hot" in hot
                                                         processed chocolate, often         dimension.
chocolate means.
                                                         bittersweet. Hot cocoa is
                                                         made with cocoa powder.
Surprisingly, peppers and hot sauce do not
interfere with the chocolate but can indeed                                                 ….and what's not
enhance it.
                                                                                            Don't drink the instant packaged stuff in the
The Spicy Mayan Cocoa Mix had minimal                    Spicy Mayan                        [insert your company's name] break room,
sweetness, bringing out the deep chocolate                                                  warns one reader: "Pathetic." (Editor's note:
flavor added by the cocoa nibs. The nibs also
                                                         Cocoa Mix                          There are exceptions. The Yummy Northwest
seemed to impart a delicate earthy taste that                                               staff room is well stocked with only the finest
was very pleasant.                                       Makes about 3/4 cup mix,           chocolate supplies.)
                                                         enough for about 4 cups of
Added to regular cocoa powders (Dilettante,              milk.                              While one reader claims marshmallows on top
Ghirardelli, Hershey's Special Dark, and                                                    of a cup of cocoa helped him through childhood,
Scharffen Berger, all recommended by readers),           1/4 cup chopped almonds            another was adamant: "Marshmallows spoil hot
cayenne and chili powders seemed to slightly             3 tablespoons unsweetened          chocolate!"
heighten the chocolate flavor. A dash of vanilla,          cocoa powder
with or without the hot stuff, added a mellow            2 tablespoons cocoa nibs
tone.                                                      (see note, below)
                                                         4 to 5 tablespoons light           A reader's plea
Hot sauce is generally made with vinegar and               brown sugar                      Sadly, several readers have recently told us
would not be recommended if more than a drop             2 teaspoons ground                 they don't drink hot chocolate. Wondering if the
or two were used.                                          cinnamon                         annual hot chocolate issue provides more
                                                         1 teaspoon allspice berries        amusement than edification, Yummy asked a
spicy Mexican chocolate                                  1/4 teaspoon cayenne               reader to respond. The reply:
                                                           pepper, or to taste
We also tasted a spicy Mexican chocolate                 1/2 teaspoon whole cloves          "I'm sure all your faithful readers join me in
called Ibarra that comes in cakes that need the
                                                                                            supporting your efforts to document hot
equivalent of a jackhammer to break them                 Combine all ingredients, and       chocolate in all its forms! We just want you to
apart. To make a cup, whisk the chocolate                grind together in a coffee mill.   make us some hot chocolate!"
pieces vigorously in hot milk – a wooden                 To make cocoa, infuse milk
frothing tool called a molinillo is available for this   with the mix to taste by           Perhaps a hot chocolate party is called for to
process, but an ordinary whisk works fine.               heating gently for 10 minutes,     celebrate the fourth anniversary of Yummy
Ibarra is very sugary as is, and we found the            then strain and serve hot.         Northwest. Watch for your invitation.
cayenne agreeably cut the sweetness.
                                                         Note: Cocoa nibs are roasted
hot cocoa                                                chocolate beans broken into        This issue was powered by Dilettante's
Euphoric from the chocolate surging through our          small bits. They are nut-like      bittersweet Ephemere Sauce, used in 3 cups of
veins, we went on to see if there really was a           and crunchy, with a mild           hot chocolate. Special thanks to Smith Brothers
difference between the cocoa powders we had              chocolate flavor. You can buy      Farms for the local milk.
on hand.                                                 them in Seattle at Fran's
                                                         (          About Yummy Northwest
Stirred into a glass of hot milk, there was no           or Rose's Chocolate Treasures      Each monthly issue highlights an edible delight
obvious winner, with personal preference clearly         (www.roseschocolatetreasure        available in the Pacific Northwest. Online at
being the determining factor. J decided that   , or online at     
Scharffen Berger had a "dusky" flavor that     
might resemble what the cocoa nibs would taste
like if ground to a powder. We all agreed that                                              Contact the editor
Hershey's Special Dark evoked cozy evenings                                                 Comments, corrections, topic ideas, and
in the kitchen with mom. Ghirardelli, while                                                 submissions are all most welcome:
entirely enjoyable, had a plain "Swiss Miss"                                      

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