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         Gloucestershire Choose and Book 2   Chris Bowles             3.0                     Final – subject to revision
         week wait referral process                                   11/07/2012

Choose and Book – 2 week wait referral process for GP practices
This process applies to referrals being made to Gloucestershire Hospitals Trust only. 2 week wait referrals to other
hospital trusts should continue to be made by fax

                  GP decision to refer                        As 2 week referrals fall outside of the patient choice
                                                              policy, choice of provider does not need to be

                                                              On the Choose and Book Service Search Screen :
                                                               Select 2 week wait as Priority
     Appropriate service selected on Choose and                Select 2WW as the Specialty
             Book and UBRN generated                           Select the appropriate Clinic type
                                                               Select the 2WW Assessment Service-
                                                                  Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation
                                                                  Trust-RTE service

    Patient given information slip and informed that
     they will be contacted directly by the booking           It is essential that the patient is informed that they will
      office and will be seen within two weeks. If            be contacted directly by the Booking Office, and that
      patient has not been contacted by booking               they will be seen within 2 weeks of the hospital
      office within 2 working days, patient should            receiving their referral.
                   contact the practice.

                                                              It is extremely helpful for the 2 week office to have the
        GP ensures contact details for patient,               most up to date phone numbers to avoid any delay in
      especially phone numbers (including mobile              contacting the patient to arrange an appointment
               and work), are up to date

                                                              The 2 Week Wait Choose and Book pro forma
                                                              contains the appropriate clinical information, reason
                                                              for referral (letter text) and a section for basic patient
                                                              information This should be sent together with the
      Appropriate 2 week pro forma and standard               practice's standard referral letter, which will contain
         practice letter completed. Both saved in             full patient demographic information, practice details
     patients medical record in usual way and then            and items from the patient's medical record if this has
    attached/sent on Choose and Book at the same              been set up. The pro-formas can be downloaded
      time and within 24 hours of the UBRN being              from www.glos.nhs.uk/chooseandbook. Both
                         generated                            documents should be attached at the same time and
                                                              within 24 hours of the UBRN being generated.

                                                              Once the referral letter has been attached/sent,
                                                              the practice contacts the 2 week wait office (08454 22
                                                              2591/2906) during office hours (Mon-Fri 8:30 – 4:30).
                                                              The practice needs to provide the UBRN and the
                                                              patient’s password. These can be obtained by
                                                              searching for the patient or UBRN on Choose and
       Practice calls 2 week office, quotes UBRN
                                                              Book. Please note: It is only once the hospital is
        and patient password and confirms that
                                                              given the UBRN that they are able to view and access
           referral pro forma has been sent
                                                              the referral.
  2ww clinic types do not include Cardiology, therefore the Rapid Access Chest Pain service still needs to be found by:
 Select 2 week wait as Priority
 Select Cardiology as the Specialty
 Select Rapid Access as the Clinic type
 Select the appropriate service(s): Rapid Access Chest Pain Service - Cheltenham General Hospital – RTE and/or
    Rapid Access Chest Pain Service - Gloucestershire Royal Hospital - RTE

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