Popularity Of Fast Food Restaurants Growing In Armenia

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					Popularity Of Fast Food Restaurants Growing In Armenia
Arminfo – 6/11/2007

The popularity of fast food restaurants, which have become an essential part
of the modern world, is growing in Armenia with every passing day, Director of
the Valletta Entertaining company Marine Zhamkochyan told ArmInfo

According to her, the high demand for fast food in the republic is
conditioned by a considerable upswing in the country's business life and
changes in people's mentality. "The vigorous rhythm of life in many spheres
make Armenians use food saving time and stilling hunger," she stressed.

M.Zhamkochyan added that another large foreign player will enter the fast food
market in the near future. "The clients will only benefit from it, as the
healthy competition will lead us to additional growth," she noted.

At the same time, M.Zhamkochyan said that the Valletta company is the
franchisee of the famous SFC Express (Southern Fried Chicken) trade mark. At
the moment, there are only 2 such fast food centers in Armenia - in Isahakyan
Str.14 and Tigran Mets Str.12. However, Valletta also has 2 fast food centers
under the AFC (Armenian Fried Chicken) trade mark - in D.Anhaght Str.21 and in
the STAR upermarket in the third Nork Massive. It is planned to open another
AFC center in the Northern Avenue of Yerevan by the end of 2007, and in the
Malatia-Sebastia community and the Third Block in Yerevan, as well as in the
towns of Gyumri and Kirovakan in 2008. People can both have meals in these
fast food restaurants make orders. "The food is delivered by motorcycles to
the client, being at work or at home, in 5-7 minutes after the order was made,
if there is no jam of traffic, of course," M.Zhamkochyan said. As for the
quality of the food, she noted that all the products, which are delivered to
SFC and AFC every day in the morning, undergo expert examination. "As regards
the fast food's danger for health, the fat content in our food doesn't exceed
the admissible level and the dishes are not high-caloric. In any case, none of
the clients has complained so far," she assured. The company imports French
fries, as the large content of glucose in local potatoes hinders the intended

M.Zhamkochyan added that despite the recent boost in prices of food products
in Armenia, the price policy of SFC and AFC will undergo no changes in the
near future. Thus, a portion comprised of hot dog, French fries and a drink,
costs 1000-1200 AMD ($3-3,5). In addition, the fast food centers regularly
hold actions in clients' favor.

To note, the fast food industry emerged in the United States in the 1920s as
an attribute of the post-industrial society.

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