•   Chocolate milk and other flavored drinks may contain wheat starch or barley malt.
            •   Cheese spreads or sauces may be thickened/stabilized with gluten source
                or wheat; flavorings and seasonings may contain wheat.
            •   Flavored or frozen yogurt may be thickened/stabilized with a gluten source; may contain granola or cookie crumbs.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           NATURAL &
            •   Some low fat or non fat sour cream may contain modified food starch.
            •   Pure buckwheat flour is gluten-free, but it is sometimes mixed with wheat flour.
            •   Rice or corn cereals may contain barley malt extract or oat syrup.
            •   Buckwheat pasta or "Soba" may also contain wheat flour.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        SPECIALTY FOODS
            •   Multigrain products often contain barley or oats; some crackers (rice) may contain soy sauce made from wheat.
            •   Some baked beans are thickened with wheat flour.
            •   Imitation crab may contain fillers made from wheat flour.
            •   Dry roasted nuts may contain wheat.
            •   Processed meat products may contain fillers made from wheat , HVP/HPP, or flavoring made from wheat.
            •   Imitation Meat/Meat Analogs often contain wheat or oats.
                Dried fruits may be dusted with oat or wheat flour to prevent from sticking.
                Canned soups or soup mixes can contain noodles or barley; cream soups are often thickened
                with flour and some contain HPP/HVP; seasoning may contain wheat flour.
                                                                                                                                                               Do you have a WHEAT or GLUTEN
            •   Salad dressing seasonings may contain flour.
            •   Puddings and pudding mixes may be thickened with flour.
            •   Some instant teas, herbal teas, coffee substitutes, and other drink mixes may have grain additives.
            •   Potato and tortilla chips, and soy nuts may contain wheat or seasonings that contain wheat.

                  WHEAT-FREE & GLUTEN-FREE FOODS SHOPING LIST                                                                                          Susie loves cereal, but she’s not                         Celiac disease or Celiac Sprue is a
                                                                                                                                                       sure what kind she can have
    BREADS, BAKING, & MIXES                           CEREALS & BREAKFAST                                  COOKIES & SNACKS
                                                                                                                                                       because of her special diet...
                                                                                                                                                                                                                chronic condition in people who do
   Arrowhead Mills (Baking Mixes)
   - Gluten- Free Pancake and Waffle
                                                    Ancient Harvest Cereal
                                                    - Quinoa Flakes Hot Cereal
                                                                                                     Chips - Barbara’s Cheese Puffs &
                                                                                                     Potato Chips, Food Should Taste Good
                                                                                                                                                                                                                not tolerate the protein gluten found in
   Bob’s Red Mill (Bread Mix)
                                                    Arrowhead Mills Cereal
                                                    - Corn, Millet, Puffed Rice
                                                                                                     Garden of Eden Corn, Genisoy,
                                                                                                     Soy, Terra                                                                                                 wheat, rye, barley and other grains.
   - Homemade Wonderful Gluten-Free                 Barbara’s Cereal                                 Cracker Brands - Blue Diamonds,
   Bread Mix
   Chebe Bread - All- Purpose Bread
                                                    - Honey Rice Puffins
                                                    Bob’s Red Mill Cereal - Creamy Hot
                                                                                                     Edward & Sons, Holgrains, KAME,
                                                                                                     Marie’s Gone Crackers, Nut Thins,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Richard's™ helps take the worry out
   Mixes & Pizza Crust                              Rice Cereal, Gluten-Free Hot Cereal              Mr. Krispers
   Deland’s Bakery
   - Bagels, Breads & Buns
                                                    Enviro Kids Organix Cereal
                                                    - Amazon Frosted Flakes, Gorilla
                                                                                                     Energy Bars - Boomi Bars,
                                                                                                     Full Power, KIND, LaraBars, Organic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                of shopping for Gluten-free foods.
   EnerG (Bread) - Brown Rice, Papa’s               Munch, & Peanut Butter Panda Puffs               Fiber Bars, Organic Food Bars
   Bread, Tapioca Bread, White Rice &
   Yeast-Free Rice Loaf,
                                                    Erewhon Cereal - Aztec Cereal
                                                    (Amaranth & Corn), Brown Rice Cereal
                                                                                                     Enjoy Life - Cookies, Granola, Snack
                                                                                                     Bars, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Look for the Gluten Free Section
                                                    Glutino - Breakfast Bars
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Look for this Gluten Free Shelf Sign
   Fearn (Baking Mixes)                                                                              Enviro Kids - Crispy Rice Bars
   - Baking Mix & Brown Rice                        Kinnikinnik - Select Breakfast Items             Glutino - Cookies & Snacks
   Food for Life (Bread) - Brown Rice,              Mesa Sunrise Cereal                              Jennie’s - Cookies
   Rice Almond, Rice Pecan & Rice                   - Honey’d Corn Flakes                            Kinnikinnik - Cookies
   Raisin Pecan                                     New Morning Cereal                               Lundberg Rice (Chips) - Pico de

   Gluten-Free Pantry (Baking Mixes)                - Cocoa Crispy Rice Cereal                       Gallo, Sea Salt, Sesame & Seaweed,
   - Chocolate Cake Mix, Gingerbread,               Waffles                                          Sante Fe Barbeque
   Scones & Spice                                     Lifestream - Buckwheat                         Mi-Del - Cookies
   Glutino (Breads)
   Holgrain (Baking Mixes) - Chocolate
   Brownie, Pancake & Waffle Mix
                                                      Van’s - Blueberry & Original
                                                      Gluten-Free Pantry - Brown Rice
                                                        Pancake, Soda Bread Mix & Waffle
                                                                                                     Pamela’s - Biscotti’s (Almond,
                                                                                                     Chocolate Walnut & Lemon), Cookies
                                                                                                     (Carob Hazelnut, Chocolate Walnut,
   Kinnikinnik                                                                                       Chunky Chocolate Chip & Peanut
   - Bread Mixes & Frozen Bread                            DINNER & MEALS
                                                                                                     Butter), Shortbreads (Butter, Ginger,
   Namaste - Baking Mixes                           Annie’s - Cheese & Mac                           Lemon, Pecan & Swirl,)                                                                                          Important Information:
   Pamela’s (Baking Mixes) - Baking                 Amy’s (Dinners) - Asian Noodle Stir                                                                 Product availability may vary at each location. For your safety, always read the product label on the items you choose. Nutrition and dietary
   Mix, Chocolate Brownie, & Pancake                Fry, Black Bean Enchilada, Cheese                        GRAINS & FLOUR                             information presented herein is of a general nature for educational and informational purposes only. Products listed were evaluated using
   Pain de Mais (Bread) - Corn Bread,               Enchilada, Chilis, Santa Fe Bowl,                                                                   manufacturer-provided nutritional information. Product formulas can change at any time. Richard's Foodporium™ has no means of independently
   Corn Bread w/ Fiber, Corn Bread w/               Shepard’s Pie, Thai Stir Fry, Rice, and          Arrowhead Mills (Packaged Flour)
                                                                                                     - Amaranth, Brown Rice & Millet                    evaluating the safety or functionality of the products presented herein and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the nutrition information provided
   Raisins                                          Mac & Cheese; Spinach Rice Crust &
                                                                                                     Beans & Legumes are                                by any manufacturer. Richard's Foodporium™ cannot guarantee the absence of gluten in all products listed under the heading "gluten-free"
                                                    Cheese Rice Crust Pizza
                   PASTA                            Amy’s (Soups) - Black Bean, Bisque,              Gluten-Free (Bulk) - Aduki, Black,                 because these products may be processed on shared equipment and cross-contamination may occur during processing at the manufacturer
                                                    Cream of Tomato, Chunky Vegetable,               Fava, Garbanzo, Great Northern                     facility. These products and the associated information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. If you have any concerns
   Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta                                                                      Kidney, Lima, Pinto, Red, Soybean &
                                                    Lentil, Tomato Lentil Vegetable, & Split                                                                                  about your own health, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional.
   - Elbows, Garden Pagodas, Linguine,                                                               Split Peas, White
   Rotelle, Spaghetti, & Veggie Curls               Pea
                                                                                                     Bob’s Red Mill (Packaged Flours)-
                                                    Gluten-Free Pantry (Dinners)
   BioNatureae Gluten-Free Pasta
   - Elbows, Penne & Spaghetti                      - Hearty Chicken Primavera, Santa Fe
                                                    Black Beans & Rice and Stroganoff
                                                                                                     All Purpose Gluten-Free Baking Flour,
                                                                                                     Almond, Potato & Sorghum Flours                           16 CONVENIENT                                                                  RICHARD’S OFFERS
   DeBole’s Pasta - Corn Pasta
   DeBole’s Rice Pasta - Angel Hair,                Style Rice w/ Beef
                                                                                                     EnerG (Packaged Four) - Pure Rice
                                                                                                     Bran, Rice Polish, Potato Mix, Pure                       LOCATIONS TO                                                                  Everyday Value Pricing
                                                    Ian’s - Chicken Nuggets, Chicken
   Penne, Spaghetti & Spirals
   EnerG - Pasta                                    Finger Dinner, Frozen Fries & Patties
                                                                                                     Tapioca Flour, and Potato Starch Flour
                                                                                                     Gluten-Free Flour (Bulk)                                    SERVE YOU!                                                                 Vitamins & Supplements
   Lundberg Brown Rice Pasta
   - Penne & Rotini
                                                    Nature’s Hilights (Dinners)
                                                    - Brown Rice Pizza, and Tostada
                                                                                                     - Buckwheat, Cornmeal & Soy
                                                                                                     Gluten-Free Grains (Bulk) -
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Personal Care
   Mrs. Leeper’s - Pasta & Sauce Mixes              Sunshine Burgers                                 Basmati rice (Brown and White),                                                                                                             Frozen & Dairy
   Namaste - Pasta Dinner Blend
   Pastariso Rice Pasta
                                                    Taj Ethnic Gourmet (Dinners)
                                                    - Bean Marsala, Dal Bahaar, Shahi,
                                                                                                     Medium, Short, & Long grain rice
                                                                                                     (Brown & White), Raw Buckwheat,                       FRANCHISES AVAILABLE!                                                           Huge Bulk Foods Selection
   Road’s End Organics Pasta
   - Cheese & Penne
                                                    Palak Paneer & Paneer
                                                    Westbrae Beans
                                                                                                     Roasted Buckwheat, Corn Grits, Millet,
                                                                                                     Quinoa, and Wild rice.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Gluten-Free Foods
Availability varies slightly from store to store and that some stores may not carry a particular product. To avoid disappointment, be sure to ask!   Offers by prospectus only. All Richard’s Foodporium™ franchise locations are independently owned & operated.
                                                  GLUTEN-FREE & WHEAT-FREE FOOD PRODUCTS
   FOOD                                                                    FOOD TO                        FOODS NOT                     FOOD                                                  FOOD TO                     FOODS NOT
                             FOODS ALLOWED                                                                                                              FOODS ALLOWED
 PRODUCTS                                                                  QUESTION                        ALLOWED                    PRODUCTS                                                QUESTION                     ALLOWED
                          Tea, instant, or ground coffee,              Instant tea, coffee           Beer, ale, and lager; cereal                     Breads: Bread and baked              Buckwheat flour          Bread and baked products
                          cocoa, soft drinks, cider;                   substitutes, fruit flavored   and malted beverages; soy                        products containing amaranth,                                 containing wheat, rye,
                          distilled alcoholic beverages                drinks, chocolate             or rice beverages made with                      arrowroot, buckwheat, corn                                    triticale, barley, oats, wheat
   Beverages              such as rum, gin, whiskey,                   drinks, chocolate mixes,      barley or oats                                   bran, corn flour, cornmeal,                                   germ, wheat bran, graham
                          vodka, wines, and pure liquors;              flavored and herbal teas                                                       corn starch, flax, legume                                     flour, gluten flour, durum
                          some soy and rice beverages                                                                                                 flours, (garbanzo or chickpea,                                flour, wheat starch, oat bran,
                                                                                                                                                      garfava, lentil, or pea), millet,                             bulgur, farina, wheat-based
                          Plain pickles, relish, olives,               Seasoning mixes,              Soy sauce made from wheat,                       potato flour, potato starch,                                  semolina, kamut, einkorn,
                          ketchup, mustard, tomato                     Worcestershire sauce          some mustard and pickles                         quinoa, rice bran, rice flours,                               emmer, faro, and imported
                          paste, pure herbs and spices,                                              that contain wheat flour, malt                   (white, brown, sweet), sagao,                                 foods labeled "gluten-free"
  Condiments              pure black pepper; vinegar:                                                vinegar                                          sorghum flour, soy flour, sweet                               that may contain ingredients
                          apple, cider, distilled white,                                                                                              potato flour, tapioca, and teff                               not allowed, (ie: wheat starch)
                          grape, wine; gluten-free soy
                          sauce                                                                                                                       Cold Cereals: Puffed                 Rice and corn cereals,   Cereals made from wheat,
                                                                                                                                                      amaranth, buckwheat, corn,           rice and soy pablum      triticale, barley and oats;
                          Ice cream, sherbert, whipped                 Milk puddings, custard        Ice cream, cookies, cakes
                                                                                                                                                      millit, rice, rice flakes, and soy                            cereals with added malt
                          toppings, egg custards, gelatin              powder, pudding mixes         pastries, muffins, pies, ice         Grain       cereals                                                       extract or malt flavoring
                          desserts, cakes, cookies,                                                  cream cones, wafers, and
     Desserts             pastries made with allowed                                                 waffles made with ingredients
                                                                                                                                                      Hot Cereals: Amaranth,
                          ingredients; gluten-free ice                                               not allowed
                                                                                                                                                      flakes, cornmeal, cream of
                          cream cones, wakers, and
                                                                                                                                                      buckwheat, cream of rice
                                                                                                                                                      (brown or white), hominy grits,
                          Butter, margarine, lard,                     Some salad dressings,         Packaged suet                                    rice flakes, quinoa flakes, soy
                          vegetable oil, cream,                        some mayonnaise                                                                flakes, and soy grits
         Fats             shortening, homemade
                          salad dressing with allowed                                                                                                 Pastas: Macaroni, spaghetti,     Buckwheat pasta              Pasta made from wheat,
                          ingredients                                                                                                                 and noodles made from beans,                                  wheat starch, durum,
                                                                                                                                                      corn, pea, potato, quinoa, rice,                              semolina or other ingredients
                          Fruits: Fresh frozen and                     Pie fillings, dried fruits,                                                    soy, and wild rice                                            not allowed
                          canned, and bottled fruit juices             fruits with sauces
    Fruits &                                                                                                                                          Miscellaneous: Corn tacos            Rice crackers, some
   Vegetables             Vegetables: Fresh, frozen,                   Vegetables with sauces, Scalloped potatoes containing                          and corn tortillas                   rice cakes, and          Wheat flour tacos or tortillas
                          dried, and canned                            French-fried potatos.   wheat flour, flour or batter-                                                               popped corn cakes
                                                                                               dipped vegetables
                          Meat, Fish, Poultry: Fresh                   Prepared or preserved         Fish canned in vegetable                         Plain popcorn, nut and               Dry roasted nuts,        Pizza (unless made from
                                                                       meats like luncheon           broth containing hydrolyzed      Snack Foods     soynuts, potato chips, corn          flavored potato chips,   allowable ingredients)
                                                                       meat, ham, bacon, meat        vegetable protein (HVP)                          tortilla chips                       tortilla chips
                                                                       and sandwhich spreads,        or hydrolyzed plant protein
                                                                       meat loaf, frozen meat        (HPP), turkey basted/                            Homemade broth, glutenfree           Canned soups, dried      Soups or bouillon cubes
                                                                       patties, suasages, pate,      injected with HVP or HPP,                        bouillon cubes, cream soups,         soup mixes, soup         made from ingredients not
                                                                       hot dogs, wieners,            frozen chicken containing           Soups        and stocks made from                 bases, and bouillon      allowed or containing HVP,
                                                                       bologna, salami,              ingredients not allowed.                         ingedients allowed                   cubes                    HPP, or wheat
  Meat & Meat                                                          imitation meat or fish
                                                                       products, meat product                                                         Honey, jam, jelly, marmalade,        Spreads, candies,        Licorice, smarties, and other
  Alternatives                                                                                                                                        corn or maplesyrup, sugar            chocolate bars,          candies with ingredients not
                                                                                                                                         Sweets       (brown & white), molasses            chewing gum, lemon       allowed
                          Eggs: Fresh eggs                             Egg substitutes, dried                                                                                              curd, marshmellows
                                                                                                                                                      Sauces/gravies made with       Baking powder                  Sauces and gravies made
                          Others: Lentils, chick peas,                 Baked beans, dry                                                               allowed ingredients, pure                                     from ingredients not
                          garbanzo beans, peas, beans,                 roasted nuts                                                                   cocoa, baking chocolate                                       allowed, hydrolyzed plant/
                          nuts, seeds, tofu                                                                                                           and chocolate chips,                                          vegetable protein (HPP/HVP),
                                                                                                                                                      carob chips and powder;                                       communion wafers
                          Milk, cream, most ice cream,                 Milk drinks, flavored         Malted milk and ice cream        Miscellaneous   MSG(monosodium glutamate),
                          buttermilk, plain yogurt,                    yogurt, frozen yogurt,        made with ingredients not                        cream of tartar, baking
  Milk & Dairy            cheese, cream cheese,                        sour cream, cheese            allowed, blue cheese, and                        soda, yeast, brewer's yeast,
                          processed cheese foods,                      sauces, cheese spreads        Stilton cheese                                   aspartame, coconut, glutenfree
                          cottage cheese                                                                                                              communion wafers.
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