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					Gold: rne and the bank of england are printing money.

There is no way the ponud l not lose its value agaikn but thet many
currencies, simply because the bank of England is printing money at rates
which are shocking.

I do not know what the money supply growth is, but Inflation is going to
double digits becuase the level of money in the economy is too high.
Britain is becoming like the Weimar Republic and that is going to
increase the demand for Gold.

What the money powers are doing is shocking, i understand that the
Rothschild want to destroy a lot of new wealth and consolidate power and
they are inflating. It is a way for them to keep their power ,even
though it is going to cause alot of hardship to many.One of the best way
to protect yourself against the chaos is to buy gold or land.

I used to think that policy makers usuallly made mistakes but this is not
a mistake. it is a cynical exercise but more power to the Germans for
refusing to cave in to pressure to print money.

Keynesian economics resulted in stagflation in the 70s but this is what
is happening now. Keynes was a fraud, because he belonged to the Fabian
socialist group and he knew that dreaming up government intervention
would consolidate power to Central Banks and give the power to destroy
and create wealth for its shareholders.

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