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					                      CUSTOMER SATISFACTION

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It is buyer’s market. Customer is an important person to the organisation. We

have to fulfill the requirements of customer to survive in the global competitive

environment. The needs and demands of customers constantly are changing. So,

suppliers / organisations have to dance to the tune of customer. In this regard the

organisation must equip to demonstrate its power. The following information

would help the leaders or managers to understand the magnitude of customer


Who is customer?

A customer is an individual or organisation, who helps the supplier / organisation

to achieve his / its goal and objectives.

How customer helps supplier / organization?

Customer helps by using the product or service of the supplier / organisation.

Why customers search out a product or service?

To demonstrate his power, customer pray for a value added product or service, for

the benefit of consumer or society.

What customer expects from the supplier / organization?

Customer trust & expect the supplier / organisation to transform the given talents /

ability for the smooth progress of his desires with added value.

When customer is satisfied or satisfaction gets enhanced?

Customer gets satisfied, when his desires are fulfilled / rewarded easily.
Which division of an organization (or) who plays a very important role?

All employees / departments of the organisation play a vital role in the game.

Where the customers are leading the supplier / organisation?

Customer is the lifeblood of business. Customer assists to realize the purpose of
supplier / organisation life in business. The lifeblood (Customer) keeps flowing
through the veins of supplier / organisation business.

So, systematize yourself and the stockholders for the activity as someone digging for
gold or diamonds. Prepare with special equipments and tools. If you (managers) are
a casual listener, you can not achieve the desired results. Organisation requires a
well planned and communicated strategy plan. It reveals the stakeholders where the
organisation is going and how it will get there over the next 3 to 5 years. So, you
must give importance to planning. A famous quote:-
“Failing to plan is plan to failure. Build a plan for what it is you seek and how you will achieve it”.

You must be a diligent seeker or actively involve in the process of achieving the
desired results. Find out a suitable technique or method or initiate action swiftly to,
01. Expose hidden talents or treasures,
02. Achieve desired business results,
03. Increase market share,
04. Improve profit of organisation bottom lines & be a quick fix to financial security.
“Believe it and achieve it. Doubt it and live without it.”

Hence, understand the voice of customer’s requirements, needs, expectations, and
perception of your products, services, and transactions. Collect customer Critical
Criteria Requirements and expectations. Decide where to focus improvement efforts
& resources within your processes. Identify key drivers of your customer’s criteria.

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