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                                            Factor Deciding Flower Garden Plans
                                                           By Taisha Grant

    The importance of flower gardens is being released in the recent days. They are the most cost
effective way of decoration your lawn or patio. Flower gardens can be easily built irrespective of the
space available in your home surroundings. It is a pleasant sight to look at a garden filled with flowers.
When a tired person passes through a garden, both his mind gets refreshed and body get recharged.
These flower gardens provide a change from the concrete and steel structures that we see in the
exteriors of houses regularly.

The task of deciding which flower plants to grow in your garden can be an important one. At first you
need to find out which plants can grow well in the type of soil found in your area and which plant to
grow in which time of the year. Some soils will also require additional use of lime and fertilizers on
them. The soil in the spots of your lawn where the plants will be planted also needs to be cleared of
weed and rocks and must be powdered nicely. Use of lime is highly recommended because it helps to
neutralize the acidity in the soil left after planting the previous crops there, breaks down the organic
matter in the soil and also prevents growth of fungi and bacteria.

Then you need to think about the time you can devote for planning your garden, the available budget,
order in which these plants should be grown. In some case, if you are not able to decide you to plan
the pathways and flowerbeds in your garden, you can take the help of an experienced landscape

Firstly, consider the space which you can allocate for setting up a garden. The decision about seeking
or not seeking professional help in designing your garden must be made completely your own. The
order of selecting the flower plants should be such that when a group of plants start to fade, another
group starts to bloom and maintain the glory of your garden. By careful planning, your garden can be
maintained colorfully at all times of the year.

People having pet animals in their house must provide adequate protection to the flower plants from
the pets. For example, you can let the grass around the flower plants to grow high or make use of
picket fences and stone pathways to prevent pets from going near the flower plants.

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                                        Helpful Ideas For Designing A Flower Garden
                                                              By Jennifer Houck

 There is one thing that all flower gardens have in common - gorgeous flowering plants. What sets one
flower garden apart from another is the structure and design surrounding the flowers. The most
attractive flower gardens have been planned carefully and designed precisely. In order to plan and
design a beautiful flower garden, you must plan in advance and choose plants that will compliment one

Before finalizing your flower garden plans it is a good idea to visit your local nursery to get an idea of
which flowers appeal to you and what types and colors of flowers will compliment each other nicely.
Try to choose plants that flower at varying times of the year and that offer a wide variety of colors.
Different textures and greenery will give you the best results. Also, choose a mixture of annuals and
perennials. Annuals are flowers that must be planted each year and perennials are flowers that return
year after year with no need to replant.

It is always helpful to make a rough drawing of the outline of your flower garden and begin adding
various elements from there. You will have to decide upon the border of your flower garden and the
shape of the bed. A border is the area around the outside of your garden and the bed is the area inside
the border. You can choose plants, stones, or edging for the border and then fill the bed with a variety
of flowering plants.

In choosing the types of flowers you will grow in your garden, spend a little time researching the best
types of flowers for your area. Some flowers will do well in any part of the country while others will only
produce flowers in certain climates. Choosing plants that are native to your particular area is always a
good idea, especially for beginners. Native plants are ones that grow naturally in your region and will
require the least amount of care and maintenance.

Jennifer Houck is the owner of, the Best Flower resource for
learning how to grow your flowers.

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