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TableMark Android App Drives New Era of Online Restaurant Booking

TableMark Android App which is newly developed by Infrasys International Limited is
successfully launched on Google Play on April 23, 2012. Users can download the
application in their Smartphone to search and make a table reservation to their
favorite restaurant. Users can enjoy special discounts or promotion offers by using
our online booking service from various restaurants without any charges.

4 simple steps to book a table:
Step 1: “Select Date” – Select your favorable date and time
Step 2: “Booking Details” – Input booking details and personal information
Step 3: “Confirm booking” – Review the booking details
Step 4: “Complete” – Booking process is completed and an instant confirmation
number will be generated to both users and merchant

TableMark also added another remarkable function – Searching by Voice Recognition.
Users only need to say the key words of restaurant name to the phone, then the app
will search the related restaurants and show detail information. This has greatly
increased the efficiency of restaurant searching function. Users can also find the
restaurant location through Google Map.

The launching of TableMark Android App marks a new era on online restaurant
booking services. Users can make the reservation service anytime and anywhere.
Restaurant owners can also ride on our Apps to advertise or promote their
restaurants to attract more new customers.

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               Download Now to Enjoy the Offers

iOS version of TableMark is soon to come. Stay Tune!

For more information, please visit the following sites:
TableMark Android apps – –
Infrasys International Limited –


About is an interactive, real-time, online table reservation system which allows anyone to
make a guaranteed table booking at their choice of restaurant within 4 clicks. Members can search,
read about the restaurants, bookmark or share experiences and communicate with other members.

About Infrasys International Limited
Infrasys International Limited (Infrasys) - the leading Food & Beverage Enterprise solution provider in
the world with an extensive distribution network covering the Asia Pacific, the Americas, Europe,
Africa, India and the Middle East. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Infrasys’s award-winning product –
Gourmate is widely deployed more than 50,000 F&B terminals and endorsed by major international
and regional hotel chains, clubs, theme parks, fine dining restaurants, food courts, table service and
quick service restaurants.

Infrasys core value lies in its ability to consistently drive top tier innovation and technological
advancements to provide the best possible customer experience from a single site to a multi-cluster
operating environment.

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