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               Sacramento’s K Street Clubs Stay on the Cutting Edge with
                                 EAW® Loudspeakers
                     Longtime EAW user Michael Lacina of San Francisco-based JK Sound
                 selects a number of EAW loudspeakers for District 30, Dive Bar and Pizza Rock

InfoComm, Orlando, Florida, USA, June 15, 2011 – Sacramento’s recently opened K Street Clubs, located in
the city’s newly-revitalized K Street district, include three adjacent establishments: District 30, a dance club with
live DJs; Dive Bar, a hip lounge with a classic feel; and Pizza Rock, a world-class pizzeria and rock-and-roll-
themed pub. All three clubs feature unique settings and spectacles; for instance, Pizza Rock’s ceiling sports a
Sistine Chapel-inspired painting of God giving Adam a Telecaster-style guitar, and Dive Bar features a 7,500-
gallon aquarium where mermaids and mermen perform for customers. Managing Partner of the clubs, George
Karpaty, approached frequent collaborator Michael Lacina, sound designer and contractor from San Francisco-
based JK Sound, with a simple plan: to build the three best-sounding venues in Sacramento. Lacina again looked
to loudspeaker solutions from EAW (Demo Room 204A) to provide clean, powerful sound, while designing
systems that matched each club’s distinctive atmosphere.

“First, we began work on District 30,” recalls Lacina. “I recommended some acoustic treatment, and Karpaty
installed visually pleasing, sound absorbing suspended panels, or ‘clouds,’ on the walls and ceiling. The
centerpiece of District 30’s sound system is four EAW QX596 High-Output 3-Way Loudspeakers surrounding the
dance floor. This is the first install of the new QX596 in a club environment, and the speaker design is a real
breakthrough – it is the best example anywhere of a tri-axial speaker in which three separate driver groups for
highs, mids and lows all emerge from the speaker as one point source, on the same axis. The result is
unbelievable sound density with crisp clarity, and the dance floor shakes with power.”

Aside from the QX596’s, other EAW units on District 30’s dance floor include two SB528zP Large Format
Subwoofers and a UX8800 Digital Signal Processor. Elsewhere, four JF29 Compact Full-Range Loudspeakers
and a SB250z Medium Format Subwoofer serve the bar area; four JFX88 Compact Full-Range Loudspeakers
and a SB150z Compact Subwoofer are in the VIP area; two VR61 Compact Full-Range Loudspeakers cover the
lobby area; and eight CIS400 Ceiling Loudspeakers are in the bathroom areas.

“Obviously, to some, District 30’s system may seem a little over the top for a venue this size,” Lacina states. “But
part of our responsibility to the client is to provide a bullet-proof system that will require zero maintenance. An
earlier EAW system we installed for George at Ruby Skye in San Francisco has not had a single component
failure in six years, working into the wee hours. He is expecting the same results for his Sacramento club and with
the QX system I feel pretty comfortable that we delivered. This system can pressurize the room without ever
running near capacity. That means the components are never being stressed. District 30 needs to keep the music
coming night after night – the place is packed and there are lines down the block – so the system needs to be
both powerful and ultimately reliable.”

The other club’s systems are also tailor-made to complement their unique feels. "The music concept for Dive Bar
was originally an iPod bar for customers, where they could come in and play their own personal devices. In fact
there is a facsimile of a giant iPod mounted on the back wall of the bar, which is really a monster iPod dock. But
we knew from experience that anything could happen at Dive Bar, that they could set up a DJ and throw down a
dance floor, and the system needed to be ready to handle that. So we spec'd the brand new EAW JF29 – it
needed to be compact but powerful and have good directivity. Then the week of the opening they threw us a
curve and brought in a dueling piano act, which was to be set up right in the middle of four JF29's. I was worried
about feedback, so I ordered a feedback suppressor, but we never even plugged it in. The vocals sounded very
natural from the get-go without a trace of feedback." At Dive Bar, the system includes four JF29’s, two SB250z’s
and a UX8800 processor in the front lounge area; three JFX88’s and an additional SB250z in the main
bar/aquarium area; four JF50S Compact Full-Range Loudspeakers in the game room; and eight CIS400’s in the
bathroom areas.

“Pizza Rock had to rock!” he exclaims, “so we installed eight JFX590 Compact Full-Range Loudspeakers. The
590 has been my favorite 15-inch two way. The transition from the woofer to the three-inch compression driver is
seamless, and the system is supported by 4000 Watts of subwoofers. This system does really rock.” Pizza Rock’s
system includes eight JFX590’s, two SB528zP subs and a UX8800 processor in the main dining and bar area;
two VR62 Compact Full-Range Loudspeakers in the club’s brick pizza oven entry area; two VR61’s in the front
patio area; and eight more CIS400’s in the bathroom areas.

As the clubs are adjacent, the sound systems from all three bars are connected via a Soundweb digital audio
matrix mixer, so sound from any venue can be transmitted to any of the other venues.

Lacina notes that processing is also an important part of the systems’ success: “EAW’s UX8800 processor is a
key component in each of the three clubs,” he notes. “I think a good analogy is that of an electronic lens bringing
the music into sharp focus. It’s an extremely sophisticated equalizer that also provides sub-low-mid-high
separation or crossover, and it serves to time-align the system and offers meticulous speaker management. It
digitally removes resonance issues, present in all speakers, with precise filters, bringing the real nature of the
music closer to the listener than previously possible.”

Lacina sums up his preference for EAW: “I have installed many types of speakers over the last 30 years, but I
keep coming back to EAW. Maybe it's familiarity, or more specifically, familiarity with dependability. When you
have hundreds of club installations operating night after night, it’s comforting to know that the speaker system will
keep on pumping!”

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Photo File: District30_Dancefloor.JPG
Photo Caption 1: Pictured is District 30’s main dance floor, featuring two EAW SB528zP Large Format dual 18-
inch subwoofers (left) with two EAW QX596 high-output 3-way loudspeakers ceiling-mounted. Photo by Steve

Additional high-resolution photo files available upon request.

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