; Chiropractor In Kennewick WA, Dr. Eric Kurtz, Provides Natural Postural Correction
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Chiropractor In Kennewick WA, Dr. Eric Kurtz, Provides Natural Postural Correction


Columbia Basin Spinal Rehabilitation Institute and Dr. Eric Kurtz D. C., Kennewick chiropractor offer assistance in designing posture correction techniques for those who need to improve sitting and standing stances.

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									Chiropractor In Kennewick WA, Dr. Eric Kurtz, Provides Natural Postural

Kennewick WA, 11-JULY-2012 - The Columbia Basin Spinal Rehabilitation
Institute and Kennewick chiropractor, Dr. Eric Kurtz, D. C., are pleased
to announce methods by which patients can obtain better posture. The
posture correction applies to sitting, standing and sleeping postures. It
can even affect whether or not a person has a good walking or running

Poor posture affects many aspects of health. It can create digestive
problems and headaches. Stressed muscles and connective tissue can cause
permanent damage to nerves and growth plates over time. Improper posture
causes pain and can reduce efficiency in work and studies.

When Dr. Kurtz, Kennewick chiropractor, assists patients in assessing
areas where posture is faulty. There are measurements and computer
imaging that can identify where there are problems. Once there is
awareness of the specific posture challenges, a program can be created to
provide correction.

While most people think of poor posture as slumping, it can be far more
than that. Posture should be thought of as three dimensional. The
individual may carry one shoulder higher or lower than the other. Poor
posture may consist of thrusting the head forward when walking or

For those individuals who spend many hours at the keyboard, the posture
of the hands, wrists and forearms may need correction. The doctor will
design specific exercises to assist in improving the patient's posture
regardless of the problem. This will result in better overall health.

Learn more about how posture correction can improve one's health and
wellness by checking the web pages at http://www.painrelief-now.com
today. Members of the press and others who have unanswered questions
about the information included within this press release should contact
Dr. Kurtz at the location specified below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Eric Kurtz, D. C.

Company Name: Columbia Basin Spinal Rehabilitation Institute

Address: 1721 West Kennewick Avenue, Kennewick, WA 99336

Telephone Contact Number: (509) 582-3549

Email: info@painrelief-now.com

Website: http://www.painrelief-now.com

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