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									Photo Taking Art
Dorothea Lange(1895-1965) was created in Hoboken, Nj.She gone to live in Berkeley, California
when she was 23 and resided there untilshe died of esophageal cancer. Dorotheagrew to become the
best documentary digital photographer in the usa together with her work throughout theGreat
Depression. Nearly all herphotos were drawn in rural areas. Shewas well-known on her moral
courageand sensitivity towards the dignity of hersubjects.
Edward Weston(1886-1958) was created in Chicago by age 17 his photographs were showed atthe
Chicago Art Institute. As he was20 he made the decision to maneuver to California, where he resided
until he died ofParkinson's Disease. Weston grew to become theleader from the "pure" photography
movement, creating wonderfullydesigned, and amazingly detailed, incredibly sharp images.
Robert Capa(1913-1954) was from Budapest, Hungary. Heended up being to become renowned for
his physical bravery like a combat digital photographerwho had been prepared to fearlessly go
directly into battles to photographclose-ups. Capa covered five wars throughouthis short (20 year)
career, such as the Normandy Invasion of World WarTwo. He was wiped out in Vietnam as hewalked
on the landmine.
Alfred Eisenstaedt(1898-1995) was from Germany. He movedto Queens, New You are able to, for
that relaxation of his existence, in 1935 while he fearedoppression in the Nazis. From1936-1972 he
labored for Existencemagazine, where his photographs would show up on 90 covers. The favourite
photograph shot byEisenstaedt was of the American sailor man kissing a youthful lady in Occasions
Squareafter World war 2 led to 1945.
Gordon Parks(1912-2006) was not just a groundbreaking digital photographer he seemed to be a
music performer,poet, novelist, journalist and film makera Renaissance Guy. Parks grew to become a
digital photographer for Styleand Existence magazinesthe firstAfrican-American to do this and that he
directed the film Shaft. He was created in Kansasand died of cancer in New You are able to City. The
amazing existence and career of the guycan't be exemplified in just a couple of words.
Ansel Adams(1902-1984) was from Bay Area and grew to become the foremost character digital
photographerin the usa. He would be a meticulousspecialist who created black and whitened pictures
having a full-range of tonalnuances, and amazing depth and clearness. Ansel Adams photographs
are ubiquitous in the usa today. His most well-known jobs are Moonrise, Hernandez, Boise State
Joe Rosenthal(1911-2006) seemed to be from Bay Area.ToHe would be a digital photographer for
that ConnectedPress and also the Bay Area Chronicle. The photo we'll view won the Pulitzer Prizefor
Rosenthal and made an appearance all over the world in magazines and newspapers.To It's also
featured on the U.S. Postage Stampas well as on many war memorials.
Wayne Burns wasborn in Chicago in 1918. He gone to live in LosAngeles in 1940 and then grew to
become a digital photographer for Existence magazine. In 1954Burns took part in the record-breaking
Familyof Guy exhibition in New You are able to in the Museum of contemporary Art. The photograph
we'll view comes from thatexhibitand the infant is their own boy, David.
Richard Avedon(1923-2004) would be a New Yorker who began out like a fashion digital
photographer formagazines such Harper's Bazaar, Style and also the New Yorker before becoming
the earth's finest portraituredigital photographer. His images uncannilyreveal the personas of his
subjects.Avedon used what is known the minimalist type of portraiture. He is known for his photos
from the Beatles. He died of the brain hemorrhage.
W. Eugene Cruz(1918-1978) was from Wichita, Kansas, and accomplished fame for his extremely
vividphotographs of The Second World War, where he was wounded in fight. Cruz is famous today
because the inventor andmaster from the photo-essay. He would be aspeed freak and alcoholic,
which brought towards the massive stroke that wiped out him.
Eddie Adams(1933-2004) won the 1969 Pulitzer Prize for his photograph from the execution ofa
Vietcong prisoner through the Saigon Police Chief, while employed by the Connected Press. He
would be a combat photojournalist in 13 wars,starting with the Korean War for that U. S. States
Marine Corps. Adamscan also be recognized for his portraits of political figures and celebs.
Annie Leibovitz is really a portrait digital photographer born in Connecticut (1949). From 1973 to
1982 she would be a staff digital photographer for Moving Stone magazine. She grew to become
renowned for her pictures from the Moving Gemstones and John and Yoko Lennon. Leibovitz was
affected greatly by Richard Avedon. She later labored for that magazine Vanity Fair. She's the very
first lady to demonstrate in the National Portrait Gallery.
This Hub may be the followup to my Hub "Art Photography." I've also released a number of other
Modems about art including "Impressionism Art" and "American Art."

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