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					Masses For                                                          SANTA MISA
                                                                 Sábado: 5:00 p.m.
                                                          Domingo: 7:30, 9:15, 11:00 a.m. y

                                                                   12:30 p.m. (Español)

                                                                    Sábado: 4:00 – 4:30 p.m.
Monday, January 7
9:00 Vincent Yovino, Sr.                                               BAUTISMOS:
Tuesday, January 8                                    En Español, el Bautizo sera el primer Domingo de
9:00 Rose, Amato &                                    cada mes a las 2:00 p.m. aquí en San Francisco De
      Marie Contino                                   Sales, La charla de preparación para Padres y
Wednesday, January 9                                  Padrinos la dara el Diacono Diaz-Granados el
9:00 Aldona Faber                                     segundo Viernes y tercer. Viernes de cada mes, son
Thursday, January 10                                  dos clases de preparación a las 7:30 p.m. en la Iglesia
9:00 Donald Felice (living)                           de Monte Carmelo donde el Ministerio Hispano de
Friday, January 11                                    Brookhaven opera sus funciones. Para mas
9:00 Hector O’Campo                                   información y registro llame al 730-7248. Favor de
Saturday, January 12                                  traer la Acta de Nacimiento de la Criaturas.
5:00 Anne & Michael Murphy
     Concetta Grucci & Chester Platzer                     EDUCACIÓN RELIGIOSA DE NIÑOS:
Sunday, January 13                                    Clases de preparación para recibir los Sacramentos de
7:30 The People of the Parish                         Eucaristía (Primera Comunión) y Confirmación,
9:15 Lillian Cole                                     favor de llamar la Oficina de Educación Religiosa –
11:00 Mrs. Casazza                                    289-4339.

              Parish Office Hours
                                                                     WEDDING BANNS
The rectory office is open Monday – Friday, 9:00 am
– 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm. Evenings and      Banns III – Vanessa Rosero & Vincent Valverde
weekends by appointment only.
                                                                    IN REMEMBRANCE
                                                      Please remember in your prayers those who
All are invited to attend morning reflections in      have died during the month of December:
the parish center after the 9:00 am Mass every        Frederick Hahn Jr., Jerold Gubin, Gloria
2nd and 4th Wednesday. The next morning               Ayelli, Marianne Wagner, George Warren,
reflection will be on January 9, 2008.                Steven Dassau & Daniella Arrizaga. May
                                                      they rest in peace.
               January 7th                                     COMMUNION HOSTS & WINE
               Monday ~ January 7th
                                                             The bread and wine used for
          1 Jn3: 22-4: 6/Mt 4:12-17, 23-25
               Tuesday ~ January 8th                         Communion at all the Masses this
              1 Jn 4: 7-10/Mk 6: 34-44                       January is donated in loving memory
             Wednesday ~ January 9th                         of the Lucy & Joe Hilowsky from
              1 Jn 4: 11-2/Mk 6: 45-52                Restifo & Drawbridge families.
             Thursday ~ January 10th
               Friday ~ January 11th                                    R.C.I.A.
                1 Jn3:7-10/Jn1:35-42                    (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)
              Saturday ~ January 12th
              1 Jn 3: 11-21/Jn 1: 43-51               We welcome anyone who is interested in
               Sunday ~ January 13th
                                                      finding out about the process. We meet next
        Is 60: 1-6/Eph 3: 2-3a,5-6/Mt 2:1-12
                                                      on January 10th at 7:00 p.m. in the Parish
                                                      Center. You may also call 475-2285
                                                    Dear Parishioners,

                                                            I hope you survived the holidays. I
              Today’s Reflection                    thank you for your generous response to our
Today we remember the three wise men                Christmas collection. These funds will go a
from the East who come to pay homage to             long way in helping us stay financially
the infant Jesus, bringing Him rich gifts of        stable. Our expenses are with us the whole
gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The gifts we         year so I would ask that you think about
bring – our time and service and some share         making a weekly increase in your offering to
of what we earn forth work we do- are               help the parish the whole year.
equally precious in His sight.                              Please remember to sign up to have
                 Living Stewardship                 your picture taken for a new Parish Family
We are grateful this week for all stewards in       Directory for our 120th Anniversary. Look
our parish who share their treasure and             for dates and times in this bulletin. The year
other gifts from God with those in need.            long Anniversary celebration will begin with
                                                    the Feast of St. Francis de Sales on January
   12/30/07 Collection              Fuel            27th look for details to follow.
      $5,906.00                  $ 1,631.00
                                                         Peace and Prayers for the New Year,
                 $27,158.00                                        Fr. Kevin
Thank You & God Bless you for your
generosity to the ministries of St. Francis
                                                             120th ANNIVERSARY
de Sales Parish.
                                                            HISTORY COMMITTEE

           RETROUVAILLE                             To celebrate our 120th Anniversary, St.
        A Life Line For Married Couples
                                                    Francis de Sales is compelling an
Retrouvaille is a peer ministry. Couples, who       expanded version of its history. We are
have had problems in their own marriages and        looking for anecdotes about your life in the
have recovered from those problems, share their     parish and recollections of events that are
experiences with troubled couples in the hope       significant in our history. If you have any
that they too will see that their marriage can be   of these, please leave your name and
saved. Thousands of couples all over the globe      number or e-mail address at the rectory
have found hope, help and healing by                office.
participating in the Retrouvaille program. A                    SAVE THE DATE!!!!!
Retrouvaille weekend is a deeply personal and
private experience between a husband and wife       The annual March for Life in Washington D.C.
that can help a couple to reconnect and go on to    will be here before you know it. Perhaps THIS is
lead a happy and fulfilling life together.          the year you might seriously considering joining
                                                    your fellow parishioners and attending this
 YOU CAN SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE NOW!                    important event. The march will take place on
For more information about the upcoming             Tuesday, January 22, 2008. Details to follow.
Retrouvaille weekend that begins on Friday,
Feb. 1, 2008 at the Montfort Retreat Center in
Bay Shore, Long Island, please call 1-800-470-
2230 and you will be connected (confidentially)
to a couple from Long Island/Metro Retrouvaille
that can help.
                                                                                PLEASE PRAY FOR
If you or a loved one are ill and want
to be placed on our parish prayer list,
we ask you to fill out and return the
bulletin cut-out below.                                            Please pray for all the men and women serving in the
                                                                   Armed Forces, especially for:
Bea Felice, Joseph Taglialatela, Patricia
Reynold, Ryan Smith, Josephine Daleo, Nancy                                   Major David Geller - Army
Wojciechowski, James Weber, Jarrett Dreyer,                                   Lt. Col. Michael Gabel-Army
Katherine Vermuelen, Patricia Brennan, Edward                                     Justin R. Browne-Army
Smith, Joan Lunati, Betty Vermeulen, Ann Petrallia,                           Patrick B. Browne- Air Force
Elaine DeGasperi, Cherie, Kendra & Tiffany                                      Aldrin C. Ledwidge-Navy
Geller,Peter Forte, Rosemarie Cerruto, Patricia                                     James Fuoco–Navy
Fleece, Mary Cynthia Johnson, Marie Mangan,                                      Edward G. Lilley – Navy
Robert Tuzza, Tracy Gerardi, Norma Crowley, Lydia                           Zachary Curtis-National Guard
Diaz, Mary Forte, Rose Malsky, Betty Duarte,                              Lance Corp. Patrick Ronayne – USMC
Colleen Logan Hofmeister, Thomas Callahan Sr.,                                   Sgt. Dan Lalota – USMC
Robert DeLutio, Ralph Pepe, Desiree Cassese,                                        Spc. Mathew Kuhn
Vincent Schottle, Francisco Olivia, Shirley Bastelli,                       Corp.Alexander Costello-USMC
Laura Tamburino, Laurin Keddy, John Sheahan,                                 Matthew Adam Ogden – Navy
Brittany Brock, Barry Lotko, Coleman Joyce,                                  Edwin Anthony Torres – Navy
Rosemary Pepe, Gabrielle Nicole Zorn., James                                     Sgt. Ivan Andreli – Army
Cartwright, Tyler Provanzano, Brian Saliba, Marie                                  Dawn Schalk – Army
Giuffrida, Marie Giuri, Dylan Page, Marie Terrusa,                                John Diem- HM1 Navy
Lorian Peterson, Stephen Sinatra, Danielle                                         Joshua Jansen – Army
Robinson, Emma Jordan, Richard McCahey, June                                       Robert Nicosia – Navy
Gneuhs, Don DeLaVergne, Olivia Sinisgell, Zoe                                    Steven T. Kober – Army
Cassese and Robert Duarte Sr., Claire Houchens,                                   Damon Ventiere– Navy
Eileen Humenik.                                                                  Peter R. Bodkin – Army
                                                                            Lt. Kenneth Allen Bourassa-Navy
Please note: To keep our pray list current; we                                  Adam Scott Trypuc –Army
will keep names on the sick list for two months.                           Lance Corp. Michael Cotter-USMC
We ask families to return the bulletin cutout to                                 Brian O’Grady-Air Force
include names of those who are ill for another                              Anthony Lanham-National Guard
two months.                                                                       Richard Lanham-Army
                                                                                   Louie Martinez- Navy
                                                                                  Capt. John Cuva, Army
          REMEMBERING THE SICK                                                  Corpral Christopher Florea
                                                                            Jason Michael Hermes-Air Force
Please include the following in the bulletin sick list:                            Scott Scutari – Army
__________________________________________                                       Matthew Flower –Army
              Name of person who is ill:
Person making this request: _________________________
Relationship to ill person: _________________________
Your Phone #_____________________                                  If you know of anyone serving our country and
                                                                   would like to be added to our list, please call the
  (Please place in collection basket or return to Church Office)   Rectory at 475-0161.

THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS HALL                                             2008 MASS BOOK IS NOW OPEN

Having a party? The Knights of                                     Announced Masses are now being accepted
Columbus newly renovated hall                                      for the calendar year beginning January 1,
can accommodate up to 100 people.                                  2008. The customary offering is $15.00.
They are located at 38 West First                                  Masses may be arranged at the Rectory
Street,  Patchogue.    For   more                                  during regular office hours. Please no
information call Jim Addie at 475-                                 requests by phone or mail.
                                                  Marty McIndoe at 475-0161 or Anne Boyce
                 RELIGIOUS                        at 4785-2285.
                                                    YOUTH MINISTRY
         The last day of Religious
         education    classes    are on           Youth Ministry is for teens
                       th                         in grades 7-12. Adult help
Thursday, December 20 and classes will
resume on Thursday, January 3rd.                  is needed and welcome.
                                                  Here’s what’s coming up:

                                                  7th & 8th graders will meet Sundays, 5:00
                                                  p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
                                                  9th – 12th graders will meet Sundays, at
Our Parish Family joyfully welcomes our
                                                  7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. All meetings take
newly baptized during the month of                place in the Youth Center.
December: Sandra Morales Flores, Angel
Caraballo, Jayson, Kampfer.


If you are                        new parents
or parents-                       to-be and are
                                                  Check out our website to find out about our
planning for                      your child’s
                                                  monthly activities and service projects.
Baptism,                          call     475-
2285       to                             make
Baptismal      arrangements.   Our     Baptism
Preparation Session for parents takes place the
first Thursday of the month at 7:30 p.m. in the
Parish Center.
                                                            Children’s Choir
 February 7th – for parents of children being
                                                  The St. Francis de Sales children’s
            baptized in February
  March 6th – for parents of children being       choir rehearsals are on Mondays from
           baptized in January                    4–5 pm in the church. New members
                                                  are welcome!

You may also call this number if you are
interested in being part of our ministry in
preparing mothers and fathers for their child’s              The Christophers’
Baptisms.                                          Eighteenth Annual Poster Contest for
                                                           High School Studnets
                                                  The Christophers have announced the
                                                  Eighteenth Annual Poster Contest for
                                                  High School Students, with the theme,
                                                  “You Can Make A Difference.” Cash
Our baptism preparation sessions (once a
                                                  prizes totaling $2,250.00 will be
month) are in need of couples that can share
                                                  awarded. Entry deadline is January 18,
their “kid-friendly stories” to parents and
godparents of babies who will be baptized in      2008.For rules and entry forms contact
our church. If you would like to help us out      The Christophers at 211-759-4050, e-
in this ministry, please contact Deacon
mail youth@christophers.org              or    visit   envelope and we’ll add you to the subscription
                                                       list, or you can call the number above

                                                           MINISTRY OF CONSOLATION
                  The food pantry is
                  EXTREMELY LOW on the                 Our parish has a wonderful group of
                  following items:                     volunteers who minister to parishioners at
                                           Rice        the time of death of a loved one. Our
                     Cereal                            ministry has proven to be a comfort and
                 Canned Pasta                          help to those families who are faced with
                 Canned Beans                          planning a loved one’s funeral. I invite you
              Macaroni & Cheese                        to contact me, Anne Boyce, at 475-2285 if
              Peanut butter & Jelly                    you feel called to be a part of this, or want
             Canned Meats & Stews                      more information. Training will be offered
            Canned Green Vegetables                    when a new group forms. Please see our
Thanks for being mindful of the needy people in our    information booklet at the front doors of
community!                                             the church.

                                                               ROSARY SOCIETY
                                                       Join us following the 9:00 am Mass
Please join us for the Divine Mercy on                 each weekday morning in church to
Wednesday, January 16th at the Outreach                pray the rosary.
Office in the Parish Center from 12:00
noon to 1:00 p.m. All are welcome. We                                MOM’S CLUB
look forward to seeing you.
              SEMINARY of the                          Where: Hope House Human Services Center
      IMMACULATE CONCEPTION                                            1 High Street
     Offers the following graduate degrees-                          Port Jefferson, NY
  SPRING SEMESTER BEGINS JAN.28, 2008                  When:     Monday mornings (10am-11am)
   REGISTRATION CLOSES JAN.21, 2008                              January 28th
        For further information, contact:
                                                                 February 4,11,25
               Academic Office
    440 West Neck Rd., Huntington, NY 11743                      March 3 & 10
              631-423-0483x112                                   (Dates may extend to March 31st
                                                                 if sessions are cancelled due to
                  LONG ISLAND CATHOLIC                           bad weather.)

               Every Catholic household in the         Why:      To share and discuss common
               diocese of Rockville Centre is                    Issues To discuss “A Walk on the
               entitled to receive a subscription                Beach” by Joan Anderson
               to the Long Island Catholic, the                  To “be” together
diocesan newspaper. To add or change an
address call: 516-594-1000 ext 32 or e-mail
salegna@licatholic.org                                 Register: Call Sister Jean Olsen, O.P. on
The Parish pays for subscriptions for our                        or before January 21st
parishioners, with discounts based on the                        631-928-2377 (ext 12)
number of subscribers. Today is Long Island
Catholic Sunday. If you are able, please
contribute $20. to the parish in your Long                 THE BEGINNING EXPERIENCE
Island Catholic Sunday envelope to help defray
the cost of those subscriptions to the parish.         Help for the heartache of divorce,
If you are not already getting the paper, write        separation, and widowhood. A weekend
your name and address on the back of the               away for a lifetime of change. The next
weekend is February 15 through 17, 2007.
For information and reservations, call
Connie at 516-735-1720, Mike at 516-812-
6417, or Celia at 516-625-1073

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