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                                    Introduction | Let’s talk about pizza


In close cooperation with an Italian company,
after ten years of intense developing, A1 concepts
is proud to introduce an innovative pizza machine
which makes it possible to create an authentic
pizza, made with only fresh ingredients from
scratch into a delicious pizza. 24/7 And in less than
2,5 minutes.
                                                                                                                                                   How it works | Let’s talk about pizza

          How it works                                                     After the dough is kneaded, the machine unrolls the dough into
                                                                           a 27 centimeter diameter pizza crust. Next, the machine measures
2                                                                          the tomato sauce. Not just any kind of tomato sauce, made from                                                  3
    The let’s pizza machine with 7 patents(!) is unique in the             tomato puree, but a fine sauce, made with fresh special selected
    world since it is the only way to create an authentic Italian          organic tomatoes and seasoned with fresh Italian herbs.
    pizza never touched by humans. So very hygienic and
    always the same high quality. Absolutely top quality                   Depending of the kind of selection that was made, the requested
    which can meet the standards of a pizza from a pizzeria.               topping will be placed on top of the sauce. The pizza machine
                                                                           offers standard four different kinds of pizza’s. These flavors can be
    Let’s start with the dough. Specially selected and imported Italian    changed upon request. One of the requests for example is to
    flour, together with yeast, salt and mineral water is kneaded into a   offer a kosher pizza or a pizza that meets the Muslim criteria while
    dough. Which pizzeria is still making fresh dough in front of their    a vegetarian pizza is standard in the assortment. Healthy and
    customers? Our customer can see the entire process.                    delicious and less than only 90 Kcal. per slice!
                                                   How it works | Let’s talk about pizza

    The toppings are made under strict supervision, meeting the
    highest standards and placed per portion between two sheets of foil.
    When the pizza is ordered, the pizza machine picks the topping
    out of the refrigerated department which guarantees freshness
    and optimal flavor. All pizza’s are always fresh and never frozen.

    Next, the pizza goes in the oven and the customer can see how
    the pizza is baked golden brown. In between, the machine folds a
4   pizza box and after the pizza is ready, the pizza exits the machine                    5
    in the front, hot and fresh and ready to eat with the option to get
    also a napkin and plastic knife or pizza cutter. The entire process
    from start till finish takes only 2,5 minute!

    Upon request, we offer for customers with high volumes like
    theme parks the opportunity to go for the professional model.
    In this case, the machine will be placed in a professional kitchen
    and an employee makes the pizzas still only by pushing one
    single button only. Always fresh and hot and always guaranteed
    with the same quality. This pizza machine is able to make even
    more pizzas per hour also.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Marketing | Let’s talk about pizza

                                       The pizza machine is unique in the    the built-in web cam and instructions by the service desk. In the          Marketing
                                       world. Nobody else is able to offer   U.S., the pizza machine will operate only by debit and credit
                                       fresh made pizzas from scratch.       cards, plus other options like payments with SMS where possible
                                       The only rival is a pizza vending     and legal. There is no cash money involved with all the risks. In    The pizza machine will be placed on locations with a lot of foot traffic like
                                       machine, offering deep frozen         a glance, it is visible how successful each pizza machine is and     supermarkets, petrol stations, malls, hotels, restaurants, schools and
    pizzas and heated in the microwave. So we are not surprised to           changes can be made easy if necessary. So very efficient.            universities, hospitals, train stations, airports, convenient stores, large
    see how much publicity we had already so far. Television programs                                                                             companies and theme parks. We are not the competitor of the pizzeria while
    like ‘How it’s made’ showed it already and many newspapers including     Each pizza machine is equipped with a large touch screen.            our pizza machine works without staff (hygienic) and is available 24/7.
6   the New York Times and the Herald Tribune placed and article.            Beside the information how to order a pizza and other company                                                                                                                                           7
                                                                             information, is it possible to broadcast commercials. Large          With 7 patents, this pizza machine is unique in the world since it makes a fresh pizza from
    The pizza machine is connected to the Internet. This way, it is          companies who feel involved with our target group are very           scratch including fresh dough and only fresh ingredients, never frozen. We negotiate with
    possible to check all the machines nationwide from one single            interested. This, in combination with advertising on the pizza box   some serious parties at the moment to place the pizza machines on their locations.
    location. The same efficient way of working is used for provisioning:    creates lucrative extra income on a returning base. But also local
    No unnecessary trips to check the stock and if it is necessary, the      companies will find their way to these screens.                      A1 concepts offers also the option with larger companies to work under private label.
    pizza machine will send a signal out to the central service desk.                                                                             This way, each machine that is part of the company program will be designed in their
                                                                             The pizza machine is also equipped with a scanner. We will use       own house style and recognizable for their customers.
    On distance, all kinds of information are retrievable: sales per         all kinds of modern resources for marketing purpose. Discount
    hour/day/week/per machine. Most failures can be solved by Internet       coupons and savings cards will make Let’s Pizza one of the leading
    and even larger maintenance issues can be solved easy by using           pizza companies in the world soon.                                                                     “ It is not a matter where we can place
                                                                                                                                                                                       the pizza machine but when ”
          Swot analyses
                                                 PIZZA 24/7                                                                                                                                                                                                       Marketing | Let’s talk about pizza

    Opportunities                                                        pizza is fresh made and never touched by humans, we believe          customers like Disney and SODEXO. They are responsible for further   Other customers in more concentrated areas will receive fully
    The pizza machine meets all the U.S. requirements in all U.S.        that people will accept this soon enough. With the publicity         distribution to all locations.                                       service including supply, maintenance and service. Depending
    states. This way of offering pizza’s is also known as automated      we received so far and the publicity we will get once the pizza                                                                           on the number of sales, the pizza machine will give a signal to the
    retail. Target groups are people who are seeking for a hot and       machines are operational in the U.S., the Let’s Pizza machine        Promotional activities                                               service desk. This way an employee of the service team will visit
8   healthy meal, available 24/7.                                        will be a well accepted way of ordering pizza in no-time.            Internet, free publicity, press releases, advertising, new media,    the location and take care of it. So each machine is always in top                  9
                                                                                                                                              news letters, brochures/leaflets/posters, direct mail, coupons,      condition.
    Strength                                                             Place of establishment                                               narrow casting, push messages on smart phones, promo teams
    Fresh pizza! Let’s pizza is a unique food service system, based on   The head quarters for the U.S. market will be in the Atlanta or      with sampling, trade shows, net working.
    innovation and 100% automated, preparing a hot pizza, made           Orlando area. This will be not only the sales and marketing
    with only fresh ingredients and ready to eat within 2,5 minutes by   department but there will be also a facility where all the organic   Staff
    simply pushing one single button. 24/7.                              tomato sauce and the toppings will be produced. Not only for         Thanks to the efficient way we work, the pizza machine saves
                                                                         the U.S. market, but also for the south America market.              considerably when it comes to labor costs. Each machine is
    Weakness                                                                                                                                  connected to the Internet. This way it is easy to check on stock.
    People are used to order fresh pizza’s from a pizzeria or pizza      Distribution
    places like Domino’s and Pizza Hut. They need to learn accepting     The bags of flour, mineral water and tomato sauce, and also the      Larger customers with more locations have the opportunity to
    a fresh pizza from a pizza machine. With the knowledge that each     toppings will be distributed by an external distribution firm to     manage their own stock.
                                           FRESH PIZZA                                                                                                  ESA                                                                   Plan of approach
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Marketing | Let’s talk about pizza

     We have already a number of potential customers that are               The quality of our pizza is so high that we can compete with          The exclusive selling arguments are clear: every moment of the        A1 concepts is the sole owner of all shares of Let’s Pizza in the U.S.
     interested in our pizza machine like Simon Malls (450 malls           any pizza from a pizzeria. In Italy, the place of birth of the pizza   day, you can order a fresh pizza, 24/7 on many different locations.   Beside the U.S., A1 concepts is also owner and active in Europe
     nationwide), Blue Shield (115 hospitals in the New York area),        is our pizza very well accepted and everybody is very enthusiast       This can be while you visit a hospital or at school, on a Saturday    (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France)
     Tristate restaurant and tavern association (5.000 members)            how a pizza machine can make such a perfect pizza.                     night, having fun with friends or in the supermarket, on your way     and owner of the European facility for the organic sauces and
10   Walmart (3.900 stores nationwide) and several supermarket                                                                                    back home and no time to prepare a fresh meal.                        toppings. Here, we produce for all countries in Europe and                            11
     chains and drug store chains.                                         Let’s pizza works solely with fresh ingredients, never frozen.                                                                               surrounding areras. A1 concepts has also the licensing require-
                                                                           Cost wise, our pizza is about 25%-40% less expensive, comparing                                                                              ments for the Canadian market and the Dutch Antilles/Caribbean.
     Position competition                                                  to fresh pizza’s ordered from a pizzeria.
     Let’s Pizza has 7 patents. This makes the machine unique world-                                                                                                                                                    The head quarters will be located in the Atlanta or Orlando
     wide when it comes to fresh pizza from a pizza machine.               The accessibility is absolutely good. You will find the pizza                                                                                area and we will place in phase the machines one only on the
     This way, there is actually no competition at all. The only players   machines on those locations with a lot of passers-by.                                                                                        east coast.
     on the market have pizza vending machines offering deep frozen
     pizza, heated in a microwave.
                                                                         Assembling in the U.S. | Let’s talk about

          Assembling in the U.S.
     The pizza machine is developed and invented in Italy.
12   This is also the location where the pizza machines are                                                          13
     assembled for the European and Russian market and the
     Middle East regions.

     To save costs and have better control, the pizza machines will be
     assembled in the U.S. for the U.S. market and South America.
     We are negotiate at the moment with some partners to have
     them assemble under fully license.
                                                                                                                                World overview | Let’s talk about pizza

             Proven success                                                   Our market

14                                                                                                                                                                        15

     Placed Pizza Machines                                              A1 concepts countries
     until March 2012                                                   with license

     Russia                 100                                         Belgium
     Greece                   24                                        Netherlands
     Switzerland              10                                        Luxembourg
     Sweden                   27                                        USA
     England                  10
     Italy                    30        These countries start in 2012                           These countries are in option
               * € 20.000 per machine
Now we talk about pizza!
Our pizza machine is ready to conquer the U.S. market.            chain, offering pizza. We will proof that even in an economical
After over ten years of developing and testing, the               situation like now, or even better: because of this, a new
opportunity is here to enjoy a fresh made pizza from              company with a well thought-out plan with proven success
scratch out of a pizza machine. No matter if you are on your      already will be ready for this new challenge.
way at the airport or a patrol station or on your way home
from the supermarket. Every moment of the day, 24/7.              We would like to thank you kindly for taking the opportunity to
                                                                  read this information about our pizza machine and A1 concepts.
We have a team of experts together including the former           We would like to invite you to sit down with us so we can answer
marketing manager of one of the largest pizza places in the       all your questions and you will learn more about A1 concepts
world. Each and every employee is the link to a very successful   and Let’s Pizza.

                                                                  Sincerely Yours,

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