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Correct Answers And Solutions

Select from the choices the pair which exhibits the same relationship as the capitalised pair of
words and mark the number as your answers.

Q.No. :        1
Question :     ADVANCE::RETREAT
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A:             Buy:sell
B:             Push:Pull

      C        Create:destroy
D:             Forward:Onward
Answer: C
Q.No. :        2
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      A        Money:Lend
B:             Equity:Interest
C:             Inventory:Merchandise
D:             Security:Price
Answer: A
Q.No. :         3
Question :      ACRID::BITTER
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 A (Your


C:              Clairvoyant:Disgraceful
D:              Diminutive:Gargantuan
Answer: B
Q.No. :         4
Question :      COGENT::CONVINCING
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 A (Your


C:              Illogical:Reasonable
D:              Jovial:Abstruse
Answer: B
Q.No. :         5
Question :      EUPHORIC::ECSTASY
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 A (Your
B:              Redundant:Relevant
C:              Licentious:Sentiment


Answer: D
Each question has a word whose letters are jumbled up and given. Each letter is identified by a
number. Select the choices which gives the correct order of these numbers to form a meaningful
order by the letters represented by these numbers.

Q.No. :         6
Question :      AERGNR
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B:            635142
 C (Your
D:            254136
Answer: A
Q.No. :       7
Question :    SEGNMIRTA

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 A (Your
B:            756432189
C:            243689157


Answer: D
Q.No. :      8
Question :   NYMADO
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      A      361542
B:           634215
C:           524136
D:           451263
Answer: A
361542 forms MONDAY
Q.No. :       9
Question :    AKTESG

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A:            435261
B:            615432
C:            162534

      D       615243
Answer: D
Q.No. :         10
Question :      POANCY

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A:              523416


 C (Your
D:              251346
Answer: B
Read the given data carefully and answers the questions that follow:
Seven mobiles phones P,Q,R,S,T,V and W can send the messages to one another. some of the
phones can only send messages but cannot receive. The messages which can only be sent are
from P to R then to Q, R to T then to V, P to T then to S and then to W. Whereas, the messages
can be received either ways between Q and V, P and W and P and Q.

Q.No. :         11
Question :      If the phone R is switched off, and a person wants to send messages from P
                to V, then he has to send it to phone.
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A:              W
B:           T

             Q or T

D:           S
Answer: C
Q.No. :      12
Question :   If phone V can now send the messages to phone T, then in how many ways
             can a person send messages from phone V to P
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B:           1
C:           3
D:           4
Answer: A
Q.No. :      13
Question :   If Phone T is out of order for a day then which of the following phones
             cannot receive any messages?
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A:           W
B:           Q


D:           V
Answer: C
Q.No. :      14
Question :   In how many ways can a person pass the message from phone W to V?
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A:               2
B:               3
C:               7


Answer: D
Q.No. :          15
Question :       What is the maximum number of phones can a person use if he wants to
                 send a message from Q to V?
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B:               4
C:               2
D:               5
Answer: A
There are three on-off switches on a control panel A, B, and C. They have to be changed from
an initial setting to a second setting according to the following conditions : In case only switch
A is the switch on in the initial setting , then turn on switch B.

In case switches A and B are the only switches on in the initial setting, then turn on switch C. In
case all the three switches are on initially setting, then turn off the switch C. For any other initial
setting, turn on all switches that are off and turn off all switches, if any, that are on.

Q.No. :          16
Question :       In case in the initial setting is the switches A and B are on and the switch C
                 is off, then what could be the second setting?
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                 A on, B on, C on.
B:           A on, B off, C on.
C:           A on, B off, C off.
D:           A off, B on, C off.
Answer: A
Q.No. :      17
Question :   In case switch B is the only switch on in the initial setting, what must be
             the second setting?
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A:           A on, B on, C on.
B:           A on, B on, C off.

             A on, B off, C on.

D:           A off, B off, C on.
Answer: C
Q.No. :      18
Question :   In case all the three switches are on in the second setting, which among the
             following could have been the initial setting ?
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A:           A on, B on, C on.

             A on, B on, C off.

C:           A on, B off, C on.
D:           A on, B off, C off.
Answer: B
Q.No. :      19
Question :   In case switch A is off in the second setting, which among the following
             could have been the initial setting ?
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A:           A on, B on, C on.
B:           A on, B on, C off.
                A on, B off, C on.

D:              A on, B off, C off.
Answer: C
Q.No. :         20
Question :      Which among the following initial settings leads to a second setting, where
                only one switch is off ?
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A:              A on, B on, C off.
B:              A on, B off, C on.
C:              A off, B on, C on.

                A off, B on, C off.

Answer: D
Q.No. :       21
Question :    A, B and C, each of them working alone can complete a job in 6, 8 and 12
              days respectively. If all three of them work together to complete a job and
              earn Rs.2340, what ill be C's share of the earnings?
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      A        Rs.520
B:             Rs.1080
C:             Rs.1170
D:             Rs.630
Answer: A
C's share = 2340 * [(1/12)/(1/6 + 1/8 + 1/12)]
= 2340 * 2/9 = 520
Q.No. :         22
Question :      A, B and C play cricket. A's runs are to B's runs and B's runs are to C's as
                3:2. They get altogether 342 runs. How many runs did A make?
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  B (Your
C:              72
D:              96
Answer: A
3 :2
9 :6:4

Ratio of A:B:C = 9:6:4
Let runs of A b and C are 9x 6x and 4x respectively
9x + 6x + 4x = 342
or, 19x = 342
or x = 18
Run of A = 9 * 18 = 162
Q.No. :         23
Question :      Three runners A, B and C run a race, with runner A finishing 12 meters
                ahead of runner B and 18 meters ahead of runner C, while runner B
                finishes 8 meters ahead of runner C. Each runner travels the entire
                distance at a constant speed.What was the length of the race?
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A:              36m


C:              60m
D:              72m
Answer: B
Let length of race = x m
Let A B and C finishes the race at t1, t2 and t3 sec respectively
So, When A finishes the race distance covered by B = x/t2 * t1
and distance covered by C = x/t3 * t1
According to question,
x- x/t2 * t1 = 12 ........ (i)
and x- x/t3 * t1 = 18 ........(ii)
Also x - x/t3 * t2 = 8 ...........(iii)
From (i)
t1/t2 = (x-12)/x .......... (iv)
From (ii)
t1/t3 = (x-18)/x .......... (v)
From (i)
t2/t3 = (x-8)/x .......... (vi)
(v) / (iv)
t2/t3 = (x-18)/(x-12)
So, (x-18)/(x-12) = (x-8)/x
Hence x = 48

Q.No. :          24
Question :       P can give Q a start of 20 seconds in a kilometer race. P can give R a start
                 of 200 meters in the same kilometer race. And Q can give R a start of 20
                 seconds in the same kilometer race. How long does P take to run the
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A:               200 seconds
B:               240 seconds

                 160 seconds

D:                    140 seconds
Answer: C
Let P, Q and R finish the race in t1 , t2 and t3 sec.
So according to question,
t2 - t1 = 20 .....(i)
Also when P finish the race Q is 200 m behind. Length of race= 1000m (Kilometer race)
So, 1000-1000(t1/t3) = 200 .....(ii)
(t3-t2) = 20 .....(iii)
Solving eq (i) (ii) and (iii)
t1 = 160 sec

Q.No. :           25
Question :        If A and B work together, they will complete a job in 7.5 days. However, if
                  A works alone and completes half the job and then B takes over and
                  completes the remaining half alone, they will be able to complete the job in
                  20 days. How long will B alone take to do the job if A is more efficient than
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A:                10 days
B:                40 days

                  30 days

D:                 24 days
Answer: C
Let A and B finish the job in x and y days respectively.
So Both can do the work in [1/(1/x+1/y)] days
= xy/(x+y) days
So, xy/(x+y)= 7.5..........(i)
Now When half of the work is done by A and half by B
No of days taken = x/2 + y/2
or x/2 + y/2 = 20
or x + y = 40...........(ii)
Putting value of x+y in (i)
xy = 300
or (x-y)2 = 1600 - 1200 = 400
or x - y = (+-)20 ..........(iii)
From (ii) and (iii) either x =30 y = 10
or x = 10 y = 30
Since A is more efficient So, x = 10 , y = 30
So B will take 30 days
Q.No. :           26
Question :        A rectangular tank 10" by 8" by 4" is filled with water. If all of the water
                  is to be transferred to cube-shaped tanks, each one 3 inches on a side, how
                  many of these smaller tanks are needed?
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A:             9


C:             16
D:             21
Answer: B
Q.No. :        27
Question :     If a rectangle's length and width are both doubled, by what percent is the
               rectangle's area increased?
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A:             50
B:             100
C:             200


Answer: D
Let initial lengt and breadth was x and y
After getting doubled
New Area = 2x*2y =4xy
Percentage increase =(New area -Previous area)*100/Previous Area
                     = 300
Q.No. :        28
Question :     On the xy-coordinate plane, points A and B both lie on the circumference
               of a circle whose center is O, and the length of AB equals the circle's
               diameter. If the (x,y) coordinates of O are (2,1) and the (x,y) coordinates of
               B are (4,6), what are the (x,y) coordinates of A?
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A:             (3, 3/2)
B:             (1, 1)
                (0, -4)

D:              (-1, -2/2)
Answer: C

Since A and B both lie on the circumference of circle, i.e. AB is a chord and the length of AB
equals the circle's diameter.
So, AB is a diameter.
O is the center.
Now from the line formula
x = xo∓rcosθ
y = yo∓rsinθ
where r is the distance from point xo and tanθ is the slop of line.
Here slop m=tanθ = (6-1)/(4-2) = 5/2
xo= 2
xo= 1
r= radius = [(6-1)2+(4-2)2]1/2
or r = 291/2
sinθ = 5/291/2
cosθ = 2/291/2
So, x = 2∓291/2*2/291/2
And, y = 1∓291/2*5/291/2
Hence x = 0, y = -4
Q.No. :         29
Question :      At 10 a.m. two trains started traveling toward each other from stations 287
                miles apart. They passed each other at 1:30 p.m. the same day. If the
                average speed of the faster train exceeded the average speed of the slower
                train by 6 miles per hour, which of the following represents the speed of
                   the faster train, in miles per hour?
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A:                 38
B:                 40


D:               48
Answer: C
Since both trains passes each other after 3.5 hours, the trains got closer to each other at a rate of
287/3.5 = 82mph. This is the sum of the two trains' speeds.

If we denote x as the speed of the slower train, then x + 6 denotes the speed of the faster train
and we have:

x + (x + 6) = 82
==> 2x + 6 = 82
==> x = 38.

This gives 38mph to be speed of the slower train and so the faster train is going at 44mph
(option C).
Q.No. :            30
Question :         An empty swimming pool can be filled to capacity through an inlet pipe in
                   3 hours, and it can be completely drained by a drainpipe in 6 hours. If
                   both pipes are fully open at the same time, in how many hours will the
                   empty pool be filled to capacity?
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A:                 4
B:                 5


D:                 7
Answer: C
In 3 hrs the inlet pipe completely fill the pool
while in 3hrs drain pipe drain the pool by half.
So in 3 hrs both together fill the pool half.
So, in 6hrs pool can be filled completely
The total of the first three deficit countries (in Rs. crores) = 3594.3. The total of next five deficit
countries (in Rs. crores) = 2588.5. The total of the last five deficit countries (in Rs. crores)

Cumulative Trade Deficit/Surplus of Countries for the Year 2006 - 2007 (All figures in Rs.

Q.No. :          31
Question :       The ratio between the difference between the highest and the lowest of the
                 surplus countries to the difference between Bangladesh and Oman is ?
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A:               3.44
B:               2.96
C:               4.5


Answer: D
The required answer will be equal to 360/94 = 3.829.
Q.No. :          32
Question :       The average of the total deficit of the middle five deficit is closest to the
                 deficit of which country ?
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B:              South Africa
C:              UAE
D:              None of these
Answer: A
The middle five deficit countries are India, New Zealand, South Africa, Korea and Namibia.

Their average deficit is (1946.6/5) = 389.32. Korea's deficit is close to this value.
Q.No. :          33
Question :       The state whose surplus is nearly equal to the average of the four surplus
                 countries is
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A:               Sri Lanka
B:               UAE


D:               UK
Answer: C
The average trade surplus of the four countries is 1860.4/4 = 465.1. Of the four options, USA
has the closest value.
Q.No. :          34
Question :       The ratio of the deficit of the first five deficit countries to the overall deficit
                 of all the deficit countries is nearly equal to ?
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A:               0.72

C:              0.80
D:              0.85
Answer: B
The required answer is (4885.2/6517) = 0.7496
Q.No. :          35
Question :       The net total deficit/surplus is equal to ?
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A:               4656.6 surplus

                 4656.6 deficit

C:              3836.5 deficit
D:              3836.5 surplus
Answer: B
Adding all surpluses and subtracting all deficits will give an overall value of deficit of 4656.6.
Q.No. :          36
Question :       Slang is a language that rolls up its sleeves, spits on its hands and ______.
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                 goes to work

B:               stays cool
C:               embarrasses its user
D:               communicates
Answer: A
Q.No. :          37
Question :      Moving and parked, the automobile devours urban land, leaving the
                buildings as mere ______ of habitable space in a sea of dangerous and ugly
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A:              asylums
B:              remnants
C:              blocks


Answer: D
Q.No. :         38
Question :      e people of Europe came to India _______ for riches, followed quickly by
                the desire to rule.
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A:              basically
B:               fundamentally


D:             seemingly
Answer: C
Primarily means mainly.Basically, fundamentally and seemingly do not fit the filler.
A sentence is given in four different forms. only one of them is correct grammatically. Mark the
number of the correct one as the answer.

Q.No. :         39
Question :
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A:              The captain with all his crew have reached the shore
B:              The captain and all his crew has reached the shore.
C:              The captain as well as his crew have reached the shore
             The captain and his crew have reached the shore.

Answer: D
Q.No. :      40
Question :
             Report | Discuss
A:           None of the soldiers have escaped unhurt
B:           None of the soldiers has been escaping unhurt
C:           None of the soldiers have an escape without a hurt

             None of the soldiers has escaped unhurt

Answer: D
Q.No. :      41
Question :
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A:           As soon as the teacher enters the class, the students rose

             No sooner did the teacher enter the class than the students rose

C:           No sooner did the teacher enter the class when the students rose
D:           No sooner had the teacher enter the class when the students rose
Answer: B
Q.No. :      42
Question :
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A:           Little money shall i spent on costly dress
             Whatever money i have i shall spend on costly dress

C:           A little money i shall spend on costly dress
D:           I shall spend little money i have on a costly dress
Answer: B
Q.No. :      43
Question :    
             Report | Discuss

             Each of the students has brought his book

B:           Each of the students have brought their book
C:           Each of the students has brought their book
D:           Each of the students has been bringing the book
Answer: A
Q.No. :      44
Question :   S1: The art of growing old is one which the passage of time has forced
             upon my attention.
             P : One of these is undue absorption in the past.
             Q : One's thought must be directed to the future and to things about which
             there is something to be done.
             R : Psychologically, there are two dangers to be guarded against in old age.
             S : It does not do to live in memories, in regrets for the good old days, or in
             sadness about friend who are dead.
             S6: This is not always easy one's own past is gradually increasing weight.
             The Proper sequence should be:
             Report | Discuss
A:           QSRP
B:           RPQS

D:           QPRS
Answer: C
Q.No. :      45
Question :   S1: I keep on flapping my big ears all day.
             P : They also fear that I will flip them all away.
             Q : But children wonder why I flap them so.
             R : I flap them so to make sure they are safely there on either side of my
             S : But I know what I am doing.
             S6: Am I not a smart, intelligent elephant?
             The Proper sequence should be:
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A:           SRQP


C:           QPRS
D:           PSRQ
Answer: B
Q.No. :      46
Question :   S1: We speak today of self-determination in politics.
             P : So long as one is conscious of a restraint, it is possible to resist it or to
             near it as a necessary evil and to keep free in spirit.
             Q : Slavery begins when one ceases to feel that restraint and it depends on
             if the evil is accepted as good.
             R : There is, however, a subtler domination exercised in the sphere of ideas
             by one culture to another.
             S : Political subjection primarily means restraint on the outer life of
             S6: Cultural subjection is ordinarily of an unconscious character and it
             implies slavery from the very start.
             The Proper sequence should be:
             Report | Discuss
A:           SPRQ
B:           RSQP

D:              RSPQ
Answer: C
Q.No. :         47
Question :      Find the synonyms of the word:-
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A:              Watchful


C:              Delicate
D:              Subtle
Answer: B
Q.No. :         48
Question :      Find the antonyms of the word:-

                Report | Discuss
A:              Irascibility


C:              Quiescence
D:              Surrender
Answer: B
Disequilibrium at the interface of water and air is a factor on which the transfer of heat and
water vapor from the ocean to the air depends. The air within about a millimeter of the water is
almost saturated with water vapor and the temperature of the air is close to that of the surface
water. Irrespective of how small these differences might be, they are crucial, and the
disequilibrium is maintained by air near the surface mixing with air higher up, which is
typically appreciably cooler and lower in water vapor content. The turbulence, which takes its
energy from the wind mixes the air. As the speed of wind increases, so does the turbulence, and
consequently the rate of heat and moisture transfer. We can arrive at a detailed understanding of
this phenomenon after further study. The transfer of momentum from wind to water, which
occurs when waves are formed is an interacting-and complicated phenomenon. When waves are
made by the wind, it transfers important amounts of energy-energy, which is consequently not
available for the production of turbulence.

Q.No. :         49
Question :      This passage principally intends to:
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A:              resolve a controversy

                attempt a description of a phenomenon

C:              sketch a theory
D:              reinforce certain research findings
Answer: B
Q.No. :         50
Question :      According to the given passage, in case the wind was to decrease until
                there was no wind at all, which of the following would occur?
                Report | Discuss

                The air, which is closest to the ocean surface would get saturated with water

B:              The water would be cooler than the air closest to the ocean surface.
                There would be a decrease in the amount of moisture in the air closest to the
                ocean surface.
D:              There would be an increase in the rate of heat and moisture transfer.
Answer: A


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