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Why Registration needed for an NGO

Why do you need to register your organization: At village level or even in urban areas
interested people wants to take up some development activities in the area where they
live and also support activities in other areas too. This is initially done with
contributions from members and other local people and organizations. At that time they
may not have plans to form an organization, but over a period of time they may like to
start an organization and get it registered.

Some people may ask why to register when the activities are running well even without
the registration. The purpose of getting an organization registered are as follows:

    ▪ When an individual/ or a number of individual coming together and

    raising donations and start the work but there is no ownership. An

    Individual may start and leave half- way and there may not be any


   ▪ When one buys assets for the organization, they may be in individual

    Names as the organization are not registered. However, when an

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