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					      COMSATS University Lahore, Pakistan


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                             COMSATS University Lahore, Pakistan

Coca Cola is manufactured by The Coca Cola Company and it is world’s largest soft
drink beverage. It is being produced in more than 200 countries of the world. Its Black
color and its tempting taste makes it a unique drink.

Product History
The drink was first created by a doctor and pharmacist named John S. Pamberton in
1886. Its name was suggested as Coca Cola. Since then, its formula is world’s top
secret ever held in the business world.

Since its inception there have been no changes in its taste, but the logo and size of the
bottles were altered in the overall era.

Major changes in the Logo are as under:

1887-1890s – Inserting the ‘Trademark’.
These two important little words were added to the tail of the first ‘C’.

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                             COMSATS University Lahore, Pakistan

1890-1891 – Extra swirls.
For just one year, our logo changed its appearance quite dramatically with this extra
swirly script. Afterwards, the logo returned to its previous font.

1941-1960s – Tail tweaked.
In this version, the words ‘Trademark Registered’ moved out of the tail of the ‘C’ and
were noted as ‘Reg. US Pat Off’ below the Coca-Cola name.

1958-1960s – A fishy shape.
This period saw the introduction of the Arciform or ‘fishtail’ logo.

1969 – That famous white wave
The Arden Square logo was unveiled to the world. In this red box, the familiar

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Coca-Cola script was underlined with the iconic white ‘wave’ known as the ‘Dynamic
Ribbon Device’, which is still used to this day.

2003 – Keeping it real
With the introduction of the ‘Coca-Cola... Real’ campaign, the logo’s ‘white wave’ was
enhanced with a shock of yellow and some floating bubbles.

2007 – A classic design
A simple, yet bold, design with a single white ribbon.

2011 – 125 years of happiness
Coca-Cola's 125th birthday logo sees bubbles bursting from our famous contour bottle –
a celebration of our past, present and future.

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                             COMSATS University Lahore, Pakistan

Competitor Analysis

                                     Locally            Internationally
Leader            Pepsi Cola         64%                20%
Challenger        Coca Cola          34%                80%
Follower          Shandy Cola        02%

If we talk about internationally, then Coca Cola is the market leader with 80% of market

Customer Access

The product is widely available at stores, mini marts, super marts, confectionery stores,
grocery stores, even at smoke corners. The distribution network is very intensively
operated. The customers can enjoy their Coke, all thanks to free refrigerators supplied
by the company that made it possible to bring ice cold Coca Cola to refresh our nerves.

Recent News

Strategic agreement with Dunkin Donuts to serve Coca Cola in all 9400 outlets around
the world.

Facebook Coca Cola Timeline got upto 41 million likes uptill now.

Interactive musical sessions, “The Coke Studio”, is taking a start in rest of the world
after India and Pakistan. This is actually a new recipe to the original Brazilian show,
comprising of live singing only.


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COMSATS University Lahore, Pakistan

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