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					                                           It’s Our Water!
                                         Homework Assignment
You have completed 6 hours of instruction in It’s Our Water!. To earn Environmental Education Certification
credit, the NC Office of Environmental Education requires the completion of 8-hour homework assignment
equivalent to 4 hours of instruction (6 workshop hours + 8/2 homework hours = 10 TOTAL). Please submit your
homework assignment within one year of taking the workshop.

Note: The NC Depart of Public Instruction counts homework as ½ time.

Option A:      Plan, conduct, and evaluate any two activities with your students from the It’s Our Water!
               Curriculum Guide.
Option B:      Create, test, and evaluate one original adaptation to an existing It’s Our Water! activity.
               “Original” can be a short It’s Our Water! lesson that is greatly expanded to increase its content
               depth or greatly integrated with another school subject; or an existing IOW lesson that is given a
               creative twist so it is refreshingly “new”.

Both Option A and Option B require:

         1. Lesson Plan: Submit a lesson plan using the It’s Our Water! Curriculum Guide lesson format. List
            or note any modifications or deviations from activity instructions that you made in order to adapt the
            activity to your grade level or other instructional needs. Submit two lesson plans for Option A.

         2. Student Work Samples: Include samples of lesson work such as an activity worksheets or written
            activity evaluations from 2 to 5 students. For Option B, include any and all worksheets, data graphs,
            etc. that would be needed to conduct the adaptation.

         3. Teacher Evaluation: Enclose your evaluation of the success of the two It’s Our Water! activities or
            your one original IOW activity adaptation.

Complete the form below and attach it to your homework assignment. Please send your homework and your
original 6-hour Form B to the following address: NCDENR, Division of Water Resources, 1611 Mail Service
Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1611, ATTN: It’s Our Water! State Coordinator. Please allow 3 weeks for your
10-hour Form B to arrive. Once you receive your 10-hour Form B, please make 2 copies and mail one to the Office
of Environmental Education to receive Criteria I credit for the workshop. Please keep the other for your records.

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