Oxygen Therapy Protects Against UV Rays

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					                        Oxygen Therapy Protects Against UV Rays

 Record breaking temperatures are scorching city streets and the skin of city dwellers. And if you
choose to be outdoors on some of the hottest days ever recorded, you will need protective skin
care and spa treatments to rejuvenate your skin. Why? The intensity of UV rays is at their peak, so
even with sunscreen you will need additional protection in order to preserve epidermal health this
summer season.

What do the experts say about oxygen treatments?

Dr. Neil Sadick who is a practicing dermatologist in New York City says this of oxygen treatments:
It reduces inflammation. He uses it to soothe clients skin following cosmetic procedures. Oxygen
is an anti-inflammatory and has the ability to reduce irritation and redness associated with sun
exposure. This has been known since WW II as oxygen was used to treat military wounds that
had become infected or had trouble healing. This medical fact has been acknowledged and
recorded historically.

Joanna Vargas, A New York City based celebrity facialist and skin care guru, uses serum-spiked
oxygen facials to expedite recovery time, following laser skin care procedures done at a local
dermatologist office. "Oxygen - along with vitamins A, C and E in the serum - is healing, and it
reduces free radicals." What skin absolutely needs is preventative care before sun exposure. But
it also demands the healing care oxygen provides afterwards.

Are there age-reversing benefits with oxygen facials?

As it purifies, oxygen treatments, also tout properties that may reverse the signs of maturing skin.
With regular facials the anti-aging results are cumulative. Epidermal cells have more buoyancy
and strength to withstand intense summer climate. This boost to cellular function translates as the
healthy regeneration that gives the skin a youthful radiance.

Collagen and elastin production are significantly increased for improved tone and elasticity. So in
addition to the soothing properties that alleviate sunburn and UV ravage, overall exuberance is
also achieved when oxygen facials are applied by leading prestigious day spas.
Other skin-protecting tips:

Choose a higher SPF on these extremely hot days. If you normally wear SPF 15 kick it up to 30 for
a maximum filter.
Opt for organic face care to avoid harsh chemicals that break down the epidermis.
Long sleeves in lightweight cottons can offer an additional shield against the fiery UV rays.
Drink lots of water to keep body and skin hydrated. Its easy to forget this tip that can keep the
wrinkles at bay due to dehydration.
Schedule regular oxygen purifying facials, offered exclusively at the best skincare spas, for
antioxidant face care that effectively minimizes UV damage. Toxins are eliminated as a barrier is
established to filter out UVA and UVB rays. Ultimate opulence is easily acquired with the
protection of these nourishing facials.

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