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					              Greener Pastures Horse Rescue Foundation

                                        24490 State Highway 99 S
                                           Stonewall, Ok. 74871

                                 Adoption Agreement
Adopter:                                                   GPHRF:
Name: ____________________________                         Name: H. Elizabeth Munson
Address:___________________________                        Address: 24490 State Highway 99S Stonewall, Ok.
     _____________________________                         74871
     _____________________________                         Ph No# 580-777-4774
Ph No#____________________________

1.This agreement is made between _______________________herein referred to as the Adopter and
Greener Pastures Horse Rescue Foundation herein referred to as GPHRF.

2. Horse to be adopted:

Name: ____________________________ DOB:___________ Sex:________

Color: __________________ Breed: _______________Reg No#:_________

Body score: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / Weight:_________ Height:________


3. Consideration
In consideration of a donation in the total sum of $____________________,
ADOPTER agrees to adopt the said horse described above on the terms and conditions further set forth

4. Payment Terms
The ADOPTER agrees to pay $_____________ as deposit on the ______ day of _____________, 20__; and,
ADOPTER further agrees to pay the balance due of $______________ on or before the _______ day of
___________, 20__.
If adoption donation is to be paid in installments the terms shall be: A down payment in the sum of
________________ is due on the _________________. The monthly payments shall be in the amount of
_____________ and will be due and payable on the ______day of each month for ______months.
The registration papers will be surrendered to the adopter at the time the last payment is made.
The horse described in this contract will be kept at this address

until paid for in full. The adopter is responsible for all stabling, grazing, farrier and veterinary costs and any
other incidental bills pertaining to said horse. The adopter agrees to give GPHRF thirty (30) days notice in
writing if the said horse is to be moved.
5. Registration and Ownership Transfers
Upon confirmation of payment in full as set forth above, GPHRF agrees to promptly execute all necessary
papers and to take all necessary steps to transfer ownership and registration of the animal to ADOPTER at no
cost to GPHRF.

6. Warranties
(1) GPHRF warrants they have clear title to said horse;

(2) GPHRF makes no other warranties, express or implied, including the warranties of fitness for a particular
purpose except as may be otherwise provided for in this Agreement as in (3) below;

(3) GPHRF warrants the following:


(4) ADOPTER warrants that ADOPTER has had the option to review the condition and health of the horse,
including any veterinarian examinations, at ADOPTER’s expense. In the event ADOPTER has the horse
examined by a licensed veterinarian as indicated in this paragraph, then that veterinarian examination shall be
attached to this agreement.

 (5) In the event said horse shall not meet any of the above warranties at the time of delivery, provided same is
discovered within _____________ days from the date of delivery to ADOPTER, GPHRF agrees to do the


7. Risk of Loss

(1) Pending delivery to ADOPTER, which delivery shall be memorialized by ADOPTER’s signature on a
receipt for delivery, GPHRF shall assume the risk of loss of said horse, and upon receipted delivery to
ADOPTER, ADOPTER shall assume the risk of loss.

(2) In the event of the loss of the horse prior to receipted delivery to ADOPTER, GPHRF shall return to
ADOPTER any deposit paid by ADOPTER.

8. Return option
If at anytime the ADOPTER is unable to care for or otherwise does not wish to keep the horse, the horse is to
be returned to GPHRF. Under no circumstances will the ADOPTER sell, encumber, assign, dispose of or
transfer any interest in the adopted horse, or remove the same from his/her care, without specific agreement
with GPHRF.

8. Default
If the adopter is unable to fulfill the contract, the horse will be returned to GPHRF in satisfactory condition. The
adoption will be nullified and all previous payments made will be forfeited.

Upon material breach of this Agreement by one party the other party shall have the option to terminate same.

On any breach, the other party shall have the right to recover expenses and costs within the parameters of
paragraph 9, below.

9. Law
The laws of Oklahoma shall govern this Agreement.

Any legal action must be brought in the county of Pontotoc, provided however, the parties agree to required
Mediation and Arbitration of any disputes relating to this transaction.
10. Terms and Conditions
     The horse must have shelter and adequate fencing
     The horse must be fed hay, grain and supplements according to it’s needs
     The horse must have free access to fresh drinking water at all times
     A veterinarian must be called for illness and injury
     The horse must be dewormed and teeth checked on a regular basis
     The horse must have his/her hooves trimmed on a regular basis
     The horse must never be worked beyond his/her physical limitations

Executed this _____________ day of __________, 20___.

Adopter: ___________________________                 GPHRF:___________________________


City & State:________________________

Phone #:___________________________


Address and location where horse is to be stabled:

Directions to this location:

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