Identity Theft Prevention Is More Than Credit Monitoring Fraud Alerts by jennyyingdi


									    Identity Theft Prevention Is More Than
    Credit Monitoring & Fraud Alerts
                                                                        PREVENTIVE, PROACTIVE, &
                                                                        EDUCATIONAL SERVICES
                                                                        Monthly Newsletter - Current identity Theft
                                                                        news, scams, statistics, prevention methods
                                                                        and recent data breaches.
                                                                        Credit Monitor AssistTM - ENTRUST America
                                                                        notifies members when it is time to order free
                                                                        credit reports.
                                                                        Crisis Preparation Kit - Personal database to
                                                                        store key personal information (Part of
                                                                        ENTRUST America Enrollment Packet)
                                                                        Family IDAlert - Provides an ID Risk score
                                                                        based on monthly national name and SSN
                                                                        database searches to track activity and/or
                                                                        unwarranted use of the members’ name/SSN
                                                                        Form Letters - To remove members from
                                                                        preauthorized credit offerings/unsolicited
                                                                        mailers (Optional Free Service)

Apartment rental                    Drivers License                         Mortgage                     Stolen License Plate
ATM                                 Education/Scholarship                   New Credit                   Stolen Wallet/Purse
Auto VIN Number                     Existing Credit                         Passport                     Student ID
Bankruptcy                          Immigration Documents                   Phishing                     Synthetic Identity
Business Identity Theft             Internet Existing Credit                Postal                       Tax, Federal
Checking                            Internet New Credit                     Professional Credentials     Tax, State
Collection Agency Existing Credit   Court Judgments                         Public Records               Utilities Existing
Collection Agency New Credit        Local Phone Service Existing            Retirement Accounts          Utilities New
Criminal                            Local Phone Service New                 Savings                      Workplace Existing
Data Breach Victim                  Long Distance Existing                  Securities                   Workplace New
Debit Card                          Long Distance New                       SSAN                         Vhishing
                                    Medicaid /Medicare Identity Fraud       State ID Card

ENTRUST America, Inc                                                                                 Phone: 859-980-0770
3940 Olympic Blvd.                                                                                       Fax: 859-980-0820
Suite 100                                                                                          Toll Free: 866-373-9305
Erlanger, KY 41018                                                                      
                                                               Provides monthly National Database
 • Consult with the victim to determine the types and
                                                               screening for the enrolled member and
   severity of the ID Theft(s)
                                                               their family.
 • Act on the individual’s behalf to fully clear the victim
   and return them to the pre-theft state                      IDALERT
 • Generate the “Recovery Kit” TM containing completed         Runs searches through thousands of public
   required      documents     completely     filled    out,   records and national data bases to search
   personalized with the victim’s information ready for        for variations of your Name, SSN and DOB
   signatures                                                  and provides a risk score based on the
 • Provide complete instructions on where to go and            amount and variations of information that
   what to do to obtain police reports and notarization        exists.
 • The Recovery Kit is returned in a self addressed            Synthetic Identity Theft
   secure overnight delivery service                           Combines fake and real consumer
 • Immediately notify all need to know agencies at the         information or all false information to open
   Federal, state and private levels                           an account. Social Security numbers and/or
 • Provide letters of clearance                                names might be changed to create new
 • Establish a log of the entire process accessible at a       identities and/or fragmented files within
   later date                                                  the credit bureaus. Synthetic Identity Theft
 • Follow up throughout the year                               accounts for approximately 88% of all
 • All you have to do is sign and return                       Identity Thefts
                                                               Consumer's real identifying information is
                                                               used without modification.

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