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Get the best Personal Career Solutions explains the common interview mistakes to avoid


The independent consultancy Personal Career Solutions is a UK company which puts an emphasis on integrity, traditional values and a highly progressive approach. They have an impressive success rate when it comes to helping their clients accomplish their career goals.

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									Personal Career Solutions explains the
common interview mistakes to avoid

Personal Career Solutions explains the common interview mistakes to avoid

Whether you’re newly graduated or a seasoned corporate worker, there’s no doubt that the
interview process can be intimidating. Thorough preparation will help to calm those nerves, so
brush up on your communication skills and research the company you will be interviewing with.
However, it can also be helpful to know about some of the most common pitfalls which
applicants make, which prevent them from getting their dream job.

Being late for the interview is probably one of the worst things an applicant can do. Regardless
of whether you have a genuine excuse- a car breakdown or a traffic jam, being late will not get
the interview off to a good start. The interview may assume that you have a problem with
punctuality or that you simply don’t care enough about the job to get there on time. Even if the
interviewer is sympathetic, you will most likely feel flustered and unsettled; not a good way to
begin an interview. It’s best to leave as early as possible; if you arrive with plenty of time to
spare, you can always just brush up on the information you have about the company, or read a
book and relax.

Although this may seem like a given, remember to turn your mobile off before you go into the
interview. Many people, in the midst of preparing before they are called in, forget to do this. If
the phone rings during the interview, the recruiter might think that you haven’t placed t he
interview as your top priority and that you don’t value the opportunity you have been given.
One of the most common interview questions is ‘why did you leave your previous position?’ If
you left because of a disagreement with your employer, it is important to word your answer very
carefully. Never speak ill of them, as this will only reflect poorly on you. Instead, remain
positive and explain that you are exploring new career avenues.

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