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                                          Leonardo da Vinci

Was da Vinci a Scandinavian? Perhaps not,            masculine style is immediately recognisable
but he appreciated one of the cornerstones of        to those in the know. The materials we use
Scandinavian design. In Scandinavia, simplicity      are selected without compromise: flawless,
- in both function and form - traditionally goes     1st class hides, the rarest of precious metals,
hand in hand with superlative craftsmanship and      and the very strongest threads. The craftsmen
understated elegance. That is why Scandinavian       who build them are the best in the world, with
designs tend to stand the test of time; how they     expertise stretching back literally centuries.
can be simultaneously classic and modern.
                                                     We believe that true quality need not shout to
All GRAAE products are developed and designed        be heard. That is why you will struggle to find
in Denmark. Our belts, wallets and bags              any logos or brand names on GRAAE products.
epitomise the timeless tenets of Scandinavian
design: functionality, quality craftsmanship and     For what function do logos serve?
understated elegance. Their sophisticated yet raw,
who you share this with
               “QUALITY IS NOT AN ACT, IT’S A HABIT.”                                                                              UNCOMPROMISING APPROACH
                                               Aristotle                                                                                                  Klavs Graae

At GRAAE the quality of our products starts at        feel confident our products will meet with your      In Denmark, the name Klavs Graae has been              the Vietnamese War while living on the Spanish
the design stage and continues right through          approval. If you prefer to stay one step ahead       synonymous with the finest quality leather             island of Ibiza, but spent most of the 1970s living
to the last stitch and final polish. There is no      of the latest fashions, and if you are prepared to   products for decades.                                  and working deep in the forests of Sweden,
compromise in functionality. These are products       compromise on quality in order to do that, then,                                                            honing his skills and deepening his knowledge of
which are designed for men to use, built on a         with respect, we suggest you look elsewhere.         During a career spanning more than forty years,        wild hides, forestry and the natural world.
masculine scale with, in the case of our bags for                                                          Mr Graae has accumulated a knowledge of hides
example, man-sized handles and straps.                Are GRAAE’s leather goods the best of their kind     and their tanning, colouring, cutting and stitching    In 1984, Mr Graae returned to Denmark to found
                                                      in the world?                                        which is unsurpassed.                                  the company which eventually became GRAAE
If you appreciate patina, longevity and a style                                                                                                                   COPENHAGEN and conclude his decades-long
which never dates; if it is important to you that     You be the judge.                                    Mr Graae first began working with leather in 1967,     training as a leather tailor. Since then he has built
things serve their purpose to perfection; then we                                                          in a workshop in central Copenhagen. Among his         a loyal and appreciative clientele for his belts,
                                                                                                           first clients were local and international rock        bags and wallets, all of which continue to be
                                                                                                           musicians, including members of Led Zeppelin and       built by hand according to Mr Graae’s trademark
                                                                                                           the Rolling Stones. He saw out the 1960s making        uncompromising approach to quality, function and
                                                                                                           leather goods for American draft dodgers from          timeless style.
                                               John Ruskin

The heart and soul of a GRAAE product is the           Quality of leather is dependent on several factors:
leather used in its construction. We use, simply,      from the climate in which the cattle were raised
the very finest quality leathers in the world, both    and the type of feed used, to the method used
externally, and for our linings. Predominantly         to tan and colour it. The animals from which we
sourced from Northern Europe, our leathers             source our non-exotic hides - water buffalo calf
are selected to meet the highest standards of          and young cattle - were raised in cool climates,
structure, density, colour and durability. We do       which makes their skins tough yet supple.
not tolerate imperfection.
Our hides are vegetably tanned using natural
plant extracts, such as oak bark, rhubarb,
eucalyptus and acacia bark. Oil is then applied
to preserve the leather’s water resistance and
durability. Finally, the hides are dyed using a
transparent aniline dye, which leaves the grain
visible. It allows leather to age gracefully, to
respond well to maintenance, and to improve
with time. Our leather will darken and shine like
a good saddle. The alternative, chromium dyes,
though roughly ten times cheaper and more
widely used, weaken leather’s structure. Unlike
aniline dyes, they do not penetrate the leather
fully so that, when it ages and cracks, a colour
contrast is revealed. Chromium dyes compromise
resistance to water and, not least, have serious
environmental consequences.

Our reptile skins, meanwhile, are harvested
in strict accordance with the Washington
Convention on International Trade in Endangered
Species (CITES).
“THE GOOD GOD IS IN THE DETAILS.”                           strength. They are then plated with solid sterling
                  Gustave Flaubert                          silver before receiving a final galvanising coat of
                                                            palladium, a metal several times tougher than
                                                            platinum, and many times more expensive than
    You may be familiar with the phrase, ‘Don’t sweat       gold. Why do we go to such trouble and expense?
    the small stuff’. Well, that’s precisely what we        Because palladium is the best material for the
    do. In fact, we relish the ‘small stuff’, because, at   job - the toughest, the best looking and the most
    GRAAE, we believe that is where true excellence         durable. It is lighter than platinum, and does not
    lies - and often in the elements you can’t see as       tarnish.
    much as those you can.
                                                            We don’t make our bags and belts, we build
    For instance, none of the hardware which graces         them, by hand, for hands to touch.
    our belts and bags is standard. Every bracket,
    lock, hinge and buckle is specially designed            They are virtually indestructible.
    and constructed to our own highly demanding

    Our locks are hand-milled for strength and
    precision; our zippers hand polished for ultra-
    smooth action and longevity. All our belt buckles
    and bag fittings are hand cast from solid brass,
    using metal moulds - as opposed to cheaper,
    quicker silicone moulds - for precision and
“THE DEVIL IS COMPROMISE.”   At GRAAE we have no interest in shortcuts.
                             Shortcuts are a form of compromise. That is
         Henrik Ibsen
                             why, for instance, we never use just glue in the
                             construction of our products. Using only glue is of
                             course quicker and easier, but glue deteriorates
                             over time which is why we always combine glue
                             with stitching for optimum strength and longevity.

                             Stitching can also deteriorate - if you use cotton
                             or silk thread. So, we use artificial silk which,
                             though many times more expensive, is many
                             times more durable. A GRAAE product is built to
                             last a lifetime.

                             The temptation to take shortcuts is never stronger
                             than when it comes to the less visible elements of
                             a bag, wallet or belt - the lining, for instance. We
                             resist such temptations. The lining of a bag is a
                             common weak spot, but not with GRAAE bags. All
                             of our bags are lined with calf skin for strength,
                             durability and sheer tactile pleasure.
               At GRAAE we have little time for the caprice
               of fashion. It is not our aim to keep ahead
               of trends. On the contrary, we look to create
               products which serve their purpose with optimum

               efficiency, minimum fuss, and timeless, masculine

    Range      Our Weekend Bag epitomises this approach.
               Practical, durable and understated, this is a bag
               built to give a lifetime’s satisfaction - whether in
               47 litre or 67 litre form. The smaller of the two
               conforms to the most miserly of airline carry-on
               baggage regulations; the larger is perfect for a
               long weekend. Both are the natural choice for the
               intelligent, modern traveller.

               Each Weekend Bag is constructed by the finest
               leatherworkers in the world: Italian craftsmen
               and women whose expertise can be traced back
               literally centuries. Each bag takes several working
               days to build, using the very best young cattle
               hides which are heat tumbled to intensify their
               grain, and coloured with aniline dyes to maintain
               the integrity and longevity of the hides.

Like all GRAAE products, our Briefcase exudes       Alternatively, for those occasions when you need to
quality, quietly.                                   carry less, there is the A4-sized portfolio. Or, if you
                                                    still require the capacity, but prefer something more
What do you want to say about yourself in           casual, there is the Casual Briefcase: a little more
a business context? That you are discrete,          raw, a little less formal, a more relaxed form. Both
dependable, that your judgement is rational, that   are built, as always, to the most exacting standards
you appreciate timeless values like integrity and   of construction and design.
honour, elegance and function. We believe the
Briefcase says just this.                           The Briefcases bring order and elegance to your
                                                    business life, on the move. Available in black
Function is paramount in the design of all our      or brown, with either matching or contrasting
bags, and so the Briefcase has ample room for       stitching.
laptops, files and documents, whether in the one-
or two-compartment version.
     designed to be used

The selection of a GRAAE bag or briefcase is
not a decision to be taken lightly. These are not
disposable products, these are not disposable

This is why GRAAE products are built to last,
created with passion and a relentless attention to
detail. They are designed to accumulate character
over time, to never go in or out of fashion, and
never to lose their soul. A GRAAE bag is built to
age, to breathe, to change with time and adapt
to its owner.

Above all, GRAAE bags are designed to be used,
again and again, year in year out, for decades. A
GRAAE bag is for the journey of a lifetime. Your
What is there in the making of a belt? Not so
much, you might think. But there are belts, and
there are GRAAE belts. Never before has so much
time, effort and expertise been expended in the
design and construction of a belt.

Most belts - even the supposedly superior ones
- are foam filled. Ours are constructed using four
pieces of leather - no foam, no card - so that they
maintain their shape better, resist cracking, and
adjust to the contours of your body.
For some of our belts we use leather which has         Our range of belts is suitable for everything from
been heat-tumbled to intensify its grain and           jeans to suits, formalwear to casual. They are
vegetable dyed to best showcase that grain and         available in classic colours, with a selection of
minimise cracking. All of these procedures are         buckles.
costly, yet if you refuse to compromise, if you
want the very best belt in the world, a belt which     GRAAE belts are available in two lines - with
will last for years, these are the logical steps you   silver-plated buckles, where the belts are made
must take.                                             from young cattle; and with solid silver and solid
                                                       gold buckles, where the belts are made from
                                                       reptile skins.

Water buffalo calf hides provide the ultimate
leather for a wallet, being both incredibly tough
and durable, yet also giving and supple. It bends,
stretches and changes depending on how it
is used, the passing of time lending it a patina
which is, in its own way, a unique expression of
the use to which its owner has put it.

Our wallets are designed to be discrete, theirs’ is
a timeless style which we feel is most appropriate
for an item which will be used for many years. A
wallet should encourage an intimate, long term
relationship through its ease of use and tactile
appeal. Your abiding interaction with your wallet
comes through your sense of touch. For this
reason we line our wallets with calf skin. We use
artificial silk for the stitching - which though costly,
is far more durable than cotton or natural silk.
We trust that you will forge a unique relationship    Because they are galvanised with Palladium,
with whichever GRAAE product or products you          all the metal fixtures on our bags and belts are
choose to acquire. Indeed, we encourage it. We        protected against oxidisation, but you may care to
design and construct our products to age and          polish them from time to time using silver polish
change, to breathe and stretch over time. In this     and a soft cloth.
way, they reflect the lifestyle and, you might even
say, the personality of their owner.                  A GRAAE product is built to age gracefully, to
                                                      endure whatever modern life can throw at it, and
There is little need for maintenance with GRAAE       to become more beautiful with every passing year.
products. Because of the unique way in which we
prepare our hides, they do not dry out. Instead,      And, we think you will agree, there aren’t very many
they accumulate a natural patina and character        things about which that can be said, are there?
over the years. Eventually, however, after some
years, they may benefit from refreshing with
some leather conditioner gently applied with a
soft cotton cloth.


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