101 Differences of Animal Rhetoric in Chinese English Culture and Their by 9I3NA0



 1    Twist’s Refection on British Social Classes' Characters' Lives
 2    English Songs-An Effective and Supplementary Medium of English Teaching
 3    The Analysis of Cultural Differences through the English and Chinese Expressions of Colors
 4    Eyes on English Teaching Methodology in China
 5    Attitude towards Life and Death in Chinese and Western Cultures
 6    Collectivism and Individualism: Different Cultural Values in China and America
 7    The Cutural Differences between Chinese and English Names
 8    On Developing English Reading Skills
 9    A New Study of Robinson Crusoe
10 A Study to the Autonomous Learning of
 Non-English Majors in Listening Comprehension
 11 Application of Multi-media in English Listening Instruction
 12 The Symbolic Meaning of Color in Chinese and Western Cultures
 13 The Effect of Classroom Activities on Speaking and Writing
 14 Shift of Perspective in English-Chinese Translation
 15 Translation Theory in Tagmemic Approach
 16 Social Conservatism in Rip Van Winkle
 17    Case Study on Cultural Translation in the context of Globalization
 18 Semantic Ambiguity Caused by the Cultural Differences between English and Chinese
 19    Acculturation in Egnlish Teaching
 20 An Analysis of Buck in The Call of the Wild
 21 Functions of One's Native Language in Translation
 22 The Linguistic Characteristics of English in International Trade Negotiations
 23 Moral Degradation of Roaring Twenties in The Great Gatsby
 24 The Importance of Body Language in Cross-Culture Communication
 25 Feminism in The Gone with the Wind

26 The Application of Multimedia in High School
 English Teaching
 27 The Study of Multimedia Assisted Instruction on Second Language Vocabulary
 28 On Intensifying the Expression Abilites of Language by Using Original Movies
 29 On the Skills of Improving English through Reading English Papers and Magazines
 30 Comparison of Family Education between China and Western Countries
 31 How to Improve the Eifficiency of TEFL
 32 Deep Love and Deep Hate—A Brief Analysis on Wuthering Heights
 33 Chinese Traditional Education Thoughts and English Teaching and Learning
 34 On How to Imporove the Students' Oral Expression
 35 Using Questions in English Reading Teaching
 36     Feminism in V.Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway
 37 On the Artistic Characteristics of O.Henry’s Short Stories
 38 An Insight of D.H.Lawrence's Erotic View
 39 The Linguistic Characteristics of English of Business Contracts
 40 The Effect of Gender and Major of Chinese College Students on Vocabulary Learning Strategies
 41 Motivating Students' Interest to Improve Junior English Vocabulary Teaching
 42 A Brief Analysis on English Vocabulary Teaching in Junior Middle School
 43     Discussion on Foreignizing and Domesticating in Translation
 44 The Reform of English Teaching in Countryside Middle Schools
 45 The Comic Color in Pride and Prejudice
 46 Family Education Differences between China and Western Countries(Before 7)
 47 Obstacles in Listening Comprehension and the Ways to Remove Them
 48 The Influence of Cultural Origin of East and West on Greeting
 49 Salinger's Beaten Generation Influence on the Juvenile nowdays
 50 An Analysis of the Influence of English Movies on English Lexical Instruction
 51 Love Tragedy and War—An Analysis of A Farewell to Arms
 52 Cultural Differences Exhibited in Daily Life between East and West
 53 Symbolism in The Great Gatsby
 54 Lead-in Games on Young Learners' English Teaching

55   How to Improve the Primary Sschool Students'English Listening and Speaking Ability by Activities
56   Study of the Skills to Develop the Ability of Oral English for Middle School Students
57   How to Improve the Middle School Students'English Oral Communicative Competence
58   Crossing the Differences of Language Culture on Translation
59   Fuzzy Expressions in Advertising English and Their Potential Deceptivity
60   Comparison between Chinese Double-Seventh Day and Valentine’s Day
61   The Non—intelligence Factors in English Teaching —Emotional Study
62   The Cultivation of College Students' Autonomy in Learning English
63   Cultural Differences in Movie Translation
64   The Influence of Puritanism on Literature of Colonial America
65   Influence of Cultural Differences on the Oral Expression between English and Chinese
66   The Independence Cooperation and Sharing of Contemporary Online Education
67   How to Memorize to Maximize English Vocabulary
68   The Differences of Females' Status between Chinese and Western Cultures
69    Analysis of Stream-of-Consciousness in The Sound and the Fury
70   A Stylistic Study on A Clean Well-Lighted Place
71   Euphemisms and Culture
72   On Realistic Significance in Waiting for Godot
73   Features and Translation of Idioms
74   Naturalism as Reflected in The Call of the Wild
75   English of Science and Technology and Its Translation ---- On the Study of the Lexica
76   Gothic Element in the 19th Century's English Novels
77   A Research on Commercialization of Traditional Chinese Festivals
78   On the Spirit of the Tough Guys Fighting Alone in Hemingway's Works.
79   To Imporove the Accuracy of Oral English by Original Works
80   A Comparative Study of the Color Terms between Chinese and English Cultures
81   A Study of the Differences between Students of High and Low Proficiency in Lexical Acquisition Strategies
82   English Advertising and Its Translation --- The Influence of Cultural Factors on Its English-Chinese Translation
83   Toni Morrison's Feminism Consciousness
84   The Influence of Cultural Difference on Translation

85    The Teaching of Cultures in Foreign Language Education With A Lesson of Book 1 of Senior High School as A Design of Syllable
86    The Disillusionment of American Dream—An Analysis of the Theme of The Great Gatsby
87    Ways to Enliven Classroom Teaching of English in Middle School
88    Differences of Subject in Chinese and English and Their Translation
89    On Differences and Similarities of English and Chinese Norms of Politeness
90    White Country and Yellow Soul: Identity Dilemma of the Yellows in American Culture
91     Biblical Allusion Applied to Western Literature
92    On the Development of Writing Skills for Middle School Students
93    On the Communicative Functions of English Euphemisms
94    Symbolism of Women in Love
95    Foreignizing and Domesticating Method in Cross-culture Translation
96    Using Classroom Activities to Improve the English Teaching in Middle Schools
97    Family Relationship in William Faulkner's Works
98    On the Symbolism of D.H. Lawrence's The Rainbow
99    On the Image of Portia
100    The Theme of Death in Emily Dickson's Poems
101   Differences of Animal Rhetoric in Chinese-English Culture and Their Translation
102   On the Use of Multimedia in the Society and Culture of Major English-Speaking Countries"
103   The Study of Autonomous Listening Learning Outside the Classroom for Vocational College Students
104   Family Education Differences between China and Western Countries
105   Effective Factors to Improve Middle School Students' English Listening Skill
106   The Differences of Marrage Culture between China and Western Countries
107   Communicative Competence Focused Task-based Teaching Approach
108   On the Borrowed Words in English
109   A Study on the Apology in English and Chinese
110   An Investigation of Vocabulary Learning Strategies Used by High School Students
111   The Influence of Western Culture on Chinese Culture since the Reform and Opening Up to the Outside World
112   On Strategies for Improving Spoken English Teaching
113   A Study on the Differences in English Learning Motivation between English and Non-English majors
114   Consumers Need and Advertising Strategies --- On the Study of English Advertisements

115   An Analysis of the Theme of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
116   Gained and Lost in Translation
117   Comparison of Diet Culture between China and Western Countries
118   Experience Anticipation and Psychological Hints on Reading Comprehension in English-Chinese Translation
119   The Principles and Methods of Spoken English Teaching
120   A Study on the Differences in English Learning Style between Male and Female Students
121   Gap between Comprehension and Expression in Translation
122   Communicative Language Teaching and College English Teaching
123   Gender Discrimination in English language
124   Text Linguistics and Translation Theory
125   The Principles and Methods of Promoting Spoken English Teaching
126   A Brief Introduction to Chinese and Western Culture from the Perspective of Food
127   Advertising Language as a Mirror of American Values
128   The Change of English Teacher's Role in Middle School
129   Analysis of the Influence of English Movies on English Listening
130   An Inquiry into the Differences Reflected in Idioms between Chinese and Western Cultures
131   Review on the Transalation of Movie Titles
132   Translation-the Most Fundamental and Important Objective of Bilingual Activities
133 The Pounding of Western Festivals at China
134   The Influence of Western Culture on Chinese Youth's Ideology
135   Developing Learners' Autonomy in English Classroom
136   A Brief Analysis of Pessimism in Mark Twain's Later Works
137   A Study on the Relationship between Vocational College Students' Self-concept and Their English Achievement
138   Influence of Cross-Culture on Business Negotiation
139   Tragedy and Modernity in Tess of the d'Urbervilles
140   A Comparison between Chinese and American Personal Advertisement
141   On the Necessity of Learning English Language of Law
142   Building up a Harmonious Classroom for ELT
143    Effects of Music on English Teaching
144   On Translation Methods of Numerals in Chinese and English
145 A Comparative Study on Cultural Differences in Chinese and Foreign Advertisement
146 A Psychoanalysis on Chillingworth in The Scarlet Letter
147 Western Cultural Influence on Chinese Youth — The Impact of Western Festivals
148 Individualism: the Core Value of Western Culture
149 Death Consciousness of Hemingway's Novels
150 Comparison between Jane Eyre and Lin Daiyu
151 The Chinese—English Translation of Public Signs
152 Behaving or Business Itself? ---Different Views between China and the West
153 On the Translation of Advertisement and Brand Name
154 Present Situation of English Teaching in Rural Areas and Its Solutions
155 The Discrepancy of the Redetionship between Parents and Children in Chinese and Western Culture
156 The Characteristics of the Tour Guide's Speech
157 A Study on English Learning Strategy Use of Junior Middle School Students in Rural Area
158 Verbal Taboos in Cross-cultural Communication —Probing into the Differences between Western and Chinese Culture
159 Psychological Factors in English Teaching at Middle School — Discussions on the Non-intelligence Factors
160 Some Strategies on Improving English Education in Countryside
161 The Great Gatsby and the Collapse of the American Dream
162 Discussions on Classroom Interaction and Oral English Teaching
163 Cultural Differences between Chinese and English on Etiquette
164 The Gift of Magi and Consumerism
165 Key to Suecessful Communication in Business between Chinese and Western Cultures
166 An Analysis on the Application of Inter-culture Translation:With “Mt. Lu” as a Case Study
167 Research on Keyword Methods to Senior School Student Studying English
168 A Brief Comment pm Discourse Hegemony of American Media
169   The Rainbow of Gender Relations
—From the Perspective of Women to See the Gender Relations through The Rainbow and Women in Love of Lawrence


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