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					                             BSA TROOP 1011
                                        MAY 2010
                      George Welborn – Committee Chairman (678) 644-9376
                       Tom Whitfield – Scoutmaster:
                      Claire Count – Newsletter Editor:
              Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church, 4385 Lower Roswell Rd, Marietta, GA 30068
                            Tom King, Charter Organization Rep. (770) 645-1496

MAY 2010 CALENDAR                                       Scouts, Leaders -

 1 -2                       OA Ordeal                   The campout should be just short of spectacular, if
  3                    Advancement Night                everything comes off as planned. Logistically this is
                      7:00 First Years Report           the single largest event to ever take place at Bert
  5              TLC and ASM Meeting 7:30 PM            Adams Scout Reservation.
  8             MERIT BADGE – Personal Fitness
           Summer Camp Physicals Appointments           The meeting covered a number of important
                         ONLY Troop 1011                things. The single most important item was that
   9                       Mother’s Day                 each scout must be able to carry his gear via
  10              Drug Awareness Presentation           backpack. ALL attendees will need a full
          Final Primary Summer camp Payment Due         complement of BP gear.
                          Troop Meeting
  12               7:30 Campout pre-meeting             Please mark your calendars for a campout pre-
               Boy’s State Application Deadline         meeting 7:30, Wed, 5/12 at the Scout Hut where
                           Skills Review                we will review all logistics and final outing details.
  13                   District Round Table             (cont. next page)
                           OA Meeting
14-16            2010 Centennial Encampment
 16              Eagle Court of Honor – Luke E.         1      Calendar , Lead Story, Table of Contents
 17                       Troop Meeting                 2      Top Stories
 19                        Skills Review
 20               Eagle District Board of review        2-4    Upcoming Events & Merit Badge News
 21                     Last Day of School              4-5    LOOKING AHEAD
 22       MERIT BADGE: Canoeing at Lake Alatoona
                   Ranger Camp Open House
                                                        5      National and District Events
23-29        NYLT Training Week 1 for 1011 Scouts       5-6    Recognition & Accomplishments & Scout
 23           Eagle Court of Honor – Marshall H.               Shout Outs & Birthdays
 24                       Troop Meeting                 6-7 FLASHBACKS on what we have done
 26                        Skills Review
28-31           Canoe Trip Okefenokee Swamp             8      Eagle Scout News
 29              Memorial Day Flag Placement            9      Miscellaneous Items
 31                       Memorial Day                  10-12 Attachments
                       (No Troop Meeting)
                                                        13       Form for Submittal of Service Hours
Source: Troop calendar                                  Campout of the Century ( Cont. from page 1)
found here.
                                                        Items of note:
Campout of the
CENTURY                                                         Current Medical has to be on file to attend

        7/11/2012                             1 of 13      2fa5e882-28bc-442d-b77a-c36538962042.doc
           BP tents only, 2 or 3 to a tent to conserve         classes conducted by the Atlanta Area Council to
            space. The Troop has 5 and we can borrow            expand their knowledge and training skills. If you, as
            others if needed. Most adult leaders and            an adult, wish to start or expand your Boy Scout
            older scouts will use personal tent.                training, please contact Mr. John Lavoy, ASM for
           The troop will purchase food and distribute         additional information.
            at the pre-meeting along with tents.
           We will be camping Jamboree style - (aka
            tight quarters)                                     Get Involved
           We will depart the Church 6:45 PM. Eat              Submitted by G Welborn
            dinner before you leave.
           BP checklist forthcoming with other details.        Volunteering – The Troop has a wonderful group of
           Adults Traveling to the Campout. Be sure            willing volunteers but we always need more. If you
            your medical forms are current too – parts A        have not signed up to assist with any of the Troop
            & C. Bring newly completed forms to the             activities, please let me know and we can find a
            Wednesday meeting on 5/12. See email                spot for you to apply your skills. We request that all
            from me for more details and the form.              families help with at least one event or activity.

Best regards,

Tom Whitfield , Scoutmaster                                     UPCOMING EVENTS This Month
                                                                 MAY 8th Personal Fitness MB clinic
TOP STORIES :                                                   Submitted by G Welborn
Volunteers Needed for Party Planning
Submitted by CG Kauffmann                                               Troop 1011 will conduct a personal fitness
                                                                        MB clinic on Saturday, May 8, from 8:30-
Do you like to help with parties?? Then have                            12:30. This is a great time to start the 3
fun working with Diane Hadden & CG Kauffmann                            months of exercise needed for this merit
by assisting with our Eagle Scout receptions! This is                   badge. You will have much more time for
perfect for moms of first or second year scouts who                     exercise this summer when the weather is
are looking for a way to get involved with the Troop                    nice than when school is in session or when
and for moms of scouts who are on the Eagle path                        it’s cold outside. The sign-up sheet is in the
so they can get familiar with the Eagle ceremony                        Scout Meeting Room.
and reception process. Just email Diane at or CG at                                          May 12 – SKILLS Review                                           7:30 Pre meeting for Campout of the Century
                                                                        Boys State Application Deadline
Summer Camp Payments due
Submitted by G Welborn                                          May 13 – Round table and OA Meeting

All summer camp payments are now due in full.                   District Round Table :
Please drop off your checks made out to Troop                   Targeted for Scout Leaders, Cub Leaders,
1011 at the scout office. If you need information on            Venture Leaders or anyone interested in learning
the amount you have paid or the amount of scout                 more about all things Scouting in our district,
credits you have available, please contact our                  this informative meeting is held on the second
Troop Treasurer, Janet Masiarczyk, at
                                                                Thursday of each month at Roswell Street
                                                                Baptist Church. Scouts, Cubs, and Venturers
                                                                open the meeting, and then adjourn to separate
Submitted by M Weber                                            meetings and breakouts.

Mr. Keven Hatcher, ASM, along with Mr. Mark
Weber, ASM, are currently attending Wood Badge

7/11/2012                                     2 of 13      2fa5e882-28bc-442d-b77a-c36538962042.doc
Contact Al Friel for information regarding the             Scouts – We want to have your input, too. Submit
meetings, or see the Chicken Sheet here.                   articles, stories, or photos.

Order of the Arrow                                         May 29th – Memorial Day Flag Placement Service
The Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge of the                             Project
                                                           Submitted by J. Hall
Kennesaw Chapter of the Order
of the Arrow meets on the                                  Troop 1011 will be a part of the annual Memorial
second Thursday of each month                              Day Flag Placement Service Project at Marietta
at the Roswell St. Baptist Church, at 7:30 pm. All         National Cemetery on Saturday, May 29 th. All
OA members are urged to attend these monthly               scouts are encouraged to attend and take part in
meetings, especially the Troop OA Rep.                     this special service to honor those who made the
                                                           supreme sacrifice for our country. It is a wonderful
                                                           way to begin your Memorial Day weekend and               remember those in your family that have served.
                                                            We will have a church bus for transportation and
                                                           appreciate any parents that would be willing to
May 14 – 16 Camp Out of the Century                        drive. A flyer with details and permission slip is
                                                           attached and a notebook on the table in the Scout
May 16 – Eagle Court of Honor – Luke E.                    ===================================
    Details in invitation attached at the end
                                                           MERIT BADGE
May – 20 Eagle District Board of Review                    NEWS
                                                                    Submitted by J Hall – Merit
Third Thursday of every month, Mt. Paran North                      Badge Coordinator
Church of God.
                                                            MAY 8th - Eagle required
Eagle Boards of Review: by reservation only.                Personal Fitness Merit Badge.
Council approval required before board of
review can be scheduled.                                   The Troop will hold a clinic Saturday, May 8th from
                                                           8:30 – 12:30 in the meeting room. Permission form
                                                           with more details is in the attachment.
May 23 –
Eagle Court of Honor – Marshall H.                                 Bring a snack and come dressed in tennis
                                                                    shoes and comfortable clothes for running
                                                                    a mile.
Newsletter Submission Deadline: 25th of each month                 We would appreciate several parents help
                                                                    to record initial results for the Scouts’ fitness
Submit articles and photos no later than the 25th.                  logs. You would need to arrive at 11:15.
                                                                    Please email me if you would like to help.
Information includes but is not limited to:
     Activity reports ( family campout)                        If you are one of the many scouts carrying a
     Upcoming merit badge clinics                              partial for this badge , you do not have to
     Upcoming activities (camping, hiking)                     attend the entire clinic. Please email me and
     Shout outs and other recognitions                         we will make arrangements.
     Service projects
     Eagle project workdays – to be submitted             There will be another Personal Fitness Clinic offered
       by the Scout and not his parents                    this year.
     Eagle ceremony information
     Alumni news                                           2010 Historical Merit Badge Program

7/11/2012                                   3 of 13   2fa5e882-28bc-442d-b77a-c36538962042.doc
For the 100th Anniversary of Boy Scouts in America
four vintage merit badges are being released for                 The Merit Badge Calendar is updated regularly.
the Centennial Year only. The badges are                         Make it your planning tool. If you would like to
Carpentry, Pathfinding, Signaller and Tracking and               receive updates, send an email to .
have a history traced back to the origins of                     Rodrigo Cano, Merit Badge Clinic Coordinator for
scouting. The Troop recently held a clinic for                   BSA Foothills District, AAC.
Pathfinding and 36 scouts earned the badge.
Pathfinding was originally offered in 1911 and                           ------------------------
discontinued in 1952. We will be offering another
Pathfinding Clinic later this year and are looking                    WHAT’S COMING IN NEXT
into opportunities for scouts to earn the other                               MONTH
badges. More information about the history and
requirements for these badges can be found at
                                                                    2                TLC and ASM Meeting
BoyScouts/AdvancementandAwards/historical_m                         3          Legion Dinner for the Venture Crew
b_program.aspx                                                    4-12                 Bimini Sailing Trip
                                                                    5                 Troop 203 Overnight
                                                                    7                    Advancement
Merit Badge Books                                                   9                        Skills Review
                                                                   10             Roaun Table and OA meeting
Summer camp is fast approaching and you will                       12           American Legion Flag Retirement
need to read and take with you to camp the Merit                   14           Flag Day, Flag Retirement, Troop
Badge Books for your badges. The Troop has a                                                 Meeting
large library of books available for you to use. The              16                      Skills Review
library is in the two bottom file cabinets in the Merit
                                                                  17              Eagle District Board of Review
Badge Room. If you need help finding it, please let
me or Ian Count, the current Troop Librarian, know                19                  Troop 111 Overnight
and we will be glad to help you. We also                          20                      Father’s Day
appreciate donations. Please leave books on the                  20-26        Primary Summer Camp – Raven Knob
table next to the file cabinet for the Librarian to file.         21                     Troop Meeting
                                                                  23                       Skills review
Take advantage of this Troop resource and save                    26                  Troop 111 Overnight
money and a trip to the Scout Shop. A Scout is
                                                                  28                      Advancement

Thank you so much!

                                                                         LOOKING AHEAD:
Merit Badge Counselors always needed                             NEXT MONTH…
If you would like to be a counselor or help in a
                                                                 Community Service Opportunity – Mt Bethel VBS
clinic, please contact Janet Hall at                             Submitted by J Hall or Mark Weber at Let us know if you                        Hi Scouts,
would like to help. Thanks!
                                                                 Mount Bethel will be again offering their fun
The Merit Badge Calendar                                         Vacation Bible School program. Last year our scouts
                                                                 had a great time working with their friends helping                            the church. You can use the time towards
                                                                 community service requirements for rank
Mission: To assist Boy Scouts to locate merit badge              advancement or 8 hours of charitable work with
opportunities outside their own troop.

7/11/2012                                     4 of 13       2fa5e882-28bc-442d-b77a-c36538962042.doc
one organization required for the Citizenship in the            Congratulations to the following Scouts elected to
Community Merit Badge. The dates for VBS are                    the Order of the Arrow and Adults.
June 7th -11th, 12:30 -3:30 and July 19th-23rd , 9:30-
12:30. You are asked to come 30 minutes early and
breakfast/ light lunch provided. The church will give
you a letter stating your hours worked. Contact
                                                                Wesley B.
Janet for the volunteer form is attached. Let me                Dylan G.
know if you have questions. Thank you!                          Cody H.
                                                                Bart K.
Janet                                                           Zachery S.
770-542-9044                                                    Charles S.

NATIONAL and CENTENNIAL Events                                  Adults
                                                                Pat Hill
NYLT – National Youth Leadership Training                       Patricia Rossman
Submitted by J Hall                                             Mark Weber
                                                                Pete Wilson
5 Scouts from 1011 will be attending NYLT this May.
 William B., Walker C., William H., Zachery S. and              Congrats to Will R. who has earned the "God and
Gabriel W. will attend week long training in                    Life" award. He completed a religious education
leadership skills and the Unit Program at Camp                  program for high school age youth. He would like to
Jamison – Bert Adams Scout Reservation.                         thank Mr. John LeVoy and Reverend Will Parker for
                                                                helping him to complete this program. ( Submitted by
National Boy Scout Jamboree 2010                                Patricia R.)
Submitted by A Friel

                                                                Religious Awards
The following 1011 Scouts completed the weekend
                                                                Submitted by J Hall
pre-Jamboree Shakedown weekend at Camp Bert
Adams. Peter D., Dylan G., Shane G., William H.,
                                                                Congratulations to the following Scouts who earned
Hunter H., Cody H., Neil R., Will R., Zachery S.,
                                                                religious awards and now have the honor of
DeFord S., Gabriel W., Connor W. and Lawson W..
                                                                wearing the religious emblem square knot patch.
These Scouts will be part of a group of 216 Scouts
                                                                The courses took several weeks of study requiring
from the Atlanta Area Council attending the 2010
                                                                outside class work and visits with ministers and to
National Jamboree at Fort A.P Hill, VA. They will
                                                                churches. Special thanks to John LaVoy, Randy
depart July 23rd camp overnight at Camp
                                                                Hudon, John Henry, and Jim Hanks for leading the
Pendleton, Virginia Beach. Tour the Naval Yards
                                                                Scouts through the program.
and Nautilus Museum aboard the U.S.S. Wisconsin.
They will then go to Fort A.P. Hill, VA for nine days of        God and Life - Will R.
fun and activity with 45,000 fellow Scouts at the
2010 National Jamboree.                                         God and Church
                                                                Alex B.
                                                                William B.
We are Proud of Our SCOUTS                                      William H.
                                                                Jack H.
                  Congratulations to our new                    Hunter H.
                  Eagle Scouts:                                 Cody H.
                                                                Braxton F.
                                                                Stewart H.
                  #219 Matthew C.                               Neil R.
                  #220 Luke E.                                  Zach S.
                  Order of the Arrow

7/11/2012                                      5 of 13     2fa5e882-28bc-442d-b77a-c36538962042.doc
What has your Scout done? Send shout                       Railroading Merit Badge Clinic
                                                           Submitted by J Hall
outs to by the 25th
to be included in next newsletter                          Mr. Friel and Mr. Biggs held a Railroading Merit
                                                           Badge Clinic on April 17th. 29 scouts earned the
Birthdays:                                                 badge and 1011 hosted two visiting scouts. This was
                                                           the first merit badge earned for many First Years.
Best wishes to Scouts with birthdays this                  Scouts had a very busy morning learning about
                                                           various types of trains, safety, and history. A special
month.                                                     thank you to Mr. Biggs for teaching sharing his
                                                           model railroad with scouts and teaching with Mr.
W., Connor
W., Lawson
S., Matt
S., Hayden                                                 Pathfinding Merit Badge Clinic
K., Jamie                                                  Submitted by J Hall
A., Henry
R., Joseph                                                 The Troop recently held a clinic for Pathfinding and
C., Michael                                                36 scouts earned the badge. Pathfinding was
C., Ian                                                    originally offered in 1911 and discontinued in 1952.
H., Spencer                                                The badge’s requirements are short and teach fun
S., Ryan                                                   basic skills every boy would enjoy, such as proper
S., Adam                                                   way to use a hammer, give directions, Morse
W., Alex                                                   Code, and make casts of animal tracks. We will
T., Aaron                                                  be offering another Pathfinding Clinic later this year
C., Conner                                                 and are looking into opportunities for scouts to earn
F., Andrew
                                                           the other badges.

                  Happy Birthday to ALL!                   Friends of Scouting Close Out Report for 2010
                                                           Submitted by S Spencer
                                                           Parents of Scouts and Scouters with Troop 1011:

Where we have been and What we                             I wanted to report on our Troop results for the 2010
have done:                                                 Friends of Scouting Campaign. With y'alls support
                                                           here in the past two weeks we have met and
Stars? Oh Yeah!                                            exceeded our goal -- raising $ 11,095.00 against a
Submitted by P. Hill                                       goal of $ 10,000.00 -- about an 11% overage.

Life Scouts Parks C., Hunter H. and Michael                Although we reached our dollar goal, we still are
S. talked with college football, volleyball,               seeing contributions from less than half of the more
gymnastics and swimming champions during the               than 100 families associated with the Troop. If you
2010 Peach of an Athlete Role Model Banquet.               have not contributed to this current campaign,
Troop 1011 has been honored with conducting the            please consider doing so -- you can still make an
flag ceremony at the Peach of an Athlete banquet           email pledge at:
for nearly a decade. This year, the Dragon Patrol
trio led the flag ceremony and were treated to a           friends-scouting-pledge-form
feast of a dinner at the new Cobb Energy Centre.
Hawks star Al Horford was honored with the                 Again, Thank You to all of our contributors this year.
professional athlete award. Any Scout who likes
sports should sign up for next spring's Peach of an        Wood Badge
Athlete banquet.                                           Submitted by A Friel

                                                           Keven Hatcher and Mark Weber are participating
                                                           in the rigorous Wood Badge Program. Wood

7/11/2012                                  6 of 13    2fa5e882-28bc-442d-b77a-c36538962042.doc
Badge is Scouting’s premier training course to                  The Ordeal was at the Woodruff Scout Reservation
teach the skills and methods of Scouting the first              in Blue Ridge/Blairsville Georgia area.
course was taught in 1919 by Lord Baden – Powell,
the founder of Scouting. Good luck to Keven and                 Scouts: Cody H.
Mark!                                                                   Zachery S.
                                                                        Charles S.
Historical Trek April 9th – 11th, 2010
Submitted by A Friel                                            Adults:    Pat Hill, Patricia Rossman , Mark Weber

Nine Scouts and Four Adults went to Veterans State              Additionally, Hunter H. served
Park for a weekend of camping; a 3 hour tour of                 as "Elangomat", leading the Troop 1011 candidates
the Air Force Museum of Aviation at Robbins Air                 thru the Ordeal and Induction and sleeping out in
Force Base was a major high point of our activity.              the open air on 30 April with the Ordeal candidates
The pioneer camp site at Veteran’s has 3                        and under canvas on 1 May.
Adirondacks and a large pavilion located on the
banks of Lake Blackshear. After an early breakfast              Special Thanks to Henry and George Mingledorff
and packing a picnic lunch we drove to                          and Mark Oviatt for serving on the Cook Crew up at
Andersonville to visit the National Historic Site. After        Woodruff during the Ordeal and providing those
an extended visit to the POW Museum we hiked the                "tasty", scant rations for the Ordeal Candidates and
National Prison Historical Hike, a 3 mile history lesson        the great meal on Saturday night for somewhere
through the National Cemetery, Camp Sumter the                  north of 500 folks.
site of the largest Confederate Military Prison
established during the Civil War in the town of                 Adult Training Courses Completed
Andersonville which earned our scouts the BSA
Historical Trail Award.                                         Submitted by J Hall

                                                                Tom Minick, Dennis Bowman, Casey Sullivan and
Great Smoky Mountain Railroad Campout, April 23rd               Scott Reale recently completed SALT / ITOLS
– 25th, 2010                                                    training with the Fothills District. The course
Submitted by A Friel
                                                                combined SALT, Scoutmaster and Assistants Leader
                                                                Training and ITOLS, Introduction to Outdoor Leader
Thanks to Grace Battle for arranging this rail trip. 13         Skills. The program uses the patrol method to teach
Scouts and 5 adults had a “wet” but great                       adult leadership skills needed for Scoutmasters and
campout. Our camp site at Deer Creek was                        Assistants and the outdoor skills to lead boys in the
located next to a fast running mountain stream.                 Outdoor Program. Eric Hood completed the SALT
The scouts cooked waffles and sausages for                      class.
breakfast, packed a picnic lunch for the train trip
and Dutch oven chicken pot pie for dinner. The                  John LaVoy and Janet Hall completed Wilderness
train ride via our private caboose from Bryson City             First Aid training with the Atlanta Area Council. The
to the Nantahala Gorge and return was really the                class is designed to teach First Aid skills in situations
highlight of our trip. Thanks to Grace Battle, Dennis           where medical help is delayed.
Bowman, Ben Milam, Shannon Claffey and Will                     Many of the basic training classes for BSA are
Cannon from Troop 444 for making it happen!                     available online at . Check
                                                                out the site for Youth Protection and other classes.
Order of The Arrow Ordeal                                        Information for District classes can be found at
Submitted by S Spencer
                                                       or contact
                                                                John LaVoy with Troop 1011 at
Over the past weekend -- Friday, 30 April thru         . Every Scout deserves a
Sunday, 2 May 2010 -- several Troop 1011                        trained leader.
members completed their Ordeal for the Order of
the Arrow and were inducted in as "Ordeal"
members of the Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge (# 129) of
the Atlanta Area Council. They all slept out of doors
in the open air on Friday night, 30 April, and spent
the night of Saturday night, 1 May, under canvas.

7/11/2012                                    7 of 13       2fa5e882-28bc-442d-b77a-c36538962042.doc
**************                                                NOTE that the Scout must submit this information to
                                                              the Editor. It should not be submitted by one of his
EAGLE’S                                                       parents.

LANDING                                                       We would gladly also print a thank you to
                                                              participants and summary on how the project went
                                                              if submitted by the scout. Before and after pictures
EAGLE SCOUT                                                   are welcome, too.
                                                              2010 Eagles
Eagle Project Approvals                                       Submitted by A. Friel

                                                              Justin G. 1-21-10
When a Life Scout is ready to start his Eagle project,        Preston E. 2-18-10
he should contact Mr. Huffman on his cell phone               Zachery C. 2-18-10
(678/910-8051) or e-mail (
                                                              James S. 2-18-10
Mr. Huffman will go over the draft of the project             Jonathan G 3-18-10
with the Life Scout, or help with the details to get          #219 Matthew C.
the project into a draft form. He will continue to            #220 Luke E.
work with the scout until the project is in final form
and help get the required signatures from the Troop
leaders. Mr. Huffman will then take the project,
make copies and forward the project to the District
for final approval. We have had excellent results
                                                              MISCELLANOUS Matters
getting projects approved the first time around
when submitted this way. If you have any                      Service Hours
questions, please feel free to call Mr. Huffman or e-         Submitted by G. Welborn
mail him at
                                                              Scouts and Parents please remember to turn in your
                                                              service hours to the Troop. Last year the troop had
Eagle Ceremony                                                fewer hours on record than past years. This was not
                                                              because we did not volunteer in our community,
Families looking to schedule an Eagle ceremony                rather due to a lack of reporting. These numbers
should contact one of our Eagle Ceremony                      are reported to the District. Please receive credit
Coordinators:                                                 for the work you are doing in the community. Any
   - Diane Hadden 770-639-2817 or                             volunteer activity that parents or scouts participate;                             in should be reported (for example volunteering at
   - Patty Wilson 770-509-8915 or                             school, church, service clubs, and community;                                  groups etc.). Place completed forms in the basket
   - CG Kauffmann 770-649-8002 or                             in the office. Thank you!
                                                              Form to submit Service Hours is attached.
They will handle reserving Mt. Bethel UMC facilities
and coordinating the date with the Scout Leaders.             New Scout Uniforms

Newsletter Article announcing Eagle Projects                  The Boy Scouts of America have changed the
                                                              uniforms, and the brand new Centennial Scout
Scouts planning Eagle projects should contact the             Uniforms are now on sale. Shirts, pants, and socks
newsletter editor to have their project workdays              are made from moisture-wicking materials. See the
announced in the newsletter. Be sure to specify               uniforms here.
date, time, location, what the project entails, and
any other project-specific information (such as
what tools to bring).

7/11/2012                                   8 of 13      2fa5e882-28bc-442d-b77a-c36538962042.doc
Troop 1011’s policy is that either the current or the        shirt to the Troop and we will provide the patches
new uniform is acceptable. The purchase of the               for your new shirt! Also, turn in outgrown pants and
new uniform is strictly optional.                            shorts. Let’s help each other out!

Need Patches on Your Uniform?                                RECYCLING – We Need Your Papers!

Helen Schmidt is available most Mondays to sew on            Please deposit your newspapers, office paper,
patches. If you do not see her, hang your shirt on           classroom paper, bulletins, and junk mail in the
the appropriate hook in the kitchen next to the              recycling bin in the MBUMC parking lot. This is an
Scout office. Helen will put the uniform back there          easy way to help raise funds for the Troop.
when it is ready. Make sure you have your name
on your shirt.                                               NOTE the addition of office paper, classroom
                                                             paper, bulletins, and junk mail to the list, even
What a great service!                                        though the bin states “Newspaper Only.”

Uniform Exchange

Outgrown your Scout shirt? Do not remove all the
patches to transfer to a new shirt. Turn in the old

                                                              BSA Troop 1011 Newsletter
                                                              Published Monthly
                                                              Editor: Claire Count
                                                              Committee Chairman: George Welborn
                                                              Scoutmaster: Tom Whitfield
                                                              Charter Organization Rep: Tom King
                                                              Scout Master Emeritus: Al H. Friel
                                                              Merit Badge Coordinator: Janet Hall
                                                              Contributions to the newsletter are due by the
                                                              25th of the month. Send your email to

7/11/2012                                    9 of 13    2fa5e882-28bc-442d-b77a-c36538962042.doc
                                                 Troop 1011
                               Personal Fitness Merit Badge Clinic

DATE:                Saturday, May 8th, 2010 8:30 – 12:30

LOCATION: Troop 1011 Meeting Room

Cost:               $5.00

Snack:              You may bring a snack and a drink for the break.

Uniform:            No uniform  Come in tennis shoes and comfortable clothes for
                     Running a mile and exercises.

                  1. We expect you to have read the Merit Badge Book
                  2. Complete as much of the badge worksheet as possible before the clinic.
                     Worksheets are available in the sign up notebook on table in Scout
                     Meeting Room.

Questions: contact Janet Hall at or 770-542-9044

Personal Fitness Merit Badge Clinic Registration
Registration Deadline: May 5th, 2010
Scout: _____________________ has my permission to participate in the Personal Fitness Clinic on Saturday, May 8 th, 2010

I _______________ (Parent) will attend and assist.

_____ Attend the clinic: $5.00 check# ________ payable Troop 1011, no cash please _____ please pay $5.00 fee using scout credits

Parent Signature: ________________________ Phone # ________________
7/11/2012                                         10 of 13        2fa5e882-28bc-442d-b77a-c36538962042.doc
Troop 1011 Scouts, adult leaders and guests, please join us
as we celebrate this milestone with Luke.

                               Mr. and Mrs. Mark E.

                  Troop 1011, Boy Scouts of America
                    request the honor of your presence
                     at an Eagle Scout Court of Honor

                Luke Sterling E.
                               Sunday, May 16, 2010
                                            3:30 p.m.
            Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church Chapel
                            (4385 Lower Roswell Rd. Marietta, GA 30068)

                                   Reception immediately following

                            2801 Interlaken Drive, Marietta Georgia, 30062

            (North on Johnson Ferry Road; right on Post Oak Tritt; left on Interlaken Drive)

                                RSVP for the reception 678.615.3752
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                          MEMORIAL DAY SERVICE PROJECT
                          MARIETTA NATIONAL CEMETERY
                             SATURDAY MAY 29TH, 2010






Scout ______________________________ will participate in the Marietta National Cemetery Service Project on May, 29 th with
Troop 1011.

Parent _____________________________ will also participate and can transport a total of ________ participant

_________________________________________                      ___________
              Parent Signature                                          Date

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                           BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA

                                      TROOP 1011

                         REPORT FOR SERVICE HOURS_

___________________________________has completed ________hours of service for the
following project (s).


Adult Signature ________________________________ Date ___________

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