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									Things to do in Omaha – With full of fun and entertainment

What to do in Omaha? Contextually that kind of question is legitimate only because
to outsiders, Omaha may give an impression of vast tracts of prairie lands or just
an ocean of snow in the middle of nothingness. They couldn’t be more wrong,
however. In fact, Omaha is home to the most number of millionaires in the United
States. It is home to nine of the Fortune 1000 companies and was recognized as
one of America’s fastest recovering cities during the financial crisis. Omaha is the
largest city in Nebraska State, in Midwestern United States. Sitting on the famous
Missouri River, it was founded by the pioneers in 1854.

Perhaps, Omaha is most famous for its controversial child, Malcolm X. You can pay
homage to his birth place, although you can’t find anything there except a marker
because his home was already torn down. A visit here would be perfect for history
buffs. If you really dig culture and history, then a visit to the Old Market is
compulsory. The place still has the old brick roads while carriages drawn by a horse
are available for a fee. It’s perfect for walking so bring your sandals or running
shoes. The place is bustling with street performers like musicians, singers, artists
and stalls. One of the major Omaha events is the farmers market held here. There
are also numerous museums in Omaha like Joslyn Art Museum, Durham Museum,
Omaha Children’s Museum, Air and Space Museum, etc.

One of the things to do in Omaha is a visit to the Henry Doorly Zoo. It has the
largest indoor desert in the world, the biggest geodesic dome, the largest indoor
rainforest, the biggest nocturnal exhibit along with an indoor swamp. In more than
four decades, it has already registered 25 million visitors through its doors.

There are other things to do in the zoo like the IMAX theatre, the Madagascar
exhibition, the aquarium, a petting zoo, an aerial tram and a carousel.

You can take advantage of Omaha’s festivals to visit the place. You have the
Shakespeare on the Green during summer which showcases works of the bard or
the Jazz on the Green where you can find the most talented musicians. Join The
Taste of Omaha in June or its counterpart, The Taste of West Omaha, and you can
partake of the many local delicacies. The Holiday Lights Festival starting in
November and well into the New Year is one of the major Omaha events.

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