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An agreement between you and your lender to help you pay off your arrears. Any amount overdue and owed to the lender including missed payments.

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									                                 IT infrastructure

Our IT infrastructure is modern, flexible, integrated and resilient. Significant investment in
advanced but proven technology over the last 18 months has led to a robust and scalable

The business has three data centers and a fully meshed Acenden network connecting all sites that
eliminates single points of failure. The primary data centre is housed in Europe's largest purpose-
built carrier neutral data centre and features an N+1 redundancy, which ensures no loss of
service. Data and applications are fully replicated between sites. Systems failover is tested on a
regular basis.

Loan boarding
We have developed an in-house, purpose built, flexible loan boarding solution, which gives us the
capability to board mortgage account data from a variety of sources in a number of formats. It has been
specifically designed to ease the migration of account data in the shortest possible time, to help us add
value to a range of portfolios. We have successfully boarded loans from external sources, in Sterling and
Euros, Acenden Mortgages including two major migrations of over 10,000 loans from other UK-based
third party mortgage administrators in spring 2010.

Core mortgage servicing
We have a new, modern and fully integrated high volume, bespoke loan servicing system which
supports interest and premium payment calculation, data capture and modification as well as
insurance premium collections. It includes a securitization administration module and is fully
configurable to support most types of mortgages and lending in different currencies. Workflow
allows the flexible mix of automated and manual servicing tasks.

Special servicing and collections
We use a suite of third party and in-house developed technology to support the collections and
arrears management functions designed for the UK and Irish markets. These solutions have been
integrated and extended to support litigation, repossessions, property sales, loan modification,
shortfall processing, management reporting functions and feeds to the data warehouse. They
provide an integrated desktop, data and analytics and telephony system to maximize collection
agents' effectiveness in achieving good outcomes for both customers and clients.

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