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Namık Kemal - Evrak-i Perian by ozhan


									PL         Kemal, Namik
248           Evrak-1 perian


  P-                    r.f

       Digitized by the Internet Archive
           in   2011 with funding from
                University of Toronto
 f\   ^^t                                                  ll^tfO-^lî

                                  JU \^}

                         %f   .   «>
                                        «   ^.^^

(^^^Cvk              i        \(>t/îU/^^A<^\:

                                  jt;       Lr

       <V)^-La=>-J       ^l.^^^>- OjUâJ             <^y^ <w5j^


                           <A Aü.

;ül   -\_~lij ^^'i\ ^^IjU-»    Jy-^       Ji       ^^      ^\^    "^^y

Cil>- j^U- 7;lj'    (XA^^     ci'"   •   -^    *        (^^^     j^   '^

i]       jJjl:
       j-^j          LN^   jllJ      o-X-!^i   sl-\.-J.^   ej4.^L.^l
<ii"L^l      iS^^P     ^j   ^\j         <^\j <Â_1) jjCjjJi^l

.jA)JJ^::*^ iJij     asI-I ciUjiJ AJ!>\ oSiJ^               ^Si       ^\>J\

jlöl       'S^ 3   x_3:   ^J^ o^A^              4^^"^ <LAj\          ^jJ^

«»o-\!U-     ^j^j'jjl)    jj^lcl   ^jj.^^j'    ^jA»^     j jJ^^Us   vijl

A   —  Ijl   (^3 (sj^^ (J^          .
                                        j-J^—1-^li-l      4-' ^^[, 'Ölj     j

^,--^Il«   oX   ^4^JJ C^^yAp j\^              (J*>^J^1   (J.U^3 û-X_::^i

c3>^/        y^jij        oA^j iJ^         j_^l:>   (_^-\>"   jj._:i>^4Jjl
C                                 J.^,^-    .A

A.-^>.    jiji   (l*^'   -^".aJiA    JJ_^        OüD^>-       0>^     /V'-VP

T-^ J ojy        <aA)\ \^\c jA—a£'\            aJ^   s-L-U'   .   jjdAoSo-

oJx*j^^    ^     ^}\jJ^^\     A>iLl ol^^l            j-\^^5'^J^r^;3<:-^

-   jj^ lt^        j-^^^^j' ^^             ^jjo j3j1          jlZi^l^^^

^iJ^-^-JI    ojC    c-^^3^ ^x.A     ^ij^   J..4JJ    >\^

JUT^V-       iJjU ^Ijj^      ^^A.   jlL._^   _   .   Ju-

öUl -   .   oAi:!. :^Cu^   >:_^>-j j^i.    j^    -ji^J,^

^ij^_^^ ^U   jli   jA oJ.;iijo    ^>;l cJl <^\^^\
j^Sc^- AjUbl         >j   1
                              (^   jxjl ojj (^A»              3^     û^»V ^^'>jy^

oJ^:fJ>\,       cji;^_        ^l.J ^^y           j\'j\        J^ jy^^     Ji dille

^»A"]j<J^J         iJj^       o^j^i        J^^       iJjCL"   o^Ui     ^5tJ^^'-^-'

jlkL-       .   (_$-UAj\ j-^Il«             4>ii:l
                                                      ^j      <^^ j-^J^^     Uli^l

^Ijl   ^;iil      aI:J1 ^--^^^ jljt            ly       j^J.^l-i^ 3b>=^       '^---^^

^\^     ({      SiyM          ^^jli   ))   <j^^          <jA.*L--l    ilj^^ '^^^J
                           o U.^^.3ijy

J-i^^^J       (>^!>^-'J    CxjLL.^ ^\j^JLL^j^ ^^^JL_--^

J:i   ^^M J^       jiii-
                           <^W.   l5^.^^
                                           -^"''/   ojAP^^   _   .

j'iî^--   -   .   jljy (3-^^   Cy-^   ûjJ.^i. j'U^    _.   j>lf-l
                                             _5j^     ^^-1

^'^. L^^        J^         •   •   •
                                        e^-v'j'^yj^           ^'^        '^-^   J-^L-'   ^}j

jj^^[/o"     OD;j         (J._-^1 »JI:^L^                   ^yiJja.->-     i^ aJj jj:^l

dA^'^    o   J.I_^'   ft-!Lj Is        o^,^^j^>^ <__U.JJJ C*lk.i_--                   '^^ J

J^      dl=^c-\>l       cjj-^              e^j^— -^^*'* J>-^^ aa_^ j-\\xl

^*y     —y        jA^r                 \    JS.i^l    jl^j'       j_»\)    jj.;^    ^l—-V
oAi^l        4_«*>\^i     ,,L <=^y                   o-x:      k^\   ^-«o          jCC jVj\'

j^j ^\i^^,            ^ ^j^\              ijJi\     ^j       jJ^j>Vj\ sX^jlaj^\         ^^
^^>V^    j;^--^^ c^"^:^ j^j"i]j<-.^J J>-;5                              <^^j'_^j      (»!A-

    oJ-X>           »-i'^'o^^       •
                                         (S-^^^ JJ-^^              «-^J'     f-*

A_U.     oX\l_^ ia^ L^aP                     »-^'^   ojl*^l)       o-Xl_^4-^           jl^

<6^J^_5-     .   (^-\ljl   J^l-A»            *-\:_^l,    J.»)-!]?     j^:^ j^--

iJjL     jl_:]_^_    û-cJUj                  dX^'^Jj^\j -. di:                        ^1^1

—   ^j   —   4»^           fj-^'^
                                         •   ^ö^lUj'           .    (_^a)l   ^^Uaj

jjU-' j.>        4.=.^3    4.^3^.>-jl j              J^r'-^^^
                                                                      jj.:^A^!, jl"C

J^U        o^3^_    (Je^*^"^-^          ^-^^    '^-^-^     ^j-^^       J^^U'^^J^
                    jU3 ^J^(»3V Jlf^l ^J^l                                         ci^j.A.1
J.^^j çili--- ^il_x:>.         ^Jj^   o:ij^^A    ^Jjyj^i

ojL^-* jVj\ o-kJjj -ÖLiT              <6>^.v.\   isJ^^ J^^

_. j^   ^^j.A   _._y.. A-^A^   _.^Xj;^ öy^j       *^^   o-^^yj
.   j\y'^y>-   jUC jVjl jV:"~          r^-^^^   Jrr^^J cT"^^ <1A:^

^-C         v-.aJJ*   jJ;A,l   r-J^   AV^   A;'>UU oUlc jJol ^i/"

    j^   ^tls ol»^.^ 4^*>l=^          ^^\yl     <i^3 <Z\a\^\   J^^^
\r                           J3^'y    Jl^

Aa       J2<J-   J>^        ^^J^r^ d^V^b^r J^                      J' S'CT
^<-^f^               -. ---^^n^ ^'^'/        a^>^ ^}^^                   ^-^^^

^^[iAr^\c ç^y> dL*j          y:>-   <JU:x\3^]?        ^^\ ^\c             4:^1

j^i^-*   i]l   dAUjij'i^^   4^jl     (^^^   Oy^     j_>^       jjJjU*::^!

(   tLjU        ^j    )   cjc^^^.    ^«     ^^Ij   iJlj   o   a:   — A«kv
jCC   - SC^""^               <^^^^      ^'^^            oJv:JU3   *j^     l9--^-^

J^ ^^}t       >^^-?         ^^(^-?      Û^-^J J^L*^                ^^Vj   j:i<^--

jj^_:j^ jCb                 ö-C^        Ja*)    dKJUr jVjl           f>*^^

oU-   »iJll«-\C-l       «   Jj.,..«a^   "^-^ j-6         A^Z-^    Oj^\    L^',/?"'

^jl      4^-ua>- JLj j j3j                     iJj-^J   iiy *^b^.    ti^"*^ J^-^J

(^/t.'^J-^'-^Vj^ ^lî^^             jVjl (^^^ j^l:             .   (^-^^^^A,U:i

jAu-J^'j^, __       .
                        ^|_^^1 J^^LJClc           j'    IjJ^j     cvLtj'^ o^jL'C

\0                          33Jy    -^

^j^y^     l*^ j\3^
                   *-^^Jt^    (j^'-^3^ ,^-~Âi*     <^^   jjjj^

^L^   <iiM
             ^^.J o-vf^ ^U. <\x C^^^ J-^--4j^

cîlvJjÜj'     <L^oj\ jCl"   J<.^^^l      Jk)U;:j   oU'lcj    <^j^

^_-\Jjl    ^l-u^l dAili^   j\j\c   o^\j^ j>- (_^Jw^ji Jtlj

^j^ 4^Ujl c3^/ (^^.                4;:Vr c/^r^r-' lt^"-?^
           (J^'-^J^   J^L^ jC^           4.:^Uti      JA_i^,ii» ûjilj^

j^l^      iJjA,!   ^\^\     (Sj^>yj\ (^y<^\         jjij^^i^ 5^aril3j

*_^î^ jj&L.^          jj   ciA--.   ^J   jjl   j'   A'^l '^fj^v-^j   C»>«

iJj-X;l   ,^^1^^ <^\ijj^ dlL^)                 dl^3^ <jX3^       (J^'^^j*

^Li AA>^1,     <:^-^jl     jl^ ^jA,l ^l__.i ^j^jl oO'^ L'^

^^^kL^^j       ^^^^5 ^ij^ jVj\ A_f^           o    jü-^y^^- ^^^           JJ
J,s\^A   'UJj     <L^ dU—wo          A^U    tlU-   .        ^A^JLjl J..^

C-iLj j-cC^^»S- -di j_^^.o               o^l^Lt jj'^ir^ jVjI

djj^ ^T ^3         ^^1 c-b^ ^J^^j^ tS^-^^^                   J^^

AJjij'   -r*   4.i^4d   jIu._^Jj;^^\?-   L-- jlj_^ d-Off^           j_>-fr^

O'^^J    <:^J.Jj^ (J'^J_^       j^j^ j^^               >-   '^—J C-^^^^

i]j4—-^ oAr^        ojL_^'l j-      ^U    (^^^LT   ^-^j         vi-ia-l   —
                        :U.^^3','i\                                      NA

^>L.^ ^ÜL^jl Jj^^jLlc JU£               Jl jVj^           J^Ul jLl^

wS^ J3 J'^'V dU-^'Tdi--.        j^:lx\^\
                                            jy^   jy _. ti-^^           ^^

ijl—la^l    Oji^is ol<-A^       AJlclj'      4Jujû..wi9    <.S   ^   ^J-Aa=>-

p.\5^   (j>^ J'-^ /*—^'J"*                                '^— ^ji» O-^^j'
                             (j^*!   <^f^4—         '-'

.(^Joi   âJXi^ j.cC 4j^^       jQ       jjJ jjJv^          ^Jj ^,X^\

Ji^^^l   j)j^^ fj3}>- ^ly        ^Ajj^j                   ^-^'^^^

iJj'^—lj^   O^<jl    g}^ jrOl     4,1      ^.c-J*     ^Jjl^j
jljl^J   jjf ^-iy^            'K^-^^-j.^j   jI_^-o       ^:5\_-:^

<oX-J^   ^^^sj^-*^   ^"^'l)   <illv)l--jij O-^-oy^-1   AU.   Vv>-^.JW-

«jXL_Jr j-x'Jj3j1 jl^^jo iljA_^j^ oj_^-^^ Ss-\
.^Y'v;b_;   4_U A)ld   o^^J^     ^xS    t^^^y^ aX^So- i^^^\

V^J^            ^^*    *-^^   JjûJ A^^I^I^^KJ^^ ^^jol^£lj»j.U

    •   (^-^\ j-'j^aIjI   jAI* aCJ- j^vU    o^^L^j'
<^fj. kS^'      ^^}     o^iJ j-^Lr'^'b^^^                     C.cj'Ja.^ jVjl''

—   •
        J^ J3^ ^'L*:^   —   •   ^"^ —   ^
                                             S^jjy^           <Z\ ^j\y   —   ,j

^JS^]_^5^«JX>Is Ülc             »     jVjl    ^Jrl 3   ûaJU ^_*^        C:-^^

oj>^ oX:^l ^\           3^*iL>      jx^      ûjJ^j^l? ^^:i\ cljjU jV^^'

ûA_jx.U5j c^\j^ oX_^ojl                      ^^        ^Vjl   4_>^-iol JUL:»'!'

^'cjjI_j     ^^f^   c/'^'-'j i_/-^^          J^_^U-      jLiftl^^   o^UlJ^

a"U1j! ^a__:3             j_^=^l;j          J^3   ci-^^— ?^jI: «jA>oj\Jv.^^
^r'^ o^^ (3'^              -^-^-^J   ^^r^   c^^''^^^"
                                                        j"^^-?^   ^xijh    ^^
iii   j^ii^
              *-^Ur^   •
                           ^-^T ^^y^                    ^^yy^^ '^y^) ^^^

j^j\ iJ^^ T^ji         4-^^^vi^
                                     r^-^^' O^J^^             j^y     oSiJaJy

^y^'^3    J^^jic'^   c.\             o^LjiJl      ^j^^3            <s^}'   <^j
 -J   ij-^^'jl       ,_^^J~oJ ..^^-^ o^     ,\— ^    'C'JJ-'l   (^^^ <-^\

^r-^ jrvi,^ ^jjl^^^ j^::^        j^::^   ^>-   ^^a^'J   ^^^     '^-^^ 4^}

^:jü^yi^j3          ^J^y^i^   dX:^^ Jjl ju^\         U::-!   ^:^     6j-^\

j.C   jji   _   .    ^-«>oj5r A^^> jA^.        j>u   ^A-^_^^        oaJi^

^^,\ ^-^^i dl:-U3              o^jjl)   jj3 *^j   ^V J^3^       •
                                           K^'J                           n

û jy Jl ji    .
                                       <~*^-^T   û l5C_^.»j   <iA)Uj jU^.43

^^li^ <jüjl_^^            ^^ili oA-Ls>.      Ia.^   o-a^j' (j^^l c^aX>-

iJjCl"   _   jVjl ^j^l >ii-l A;\>. s_i^;                      -   4-'^^ -»^^l
^.^Jj> j    U\>          aJ^^ c^^^ oU:^VL               jjCl^^ti^l

j>   L*^l O^j^^   ^-r^ j ^ ^^           ^-^J'-^^r- sr^^     ^L'j^

di^Jl jlJL^ Jcfcl^   .   ^x\       J^AJ^ ja:^   ^.J^1   Ojl^lji

                               .    ^A.1 ^r^^l^"! viAcjj ^.j./
c^'^jij (3-\^»f-^ ü^J''^^        j   -\~^i:i öjjl   sLi   3-^>-    <_3_/

^^>l_-iL         AAi-^V^-U   ö^'uaU JL^j <JU-             /*^i_^    ^ll='j'

J Vji   A-*--»   Af^-^^^   ûX._^Oj^ ^\S>^ J\^3            yl^-^Sy

vJjL^"      aa.]<..I-      ijj^^u ûjijj^    j V     jl    oA_^V^l?

^-A.:   -^^^j 'i^^^j^ Jf^j-^b^                           -^^^
                                   ^'-^-^1-^V J>^:^L^^

^^•^    oAU'J A.^>1_\ O^C-   4'\   ^^^r    aIjA,::^   ^C U
                                       C^\,,\                          rA.

A><_*\i   JjAi^ ^_^^           A.U   <_^>-ls C-i:^^ J4.-*J^ ?;^j;

>\:tl 'j^v;! r-^^       ty>l     \    olj   *->^   —   ^jjl
                                                              ^_   l3j^^^

jl_J_^    û-x::]   1
                       ^^JS-   c^\j    ^Ij      ^oJoIsaj       .   ^^jls-\

j-Ci.aijl (JVl c,j^^[^^ oAU'j (jjA^l ojl^c j^4.i,A^.

<j'j^-A.x'^ j^l5       oX^\;>      o   <J   jlJL« J./bl^ J"^^        ^^y
oLl         j j^-'j <^y^   j-xJj.^    A^zS          ^'-^'^y      'i^\   <^\c

_. j^^U^ll. oa::^Ij ^.Uj             ^r-^'s^   J>l:l
                                                           J     ^j^l^

 «jXl_:)j^_^*    jVji ^_5^^    ^L*r       c^-^--^=^         A^L^^L^^

          cS^-. Cr^J   cr^yyf   iSj^'}     'i^::^

-^.   ^'^'"t   (3"^^^ ^-^-^^ c/Uc-1        4^^^/           (J^    •   L^-^^

 4j_^^    J^jj..^ ^^jjl jjiy^y^ ^'^-^}              -^-^
                                 /.   3bi^

j^]^   ^^[^       cSi-^^'^r^-^ ^'^} l/-^^^            ^^/ "^-^

3^   ili   ^ujl   jjL-^c jC\          ûjJjl-Cîl Jo <di^l   jVS ^^

jA34_y^ ^l:i-     ^.:.'r>l>   ^^^-J^ J^c^j^ 3i j^'         '^o-^-^^jV
jjl_^ 4^jjA)   ^-^=   c^^v-â-^^   J^-^J' p ^i-^^   j   -^:x.>l^

 4U-J J ^X5- Ji <0 Ai^ oA'AJ        ûA'j^-^   ^)-XJj\    J^^
aI_^<Juj   ^^islj   <ifAi:^\   o4lc^       i..   J.-oA!j\   j-X« j^^M

^^1   Jc.y 4._^4l^«jXl:^          j^i            4 3^^\     '^^ ^*^^.
.ja_:^jUl   ^kl     J^U V^Jo               ojCL-..Uj j32.i«           4*j

A^L_^7 oA_Il^^j <*l^^jl           _    .         (jji\^)\   Cjy^Si   (Sj^^
             3 ^-->'jy     jV —^^^"^           Z^"^^        (J",-^-?^   ^r^-*

<-J^   jU^      •
                    S-^} ^j-^ ^^s-\ J^i c^>t-l dko:i\y^
'^     ^-^   y:3\   ^-Kj    ^-*^— ^1       l/'i/-^
                                                     Lc-v^ «-^-^ 3jj^

.(j^jyA^l ajI^-^ 2Sj\3         jU_/       aJIL.^ j-Cioji          !i^yJ\o-


<J;<b^ fj^*         0^3^ ^j^—'^ j-u         j._:^l   j'^^>^      ^jj^^ J

ilj-vi   ji^i       oA'jj-^>-cii)   I    D^T    '...jS^>-   ^y^\ 4^y^^

iSJ,t^        C^Jjy^ c^^U               jLL-1 Jiji    d\)l* 'U.ji <^jj

Cj^_^ oW\           «jA>A)^r^>- C.îj^       0^*^^^    o-xl!U-   C.x_.^

O^-^       <J^ «-^     .
                                     ^^^A^\ JJ^1?^^ '^^L-J

dl^l jL»5 ^jJl jL-1^ ûa:_-^^j\                    A^jsli^ci   JaaL^
A     J   «^\j^^i   JjAJ^        ja±J v^_X         ^U-^l ^j^-»^      '\

jjJ>îjl i ^. ^i       iil    iXV        ^ ^^" ^^^               '^^-^

*^_::.'^*--?    iJ^ -^^ ^^*J^-^              ^1^4»-^^^   jA_:i|^4!j\

viin ^/-L c-j-o             j_^      i5t-^^ is)-^ -^-^^
4»!   AÂa-.jJi^j'
                      ^^^ J^l^'^           ^J^M    S^J-^} eT''^^'*

i5^>»j    ltj^j      j-^^-^          4-^^    tSt-^'j -^^r'^ ûb-^-?

\f^3 lX^               (jjA.1        <^j   ûj-^\ ^i-j^   ju-yii^^

                                 S^!}   iiy^      ol3>l« ciXu-j-v.l
S^\^\ c^-U        f^ jVjl        ^^'^    <^yc:^\   ^>    ^j

jV^\ vl^^p"   AJl_.^ j-^j^   ^lliip   j-ûJl_J di-^-""    »-^^

J3^j <jV^       j-^*^jjj     <JX3^    <5i^l^jA,L iiijj

<u oVi;^ij     o^^^jl" jîj^    di_^ ^4iji jiCM      Ja_^
^^\ jVjl        j^">^    4>>. 4j   jX_-M-C-   Oj^4-«   û-^j'öjij   •   J^J-C-l

4/^^ j^j^         ^>^       o^<vi_^j'     jjjl   c5^5-    oJ.u.jj.^    ^^

Oj2-^                                                      ^jUt_^_
              Jt^j'^-^     '^^^cS^^ iIj^^^Tl*

"^^Z      c>>^Âls cSj                 <i^*>^l
                                                 (i^^^/^ •^'•".-^y.    ^^^-^

 .   c^A^^l    Ot>-j               \^^ c^^jt^ i^'^^j j^j-^^^ Jj*^^
^A—^j'    A)U-   j-v.'l   <l^l»-tjl J3jj_^    ^r\^^   <-i^ tbo    .   (^-\l'

cX^j^     _A^'J    <iLUj    jVjl   ^j-^ ^vi   A^UjT     oj^"   j dk^'jj.^

jjo\ L-iaSl      ^r Ij    <_:ij^ JlU^j cCii:            Jl^l 4-^^

-^\'j\   aiLl^ o^^^_-            ^c^3l^   iJjG        a:r.l^   yi-     Jjç-

<J^       jJol    Ual      <^^^ <^\^\           'C-jjj^    ^J-J^^^^
<^^J^:> o^\j^             j^'^y, o^J^j\ ^ilj\ ^>y.^            jy^J^

                   S^Jjjf- ^hjy          jy^^   J^       JjAT   o}/

4»^ -^i^s   ^*-xu-«^ 4^-\jl J<^U- (jj^            UjCI/     4)J'j^_j»

Jl^ ^>-l/ du_^             01:^:   .U^j jVjl       ,^a_^i.       v^
         cA*'^^^^    ^j^(ijl*i A}:J"            jSky^   ^..^    (>.-J-?^

<il4^-^     jXi|^x)_y^ j^,4 ^Jlj3       0>^ j>^ ^-^Ai. j^j

^'J <S^>. (^3j^^ jx*^i^ jr-j                jjA    i    o^/S, c/ty

,^J   eJ._»îj.>._/   ^^^îji    «J|ld   <»SU^ o-Cjj.^ tj"-^—^j^

^u-L.       *L.i
                   j_^   jy^_ 4*^ jU-jA,l <j^^ jAJ^j'^

jjyt ^l^y^ jl_Jjl            ^^        j-5^^^ vl^^J ^-A.-— 4^
jöjljjj: jVjl ^_5-^^"y                i]^   JAuijJU-      ^ Lacl ^j              jU^

j-ûk"                 dl^l.j^_^jj A_:; j^a^                J*)!!:          \

      •   <^-^Jî>^     tij;^'^      J^^     J-^'V. (i*-^-?^      -^^^'-'

j    l-\^   «o   jIjI JI^   1   _   Aik     ^jjy    O^jA'l       ojlj^

                                              -J    '1^   ^   v>-   j>^          jl*

                 dX^ jy T^J         4*'   iÇ^    *^-"   T^'^J'   (//^''    û-J^J-^"
.   <,^^A^1 ijy.^ '^^V^'^'^jj^ jj.l\jJ.i-l                  slah ü^J^' j>^

    x^   .
             <_^ J>j'-*>i^'\   ^i-lr   «\)cl   ojJ.*"^   ü'^-^J   öAA^   cJ\   jjr^

^J^^L.*-»          o-\.J^       (^^A—'\ ^—'^=*" ^-^^                     4jL-1^>.
                                                            J'^ v^^
oj^\e>-y   .   ^j^l\j       j\:'^    cj<::.x>   dW\ ^iJ oj^\_>.^^'^
C   -l^U^ ^\       J^,^ J4l_^^L' ;»^\                 J^jJ       ^_J^\ -X;fcL^

jJX.Pjj,       ^I-^o-vC-l     4]o   li^   4Jul^Jl.D^w    j*^l 0^=>-         2.^l=^

ji_U   o^J^        ^5-o-\)l j \^\           4 J       JJJ X^\ jU- li^^^

si^Lj^ij       j_4A)'   j   Vji     j ^J^       Ji^   3^\   -]   j   '^)   J^^"^
jVjl   c-)j^       jlU3l       j^^l              ^^3 ^^^'<^-^\^\
ç^KJI-aL*      o^Lj     j-v'*-^^ J»r-^ jj^A^l-^jl)          oX.^oJ\ jK^C'3

^-Uai* CÇ^>^^^              dl'ljlc :>y^         ^^     ^}^\i^:> J^\ 'J<^^
^^•C^ Zjyy^ <-'^^j o2\}y^ A^jlJ            ^Uc-    ^y^ jVjl


^^4..>^^p- Co Jj-«l» j3^jA^.w.-a^ <^-\jl ^Ic--^     tiV^     *^^

ojUlJy    j!L-^5^      \iAil3lc   j J^»/   A^-^l j^i».   (^.Ll'l
j ^^ J       j-x^l   ^/'(/^   A»*   \
                                        3   li;   jy^ ^A_*il j       ol-A^îjJ^j

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^/ }J^J J^^              ^'J        4:i,^jJ^_       ^^^U     4,ij> j>Vc\    <;p'l

^1^1 JoLi             A.:^j}jl ^'ajlj^Ji'              ^l^^^^ dL-ulijA^j

^^-^j'   j   J^J      '^-^.(/^      '^^'t-^J^
                                                   jl^j-^^l» û   j._^jl j\^

2>y^     c3j^^ (jjl—? oJJacj                       o   4—*^^^    J^^^-*   A)A*J?
                                  jlij_^   ^\j^\

c3ja!j1    ^*>^    <-*^ji         j x^^^ U?              (_^J.a:)_^         4..^>l^\

oj3jLV_^^ J.o'>\^l.           <A^_/-\!l5    Jlj^)       j-    j-   A^P jfj-^
                                                         ..    -     ^

j   >li   oA'^l jjAjl (j-^^^               jiU^ ^j^           j^j-i^ j^j-v>l>

'T^l/     iIjAl w..Â*T (J J-VL             4^^ ,_^ll—^         jA    ^^y> o :iyC>\e>-

^l^4J     jjûjlj^     A!^i^l          C*— --JJ3         V     —"^   C-^    j^ öy

oj:i      ^^   3_^^ (j)   i       '«^'--^jjjl    4-:-^^            ^L^^i!
A>J11 j'^-' J*>a:     —       ^Vl j^jU^j-j^ jlki                   — —^o-
                                                                     .   oj.:


                              .    j-v^j        jA^'u 4jojijl <3^^"^            jj-*'-
                          —               —
                              j^jy    j^.\

J^L:^   .^:,J2;^   *-^-     ^•'vi
                                             ^^j   ^^^   —   •

j-i^jl j_^   jy c/x                           ^"^-^^   ^-^ J>-^-i           ^-^"^
                          *^*rî^    r^>^^
J^VlJl L^-i        A,   jUl c^ljj^ <^ oliy               iJj<-U    joa/

o^^          .>;u^5i" ^Ti^icj         ^^j    jjiT     J5"^j^u 31^1
cjj jji A)4^j^j          0^0     jÜjl      ^^ öj^^ _.             ojlilli

4^\   o^j-^      cSi^-^ *"^^ /*—       ^    <L_-iL.   J^" j^--.!   jSol

6^<^1 C^-C-1 ^J^J^^            A>L-a£. ^*>\—      oJC^J_^ jl        ]^,>-

jVjl   i]l    <iA; <.   —^Uj    4;   j^l jl^ j\^      <^>\_^1 cJj^
                      J3:y    ^-\

ÖU'^JU ol^--   A^^,   -^-^^
                              jf-   (^o^ ^-^^   '^-—:;^
J.^»^-*   ojU-U ^rj._-i         j.\JL       <iiu<jCi^
                                                           j^f"^       '^y   4*1

jj.9j.-tl^ji       cxU      j^dl?   a!J4^       j j.*.:u   ^âJL Jjaj'vU.L
          f   ^Jr^ i>*^     ^-^liJ J-*^-^jjj^       j>^^      ^l'ji         ûj^

oj^^ jj<^==>x^\             ji^«^^ j^'Ulj               j^jliUl        Jl   ^i^^

O^^i^     AU-jJr   jU^ j ^^             '

                                             '^j^S-^'^ —           .    C^-^-^i

C^-Ars-j'      AlkLj     ijAj^jlc   A_^         ^jS^jy^==>             ^jj._«ia^


j^^L. Ajoj^ Ji_j>^          J^l Â^^^           A_i]jU3_^l?        ^^j^       j5

^u^lÂ)^^        jL"C   ^'IsL.   ^J ^^y^ jlUU                  o   jA^ jiijl
ojA^li^   C-J^ 4;^J jVJL j\y^ ^:^U» (JJAJ e-C=^jU-
'^^33         ^\-^'y^ ûJj^Ll»           ^Ll\J        ^y^\,j   jVjl iSJ^

J2>«1     j>f"^ Sl'^^'^^           J>y^^^^J J^3J ^-^^ :>X^ jy.X>

 j^L^ ^L*^^ aÜUV JL^^j                          J^^J^'^   ^^<^tS^-?^

jA.1       (j->^f^i    â^ij^^ JA^ûJo slf^ ojP                     <L^o2>\j\

 oJl)^J        /^>-    \\^j i)^\        s^s'\   \^     L^;t'C
                                                                      'j   ^'-^

 AjJ^sL'I      4,U
                      '^"^t:-^.    ^^^^     -^^-^^
                                                      cT^       ^\'J^ :>y^

 dii-l Ul^l     4-'^ (^-*^-^(jc:i         ûjl^i-     ^xJ\.C^\kZ\      JjU
 ^*^Wi        iJjCl" jrv,Jj       jVji Jij^->i^i^ jX,^j.^a!j           Jîli

          "^ ^jl..3>-      (j>^fl^l   Jj.ÂI4 SLJ^J' j^-J_j' !>Xj!^

C^l^ ^yk^ __.JI                 (j^;,^^       J^j      Or^4 jJ.^ jVj\

oj^l         AJ-C*^ «j"^^^     ^^\-5   j^'^^-^L»^ j'l^^ 4'^ji            /»^ij*

^^-^ill dlüiiU             oVM       jjfj dl^J      J^U        ^A^io^j

 .   (^X^       4^   i   d ur       0A4.C   iJjjJ_j) j^a\   jxj^         ^yf-

             ^\ J3jy     ö-^^-'^î    j^jj;    ^"^J^         ijl_'^U-

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         .   jloUl JkA 4-—'*^^^               C-A»   j3^J ial^-o

Z^J%*a 0-4jlr_^^v           ^5-      o*-<l-^5   IJ-^^^        Cjf^ss»^
^j3xSy            oXj\   J    di_^l       jL*^       o*^C:^ sZ^Â J<-1\^

C^      o-><l   — Ai[^ j'j"^        ^y^ 3 J3jy       j^^      "^    ^^

4'jj^j^ AlîjUj               -Jijj.:!» j\j^         ^^j-^^Jy^             j^
(S-^^     i)^-^   S-'^^J oJ^\^            jka\   o^\/ü->-    Cj)^'^ ^J4j^U-

jJ\X    LUj'^ <UJ\ jij jC-C-              jA<0      jÜ^^^ r-jU- jjJjU-t

ii^ j_^           j^:^    (^3_^>»   l'.-^^^.     -^^"^r "-^y^^., <s'A^^

<^JJ     ^JA.:^      J^V           c^^jl^      -e    J   jl <:^^ ^J.JL%\j^

r>*^ c^c^'>^
                                    Jv*   -^^'•^
                                                            '^'^^   —'
.ü^jj     ^j4-^-.S ^^f ^^j              iSJ^       <^^j3j^ *j^l_^_

.jj._-l5      j<fi^[f j^^l    ûjo^      (^^^J^A_::^1
                                                       ^^^ oj\^ j\jj

.a^^^)^\o-       (^_\)ol    <vi_^ <:*,^i        ^^     \'J\^ <^}:^S»j\

    .    ^^X^\    ^^         4.^Uol     j'^j^   4--lc^flJj 0'>^*-«^A>   4ö

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.(j-^^j       ^:jJILU        ^jt.A.^j   cl^Uji oj-|^jo dJj>^-—i^

j\xk^j^       <l^j^^^      ^)K^^^ c.yi yi^            iJjA,! 'J\j\ ^_^Jl>-

4/^^f^        ^-^*~*J      c^-^^^ '^^jjj^ ojll^ ^'Lji          4,U \i-u?l
           .   j-CjLt j:i\My^ vl^j^^              ^X^\ J^U              JjA^l

^J>.       4-'_*-   ^^~2"   ,_^l:^l     ^ILj'     o    <JU    ;^^   .j^-\^a!j1

jXi.    4J      cJüU   ojj.î^vI?      û.3-
                                             t3_^=^   cU)   oai^i     (j^'^»^-*j

Jlî^    _      jVji ^ilî     J^-^            ûj^jbl    ^1    4;;"^>-    (JUâ3

âlLj'      d5-oj'X-.l     J^ <_>Llj               c.'U^      jl^û)*    jAu-4

fj'^-^j\       S^\j    oX^<\:[^       jX3^]?      J^^J^        -^f^^f    "^^3^

A.i^^      e3jj_^^'^-«^   jVjl     (J        Ü^   ^\^j'^ A-cijj Jlilj
^^^\cjj3 ^^-^j\ Jk? öAi^öjij^j a~^j^ ^«-^ '^'^C^

j^l^ ^^1        o   ji>l^l JtlJaJ       o^-^^-J ^j:ii'l (»\J^)1      ^i\jyl^

^1^1 4S              <5^ojbl    J^^ij c3>^                ^i^o-i   «^^ J3Jy

<Zj*o-        J*>^^^     i
                                       jJ'^'^iiÂJ-o       cJ^}<a\*J^ AjIsöv-^j^

A^u.l-\il>-    jV^l    jj-v-^-*
                                  4,0^x^1^5- l'*^^                 jU^   jlUl—

4>^\^5- ^c^b-^ ?^'^/ '^-^^              -^-^-^-^   -'^^   ^y^^3 ljXS^xJ\

^Js.5_^^   4:^^      c/L-^-U      j-^-^!-^         ObjJ' *^-^            jJUU
00                                j^jy ^^

.(_^jiljl    jA^y a:K c.'L^               ojU^_/   ^j JliJl     ^-C-1

^^ti/         j-^'j^r^     ^(^jL-...    -ijjj^     j;^^ ^-^^j   •   <^-^j^

jlkU^ ^^A^l ^:-U M^J^J^ <f-^ .4U^^                                   |,*jj

«\,U   ,^x    ^^*   5   »jX*.i-    «C^-vis-   oU-ol J^'-^j JX1«J>>-

A-^cî^^      /»y.:^^    ^i=^/     f/*
                                        o-C^\jl A-^îl*,/
                                                           ^        ^UL-j
ûjÜlJ^J    C.'b->    ^^^-^^    dii^l ijlj^l   oj!^,li!   *^jl       •»>-

-^;^Lf    jA_:i._\lji   dUU    4>JIU.^ Jkv_         ]-L^ aLa^I

                               s-                               c

oJk^   O-^:-^'^*-:   vJL^j o^^i:^ ^L:^ JL/jI                    iJjüC

Li   A^'^'La::*!   /»^^U      z^-^^"^^^ 3     ^j^^       ^^Ojj
ov                             j^j^'    ^-«^


«       jJks^^A '^j^' jy^»^^^ j^^'^      ojji AU- o^jl ^J^\         <^^y

A>\ j'vc    jlL2J_^   ûjjjj._^       o^^y^ oSiX        (^J^^ji J3^j_^

    .    •^:ijX^\   *^j   4.1^1 jl   Jljjl     disC"   ^U   ojlfî    4;^
^^AIi^^^^b öji^y^J ojjjj.^j'               (3j^'A"    l*j _.     4.2.- 4.^    Lfcj

i|^-\-iJU))     <:>-.û^l3    diu-jjl^^     oli^l^i-»          jLfcl^    4^ Ali

A^i-^^ltjb     Cy^\    jU-J' (^-V)^       ^^^   '^*
                                                      *^^^ ji-^^      *'^_^    ^1

    L^-Â.^>J   A^^^   4;;--'^'   i
                                     J^1-> sl^J^      «   d\-'-^X.)    j U^J
<^;b-U   cLX"\; [/ÎVI:»-   C-i--     oJj'AÂ}   ^. _\Jjl      ^tA'j     j   -dlc

^-X!^i >»1J o^J\:>-j^ (jA=>"Ojy oAls^jU-                      i!   --.^    (j>^

o^^      4^=>-     j^j^i-^;^'       jl*   JjA.1     ^^       \Aâ       '^''^^

J-C^_^i^ j\j'^             iJj-^\   1^^^   sl.*=-j Ji--^j;           4^0^^^

oAi-oA^      ^_\J1^,5       j-c5jL oj^            '»^-J^
                                                           (J^^^ Jj^ji

o-\!U    ^jJjbl ^k:^ d^\^>Sâj <>-Ja^-                      j-*^-^^-^      C^J-^

AiJI   û-\)^l (Sj-^^         ct^^^        'kI^AA       ^^          JJ*j^ ^'•^
                             ^'^^i/,    3^J3^

oi5C"jl    i^^-* l:>-^==           'S'^L^-^J   jb   ;i^   ^j"-

Jl,^j._:1_^     Oj O;^ ^^1            ^t^ ^IJI s^L^\         Jj^^      <i^\

A^l   J^— JJ    *         ^ >l^ j        Jd:a   J   Af^jl jj[L>    <1\^J

<:i,^j._J_^_    j^^L^il          diu.41^5i-^    ;^j   jjjyj;^^i Jja!^^

^^<=>-jj      si--'^^   A.3-\^    tjj<^l> 'Ci-^ljl ^^'^-^ *-x-iSj'         j.
J^Â       aJI^         ljlii-J\    4^     ^-^    AC cb        .   ^^jJ^\ j\^\

j^f jG^j ^*                       ^jj-^^. oAiSCu        JJl_4-l!l      .   j^\^^
             ^'                           ^JK,^J<J!     o   J^\        j\y.
                             -    o   •

A'j^j^-   dM^A Atl_j j>^                  j*-^    j^y   ^         o        «-^-»^^

                            c^-^^^ j^j'^^        û-oij jAiAjjJjy jjL»

jj._:*)ljJ         j   Vji jij4^:>- jai^sLa           j)jj^           dl:)lil

^L^        Jj<^'^ jj^_:i]j^i-^ Jljti ^r^lj JJLl^y

A.U   J^i j_=-              ^^Jl   jL^^ l^U^            \^\       û'Ji>?

^»!J^     liai^l   ol^l-"t*5^j' j'jO^-A^-.j^]?                    ^^J-UJ
.   ^^J<^z^l>      ûAIJk^ o\J-^\ J^*^-^J^    \-^5
                                                     j^f-^ ^s^^}-^

ja:*^» j^^ j Iki^ oJk^           jS   ^li/    jjSs.)    Jjj^

23     .
           ^A^'J   ^*^^^    0-\Jl^^ j>^^ cyi^l              L^^^»?^^'

jx^j^        d^Ajj^J^ ^\^>.j     oAi^^J^            dlc-i   ^U     \
si-'L".   ^.^''V^
                          *^   û^-^^ oL^ol ja:.Cj^<_^_j3

fi_^*l    04!l^,5i?    cy^^^3\       ^U     OJ.-J   i]3jj_j5'   JjJo\

^jij;     »   JU'   c-ji^l (5^-^^^   ^-^V viAu.^]!^^ \Cjijf^

_ jV^^ia.A:^A_ji        ^^JûJ.^]     041^5^ ^}jj^              j^^\   jCi

<J^j\ jj^      ^ ju        ^j^J^^^y 4.             .x^   »^j' v"
                                                                      ^*   i

.   A^4jjl   c^:>»i   4jJU1 ^yJ^3      .
                                           iS^j^   —f     (Sj^Ky^^*

'CJ.^^\j^       ^\       ^\y       Ûj<-a\    ^_JUj             jJ^^Ii^

o;L.^j^_ -^.^j^ji        jjc. 4>1<^        ^.>;;-^-j     j^:_^l^l

^^    Ji dA\*,li      j^*_^i j^lili    ji^^ o^fci.joi l^^l

jA^L::^.!    j)jj^     iUa-I ^julr   4^l£ ^j^l        j-^j^l^^-

Jj.-^ oj^y\    j^     (s*T^ <—-J      <-wlk.-!^    ^...ju-j^    ^j::-!
c\Jif <X^'\^^\ ^^TûjLfî                    j-\:.C^*jj)
                                                          ,J ^r-^

-^^j jA_:*ji^ j/-^^^^ ojd^-^jl (_^jjL_^_9                      ^—^J

J   y!-l^ o^i^'    ^j^   iJj*^^   «
                                      ^   J J -^—t^ 01         A*îji   ^   »

ja:.C4)oJ JU-      ojiljl   ^iLj rL'^^ ^^^ -^^           -^^     "^^r^

^Vti   ^o   Jlil   o\j      ojlj j^'C-^         ^^li   <j^     ilj'^^jl
J^ jVji ^^-^ '^^^ c.Jk_^              (jf^j^^'^   Jy^^      ^li-^l   j

^*V/    S   "^^^^   ^^j_ J^\          4;Ujl -yi:^         ^.rjL.^

        c^^^" l3ja!j1
                         jli>    Jl   oU    jff^^ v^lrPl

                        L^-^'J   J-V^           'K)\jS^    <o   (^Jv«r
^^.^\^ o^V^ cJ3^.\ di^.A.\ J^l                       JL'UîjO>

j^\       (3^1* oJ.ilc   ^^iu <_)l      o, VI   Jl   4._jl   \^i   JL
^j<~^      (S-^^r^3 (j*'-^-^ >   4*^^   1^^'^   '^''-•J^J^     '   Jl*5\

vi-C*-^   jVji   ^y:i">i^ 3^_ a!*>^^^^1     Oy^ jy^          4.^<.;s^b

^-«.d^l ^^jL S^ilkh^A ^,^''^\ J^^U-j (^^^il>» c^?-l-^

CjV^j^ jLl^^     (i'J^^-^
                            -^—^t^ u?^^    diu'j.::      ^>-j jV^l
L^_^_   ;,^».

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