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									Webcams for Business Conferences

In this article we are going to talk about how the humble webcam has
managed to revolutionize international business by providing a clear and
valuable means of connecting people across the world.

Starting life in the late nineties, the webcam was used mostly for
affluent family members to stay connected online. It was troublesome back
then; internet connections were slow and often dropped, and webcam
technologies were very modest - you were lucky if you had a constant and
reasonably smooth stream that wasn't pixellated.

If we spin the clock forward 10-12 years you can see how far webcams have
come. It is absolutely normal for even high quality webcams to sell for
under $50, and even many laptop computers have them built in by design.

What are the benefits of webcams to business?

We all understand how webcams can be used for personal reasons - mostly
to keep in touch with friends and family - but they can be applied much
more effectively to business usage.

Modern day webcams can be used for:

    Multi-user conferences

    Streaming high quality video and sound

    Recording unlimited video

Large organisations which operate in remote locations can easily be
brought together using video conference technology and webcams. This
helps to boost productivity and by allowing multiple users to connect via
the internet, it is a much more cost effective solution than using the

What costs are involved?

Setting up a network of webcams for your employees is actually a lot less
expensive than you may at first think. The webcams themselves are cheap -
around $60-$80 and conferencing software is also very accessible - in
fact if you shop around there are probably quite a few free applications
that you can use.

When you consider how productive meetings can be - it is probably better
to ask what are the costs of NOT holding web conferences?


Does your business need webcam technology to help it operate? Well only
you can know for sure, but to help you we have put together a small list
of points which may be indicative of your company benefitting from online
    You have employees which work remotely

    You have long distance clients

    You benefit from community discussions designed to build new business

Remember that the benefits of working largely online become apparent when
you look at the potential of what is out there. If you are a small local
business, this is fine, but consider that we a moving further toward
working remotely all the time so it might be worth putting your business
on the right track sooner rather than later.

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