Strongly Recommendation: Windows 8 Tablet P109

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					            Strongly Recommendation: Windows 8 Tablet P109

Android tablets really poured into our life since the release of iPad ,we
remembered that many people denied this small tablet PC and they couldn’t
image that tablet PC could made such progress, even not to speak of adapting IOS
and reached the second generation. Although iPad and android tablets have
captured a large of markets and become mainstream .but to some users, the
android tablets with Windows OS still attract them, today let us take a look at one
piece of windows 8 tablet which is worth buying.

As the most eye-catching Windows 8 tablet, P109 3g tablet PC owns the excellent
workmanship. and a 9.7 inch capacitive screen with multi touch takes up almost
the whole front panel, and it adapts a CPU of Intel N455, realize the integration of
1.66G and 360 degree G-sensor and run with 2GB DDR3 memory and 32GB SSD
storage , the high configuration of this 9.7 inch android tablet make it never
inferior to any other Windows 8 tablet, which ensures this windows OS run
smooth, what is worth mentioning is not only this Windows OS tablet supports
3g external and android keyboard but also this Windows 8 tablet P109
supports dual OS tablet ,this means not only you can install Windows 8 OS or
Windows 7 OS in this 9.7 inch android tablet ,but you can install android OS in it ,
so you can absolutely call this 9.7 inch android tablet Windows 7 tablet or
Windows 8 tablet, Which effectively meet different demands for people. In
addition to this Windows 8 tablet comes with silver and compact body, this
Windows 8 tablet also supports Gravity sensor and Bluetooth, 5-hour-life-time
also can meet demands for daily life.

EXTENTION: Which people are suitable for Windows OS tablet?

To some android tablets, it adapts hardware and software, operating systems or
file formats from PC in many aspects. Users can grasp windows OS tablet in a
short time rather than take a long time to get used to being familiar with it, but to
both android and iOS , they couldn’t reach the above standards. Although Apple
dedicated to unifying iOS and Window OS experience, in fact, to some native
users, they still get used to using Windows OS, at the meanwhile, based on
Windows 7 family version, professional version, and flagship version, Microsoft
has taken fully mobile devices into account, once downloading multi- touch
software together with Windows OS, people can enjoy the new user experience
which android tablets multi touch bring.

       Don’t get used to using other operating system again and only want to
        carry on the habits of PC.
       Don’t want to convert formats of file to meet different OS, and they think
        the software in Windows is enough.
       People who won’t use a tablet PC for a long time on the move, and
        make full preparation to some batteries with short life time.
       Think iOS android tablets mainly focus on entertainment, but want to
        business solutions for themselves.

Description: This article mainly talks about the features of one of android tablets of Windows OS-Windows 8 tablet P109