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									Oracle’s Applications for Business Intelligence Solutions
Is your organization capable of collecting, accessing, analyzing, collaborating, and applying knowledge at
the right time to make the right business decisions? If not, your entity lacks much-needed Business
Intelligence. You may be collecting ample information in multiple databases. But by doing this, what you
end-up creating is a vast, complicated, interconnected array of data. And this arrangement can pose
great difficulties when you want to put information to meaningful use.

Also, in order for your business to succeed, your organization should be capable of identifying the right
opportunities at the right time. This is possible only when you leverage the power of knowledge to
support your business decisions. And Business Intelligence is crucial to this decision-making process. To
foster Business Intelligence and to enable organizations to equip themselves with the power of
information, leading technology providers like Oracle have designed Business Intelligence products.

These products deliver a full range of Business Intelligence capabilities that can help you optimize the
use of data by integrating various applications across your system. With well-proven capabilities, Oracle
Business Intelligence solutions help mitigate business risks and discover new opportunities.

Oracle’s Business Intelligence Applications Benefits

Oracle’s Business Intelligence Applications come with prebuilt solutions that deliver intuitive, role-based
intelligence and enable you to gain more insight and greater value from a wide range of data sources
and applications such as Oracle E-business Suite, Oracle Peoplesoft Enterprise,Oracle JD Edwards, Siebel

Oracle’s Business Intelligence Applications offer complete support to your business with pre-built best-
practice analytics, metrics and analytics workflows, and also a rich set of Key Performance Indicators
(KPIs). These applications help access data from across the enterprise and deliver deep insight to
business users thus enabling faster and more informed decisions that help optimize the use of
resources, reduce costs, and improve performance. So, by adopting Oracle’s Business Intelligence
solutions you can be sure that your business decisions will no longer be based on guesswork.

However, in order to fulfill the specific needs of your business, to enhance the use of these Business
Intelligence Applications, and to build custom applications, you need strong domain expertise, and
knowledge. And that is why you should resort to the services of an Oracle technology partner who can
understand your business intelligence needs and implement customized applications to best suit them.
This can prove valuable in getting rid of ineffective methods of data management, and in adopting an
efficient system that can open up new opportunities for your business and enhance your bottom-line

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