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									The Bag of Bones
Tales from the Five Kingdoms

Author: Vivian French
Other: Ross Collins

When the quill writes GO GO GO frantically on the wall, and the House of the Ancient Crones heaves
Gracie Gillypot outside onto the path, it can mean only one thing: there's Trouble in the Five Kingdoms.
This time it's in the form of a beady-eyed, green-tongued witch named Truda Hangnail, who with her
banished Deep Magic has vowed to succeed Queen Bluebell on the throne. Now that her horrible spell
has shrunk the good witches of Wadington to the size of, well, rats, can anything stop her? Will the
strengths, smarts, and charms of a spunky trueheart, a sweet-natured orphan, a scruffy prince, a
substantial troll, and two squabbling bats be enough to foil her insidious plot?
Author Bio
Vivian French
Vivian French has written dozens of acclaimed books for children, including the first three books in the
Tales from the Five Kingdoms series, as well as Polly's Pink Pajamas; Yucky Worms; Caterpillar,
Caterpillar; Growing Frogs; T. Rex; A Present for Mom; and I Love You, Grandpa. She lives in Edinburgh,

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