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					Acne Medications How do You Choose?

There are many medical treatments for acne, although unfortunately, it
can not be said that there is any one, single treatment to cure acne.
Rather than having a single treatment for acne, doctors generally have to
try several different products for each individual before finding the
treatment or combination of treatments that will clear up the
problem.Every case of acne is different and will do different things to
the skin depending on the individual. This makes acne quite a difficult
condition to treat. A lot of experimentation and trial and error with
various medications is usually needed before a successful treatment is
found. This can be very frustrating for the person that wants a quick-fix
solution to their problem or even for those individuals that have a
stubborn strain of acne that takes a long time to clear up. It always
helps to see a doctor or dermatologist that has plenty of experience in
treating acne, this way they can draw on their professional
experience.There are some absolute ‘no nos’ when it comes to dealing with
acne. You should never scrub skin that is affected by acne. This
irritates and inflames the acne, causing more pimples and making the
healing process longer and more drawn out. Never attempt to self-treat or
self-medicate. Pimple removal is something that should always be left up
to a trained doctor in an antiseptic environment.In most cases, the first
treatment that a doctor will recommend is a topical cream. These creams,
like all acne treatments, do not cure acne, but rather help manage the
symptoms of the acne. The treatment that you receive will depend on the
type of symptoms that you are experiencing. It will either be aimed at
unplugging pores, killing bacteria (antibiotics), reducing the amount of
oils (such as Accutane) or altering the hormones that stimulate the
sebaceous glands (such as oral contraceptives).If topical creams alone
prove ineffective, doctors will usually combine them with an oral
antibiotic. The topical creams usually contain benzoyl peroxide which
although effective, should be used in small doses. It was originally
thought to be harmless, however studies show that prolonged use or
overuse can lead to premature aging of the skin.The most important thing
to remember when attempting to rid yourself of acne is to work with a
trained medical professional that you trust. Secondly, be patient. Even
in the best of cases, acne does not clear up overnight. In fact, even
when you have found a treatment that works, your skin will usually get
worse before it gets better. Doctors usually recommend continuing a
treatment for at least four to six weeks before expecting to see results.
Do not be disappointed if the first treatment that you try does not work.
Expect to try several different treatments before finally finding

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