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					        Sabbath School Personal Ministries Workshops Report
                          November 17th at Waterloo for Peninsula District 1:30 -5:30 p.m.
                 November 18th at Three Angels Messages West, Central and East 11:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m.

                                                                                     CHURCH/         SS     ASS     S     PM      PM      ELDER       OTHERS

Contents                                                                             SS BRANCH       SUP
                                                                                                                                  SEC     OR

                                                                                                            SUP     E                     H
Peninsula ...................................................................... 1                          ER      C.                    LEADER
                                                                                     WATERLOO        YES    YES     Y     NO              NO          DEACON
West, Central and East District. ................................... 1                                              S
                                                                                     SAMUEL          NO     NO      N     NO              NO          PERSON
                                                                                     TOWN                           O                                 GAVE NO
Packet of materials ...................................................... 2                                                                          DESIGNATI
                                                                                     JUI             YES            Y                     YES         CHURCH
Individual Enrollment Forms. ....................................... 2                                              E                                 CLERK
                                                                                     KISSY TOWN      YES                                  NO          STUDENT
A Sabbath School 2012 Calendar ................................. 2                   AHS                    YES     Y                     YES         YOUTH
Community Guest Day ................................................. 3              PSS             NO                                   NO
                                                                                     SALEM-                         Y                     NO          TEACHER
The Branch Sabbath Schools ........................................ 3                MABUREH                        E
                                                                                     TOMBO                          Y                     NO
Sabbath School Council ................................................ 3                                           E
                                                                                     NEWTON                                               YES
Greeters ....................................................................... 3   MASIAKA                                              YES
                                                                                     MAMAMAH                                                          EVANGELI
                                                                                     VILLAGE                                                          SM
The Sabbath School Secretary ..................................... 3                 DISTRICT                                                         MM
                                                                                     PASTOR                                                           KAMARA
                                                                                     THREE           YES            N     NO              YES
Sabbath School offerings ............................................. 4             ANGELS’                        O
                                                                                     EAST END        NO             N     NO              YES         NO
The “FINAL SOLUTION”. ............................................... 4                                             O                                 DESIGNATI
                                                                                     VISIONS                                              NO
Record Keeping. ........................................................... 4        DWARZACK                                             NO
                                                                                     CKC             NO             N     NO              NO          NO
Prayer and Fasting Promotion. .................................... 4                                                O                                 DESIGNATI
                                                                                     WELLINGTO       NO             N     NO              NO          FORM NOT
The next Workshop ...................................................... 4           N                              O                                 SUBMITTE
                                                                                     TENE                                                 NO
                                                                                     Kalaba Town                                          NO
                                                                                     Mahera                                               NO
                                                                                     NEW                                                  YES

                                                                                     GOOD NEWS       NO             N     NO              YES
                                                                                     MARANATH        YES            N      NO               NO
 22 persons attended the Peninsula District workshop                                 A                              O
                                                                                     GREATER         YES     YES                            NO
representing Waterloo (3), Jui (4), AHS Hospital (4),                                LOVE
                                                                                     LIGHTHOUS                                              NO
Salem-Mabureh (2), Tombo (1), Newton (1), Kissi town                                 E
                                                                                     ABUNDANT                                               NO
(2), Samuel Town (1), Manamah Village (1), Masiaka                                   LIFE
                                                                                     DIST PS                                                            NO
(1), Peninsula SS (0) and the District Pastor.                                       EAST
                                                                                     DIST PS                                                            NO
West, Central and East District.                                                     DIST PS
                                                                                                                                                        JT MOIBA

                                                                                     “NO” means that the position should have been represented at the meeting
12 persons attended the workshop in Freetown: Three
Angels Messages, (2), East End (2), Visions for Life
                                                                                     The workshops began with song service and
(0), Dwarzack (0) Christ the King (1), New Heaven (1),
                                                                                     discussion of the importance of using hymns and
Good News (1), Wellington (1), Tene (0), Maranatha
                                                                                     memorizing hymns for Sabbath School. Following
(1), Greater Love (2), Aberdeen (0), Abundant Living
                                                                                     opening prayer the presenter, Sister E. Thomas gave
(0), West Dist Pastor (0), Central Dist Pastor (1), East
                                                                                     her personal testimony as an introduction to the
District Pastor (0).
                                                                                     members present (Waterloo). The stated purpose of
                                                                                     the workshop was the equipping of our members in the
Officers represented were as follows:
                                                                                     knowledge of the Word of God, Spiritual Growth and
                                                                                     Evangelism. It was stated that the tasks we have is a
                                                                                     very serious one and the enemy (Satan) takes his task
                                                                                     very seriously even if we do not. The Sabbath Director
                                                                                     stated that we are not holding workshops just to be
                                                                                     able to give a report.

1|Page              To all District Pastors and Organised churches
     Sabbath School Personal Ministries Workshops Report
                     November 17th at Waterloo for Peninsula District 1:30 -5:30 p.m.
            November 18th at Three Angels Messages West, Central and East 11:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m.

Packet of materials                                        and make members wish they had a Sabbath school
                                                           quarterly of their own.
Materials and an agenda were distributed to organized
churches represented-Waterloo and Samuel Town,
                                                           Sabbath School Quarterlies are not expensive and
TAM, East End, Christ the King, Wellington (no
                                                           cost is not prohibitive. The Quarterlies are heavily
registration form was turned in by Wellington), Good
                                                           subsidized and very cheap. Members should plan to
News and Maranatha. Packets were given to Jui and
                                                           purchase them. In the absence of lesson helps the
Greater Love (Goderich) with the understanding that
                                                           Superintendents were given suggestions of material
they are in the process of becoming organized
                                                           for Superintendent Remarks. These include the
churches. The packet included manuals for Sabbath
                                                           Teachers’ quarterly commentary, Connecting with
School Superintendent, SS Sec, Personal Ministry
                                                           Jesus (Selected passages), Adventist Review,
Leaders, Host/Greeters, Sabbath School Teachers’
                                                           Devotional Books and Week of Prayer Material.
Helps, and Sabbath School Branch Leaders. After a
brief review of the documents, the participants broke
up into small groups to discuss crucial issues from the
materials received.                                        Individual Enrollment Forms.
                                                            Every member of Sabbath School member should be
After the groups reassembled, issues discussed were        enrolled by completing the individual enrollment forms.
the time of beginning Sabbath School, lateness of          Sabbath School Secretaries should collect forms and
Sabbath school officers, teachers and members, need        present information to Sabbath School Council in
for liveliness and interesting programs for Sabbath        planning to meet needs of members and use gift and
school. The participants received copies of:               talents of members. Forms can be photocopied when
                                                           more are needed. These forms should be discussed at
    programs              Individual Enrollment          teacher’s meetings to meet the needs of all members
    guides for             forms for every Sabbath
                                                           of the Action Unit and also get them into ACTION!
    Sabbath School,        School member,
    Sabbath School        yellow cards for
    Teachers Lesson
    Plan guide,
                           Sabbath School Action
                                                           A Sabbath School 2012 Calendar
                                                           Tentative Calendars were issued to everyone present
                                                           and dates of significant events were the first Sabbath
Sabbath Schools represented started from 8:50 to
                                                           of every month being set for Personal Ministries and
9:30. The Sabbath School Director admonished the                                   st
                                                           Evangelism. The 1 Sabbath in the new year all
Sabbath School that 8:50 is the recommended time for
                                                           church members should indicate verbally and/or in
the beginning of but whatever time is set, the Sabbath     writing their personal evangelism goal i.e.
School should begin with whoever is present. The
                                                                 pray daily for the salvation of self, family and
Sabbath School Superintendent should not wait for
members to arrive to begin Sabbath School. Board
                                                                 visit neighbors and share Adventist literature
Members and SS teachers, choir members should be
                                                                 give or support a bible study in their home and
made to realize that they have a function to perform
i.e. begin Sabbath School on time and invite visitors.
                                                                 pass out 50-100 pieces of literature
The Director stated that Sabbath school should have
an atmosphere of celebration and all visitors should go          buy for Le4400 Great Controversy and
away with a gift (particularly first time visitors). The             distribute to friends in 2012
music should be of good quality and well presented.              Invite 5 – 10 people to visit church for
Sabbath School classes are like family meetings                      Community Guest day or 13 Sabbath Day
(action units) and lesson study should not include                   programs
reading the lesson aloud by members but should be a              Invite and advertise Week of Prayer and
discussion summary. If members do not come with a                    Revival meetings in the Church
quarterly, a Bible should be enough for the teacher to           Other
guide them through the study. You should not drag the           Send results to me at or
members day by day but should teach topic by topic              text 033345569. Number of people pledging goals.

2|Page       To all District Pastors and Organised churches
     Sabbath School Personal Ministries Workshops Report
                     November 17th at Waterloo for Peninsula District 1:30 -5:30 p.m.
            November 18th at Three Angels Messages West, Central and East 11:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m.

Community Guest Day                                          months before forming a regular Action Unit or joining
                                                             an Action Unit.
Community Guest Day should be held at least twice a
year and a non-Adventist community person should be
invited to attend service and receive a Certificate and a    Sabbath School Council
gift (Connecting With Jesus (Le 20,000)) Other guest         Every superintendent should call a SS Council meeting
should be given magazines and/or tracts as gifts and         before the start of year to share what was received at
even members can be recognized for bringing visitors.        the workshop and to appoint teachers and set times for
Community Guests can be:                                     teachers’ meeting. The Superintendent needs to train
  a local Chief or              a helpful neighbor to      teachers for 20 minutes each teacher’s meeting using
      Headman,                     the church,               materials in the packets. Teacher’s meeting should hit
  Police Chief,                 active parent in our       the HIGH POINTS OF THE LESSON and should
  Educator,                       schools,                  involve everyone in the discussions. Confusing issues
  MP,                           an outstanding student     and unclear point should be dealt with.
  Business Person,                in our schools, etc
  local hero to the             pastors of other
      community,                   churches                  Greeters
                                                             Greeters should be trained and materials for passing
Since no Personal Ministries Leaders were present            out to visitors should be assembled. Records should
the Personal Ministries program was postponed                be kept of numbers of materials distributed. Count the
until a later workshop in January.                           number ahead of time and then count the amount that
                                                             is remaining at the end of the day to get a total number
The Branch Sabbath Schools                                   to report. Adventist Reviews are available free to
 Branch Sabbath School s were admonished that their          members but must be collected from Mission extra
primary function is Bible teaching and growth of             copies can be used to share with MISSING
members with the view of gaining more baptisms after         MEMBERS, REGULAR VISITORS or PERSON
extensive Bible instructions. Therefore, a full church       CURIOUS ABOUT ADVENTISTS. VISITOR BOOK
service is not a priority, Bible study IS a priority. The    with contacts information must be recorded every
Sabbath schools quarterlies are not a requirement but        Sabbath.
Bible Study lessons is a requirement. Discovery Bible
Study guides are available for teaching. Persons in the      The Sabbath School Secretary
District with preaching appointments should prepare to       The Sabbath School Secretary holds the HEARTBEAT
TEACH not PREACH using the guides provided by the            of the SABBATH SCHOOL ORGANIZATION. THE
District Pastors. Sabbath School can be shared into          SECRETARY          IS    THE       REGISTRAR       AND
classes using the SS Lesson Quarterlies for seasoned         ACCOUNTANT OF THE SABBATH SCHOOL and
members (if they are many), Bible Study using the            keeps members informed as to how we are doing as
Discovery Bible Guides (preparation is imperative) and       far as attendance, on-time, offerings, visitations. The
for those who express a desire for baptism should be         yellow cards and registration forms and visitors books
given THE REAL TRUTH Bible studies (8 lessons) and           are the custody of the Sabbath School Secretary. The
awarded a Certificate (this would be good for the 1          secretary meets every visitor to greet and make sure
13 Sabbath Program) EVERYONE BAPTISED IN                     they are placed in the correct class and information
2012 should have gone through the 8 lessons and              recorded by the Greeters. Follow-up of visitors and
received a certificate in church. Materials are available    missing members are monitored by the secretary in
at the mission.                                              cooperation with the Deaconry and Personal Ministries
                                                             Leader. Sabbath Secretary Quarterly Reports are due
                                                                                       th          st
Branches that grow in size and number to seek to be          to the Mission the 10 of the 1 month of each
organized into a church can begin to have full services      quarterly. Monthly reports should be given to the
with a Visitor’s Bible Class as one of its Sabbath           Sabbath School and the Sabbath School Council.
school class that uses the Discovery Bible Studies.          Branches should be sending reports of offerings,
Following baptism members should continue with the           visitors, Bible Studies, visitations and outreach to the
Discovery Bible study or Profiles for at least 6-12          Sabbath School Secretary. Clear bags can be
                                                             purchased for each Sabbath School class to put yellow

3|Page        To all District Pastors and Organised churches
     Sabbath School Personal Ministries Workshops Report
                     November 17th at Waterloo for Peninsula District 1:30 -5:30 p.m.
            November 18th at Three Angels Messages West, Central and East 11:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m.

cards, offering   envelops,    and   literature   to   be   filled in by April 10, 2012. NO forms were turned in up-
distributed.                                                to-date. SEND BY DISTRICT PASTORS!!!!

Sabbath School offerings.                                   Prayer and Fasting Promotion.
Sabbath school Expense offering is necessary for            Sabbath Superintendent packets provided information
stationary and gifts and ordering of Quarterlies and        for 777 and Global Rain. Participants were
resource materials; also to assist in providing training    admonished to educate the members as to the
and transport for training of staff as well as social       meaning of fasting (included in Packet) so the focus is
events for the Sabbath School. To minimize collection       not on eating after starvation, or abstaining as a way of
of offerings we have been mandated to collect all           gaining favor with God but fasting as a preparation of a
offerings in combined budget systematic (red and blue)      willing heart to receive the Holy Spirit. Fasting options
cloth envelop. It was noted that all Sabbath School         should be provided for members and no one made to
departments are not able to get accounts from the           feel they have to abstain from drinking adequate water.
local church or the mission as to how much funds are
collected in behalf of the Sabbath School Department        There was a suggestion offered for Fasting, Praying
and in order to have monies for Quarterlies additional      and Pap. Fasting would begin on Friday at a personal
monies have to be collected from members. This still        or group designated time and then prayer and rice pap
leaves NO MONEY for Sabbath School Expense and              taken together before Sabbath School and then fasting
NO MONEY for missions. Sabbaths School exists for           resumed until a designated time on Sabbath afternoon
the promotion and support of missions. If all over the      or evening.
world mission offerings stop we in West Africa would
suffer.                                                     Sabbath Schools and Sabbath School officers will get
                                                            credit for attendance to all workshops AND for getting
The “FINAL SOLUTION”.                                       REPORTS IN ON TIME. Credit awarded will be
                                                            announced quarterly.
Until the Sabbath School has a mandated method of
weekly collections of offerings for expense and
                                                            Workshop Participants names were drawn for to win
missions. Sabbath Schools are advised to promote
                                                            free books for devotion and personal enrichment. In
Quarterlies’ funds collected by Action Units and record
                                                            addition magazines, tracts, yellow registration cards
be kept by the unit Care Coordinator on the yellow
                                                            were made available for participants. 409 forms, tracts,
cards and by the Sabbath School Secretary. All
                                                            magazines, cards were collected by the Peninsula
classes including children’s should collect offerings in
                                                            district participants and 92 items of forms, tracts,
class envelops so materials can be made available for
                                                            magazines and cards were collected by the Central,
mission stories and children’s stories. Sabbath School
                                                            West, and East District.
Expense can be collected by envelops during
Community Guest days and any other Special
Programs. These funds should be recorded as                 The next Workshop
Sabbath School Expense and be used for Sabbath              A Personal Ministries workshop is VERY CRUCIAL
school operations, Training, outreach and other             FOR SABBATH SCHOOL, PERSONAL MINISTRIES
sponsored events. Mission offerings should be               AND GLOBAL MISSION LEADERS AND OF
                   th                                       COURSE         DISTRICT      PASTORS      AND
promoted at 13          Sabbath Programs. Offering
Envelops should be issued and ALL FUNDS raised              EVANGELISTS… the second or third Sabbath in
from the envelop designated as mission offering. The        January… you will receive a text message of the
funding of the envelops will come from Sabbath School       date and time.
Expense. More programs, more visitors, more funds
and more blessings.                                         Thank you for your dedication to the Call of the Gospel
                                                            of Jesus Christ.
Record Keeping.
                                                            POINT FOR PAYING FOR QUARTERLIES FULL IN
The Participants were issue two FORMS- one that
                                                            ADVANCE GOES TO East End, TAM, Maranatha,
should have been filled immediately and one to be
                                                            Goderichs, Tene, Mahera, New Heaven.

4|Page       To all District Pastors and Organised churches
      Sabbath School Personal Ministries Workshops Report
                  November 17th at Waterloo for Peninsula District 1:30 -5:30 p.m.
         November 18th at Three Angels Messages West, Central and East 11:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m.

CHURCH/            SS        SS        SMAL      VISITOR     LITERAT   BAPTI   COMMUNIT    BRANCH
SS BRANCH          UNITS.    MEMBE     L         S           URE       SMS     Y SERVICE   SABBATH
                             RS        GROU                  DISTRIB                       SCHOOL
                                       PS                    UTION
WATERLOO           8         35        5         8           15        0                   9

SAMUEL TOWN        2         20
THREE ANGELS’                                                                              2

CKC                                                                                        2
WELLINGTON                                                                                 2

GOOD NEWS          4         25        12        13          200       16                  1
MARANATHA          7         77        0         12          25                ADULT LIT   2

5|Page      To all District Pastors and Organised churches

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