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					 World's most customizable online learning management system
Examination Online was designed with only a single driving idea in mind - Make it easy, make
it fast and make it highly customizeable to suite our customers' requirements.

Our initiative required us to be seamless and structured in delivery, while at the same time we
had to be flexible in our offering to our clients. We smoothly integrated our fluid management
system with our base software so that we could deliver the final product exactly like you want it,
and at the price you want it to be.

Each organization can use among the following that will best meet their objectives -

      Security
      Project Management
      Question Development
      Question Banking
      Job Analysis
      Standard Setting and Validation

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Our computer based exam software is being used by

Schools & Teachers
Web based exam managment & reporting system for schools
As a leading school of your region, your school must be having a USP - because of which concerned
parents send their wards to you. One of the prominent reasons is that they entrust you not just with
with their child's education Read more……

Secure computer based examination software for governments
The Government and Federal Agencies are a major stakeholder in the overall growth and prosperity of
any nation. Therefore, it is utmost essential to ensure that the people who are right at the center of
these agencies Read more……..

Coaching Institutes
Online test preparation system for private coaching institutes
The pressure to perform well in exams is ever-increasing. So, how can students get an edge, in such a
competitive scenario? so if you run a SAT/GRE/ACT/THEA/GED training institute Read more……

Employee assessment & training tool for corporates
In today's corporate scene, learning has become an integral part of your professional graph. The more
you learn - the higher you can aim. Today's industrial world - powered by internet - is a totally
different paradigm against what it was during the industrial revolution. Gone are those days when you
could train your employees to do a certain job. Read more……

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Description: Examination online is a custom web based exam management software to help examiners conduct tests & exams for students from anywhere in the world.