; Honda Brio Swan Among The Ducks
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Honda Brio Swan Among The Ducks


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									                    Honda Brio Swan Among The Ducks
Honda Motors have not laid down the
expectations of its admirers ever since it
first set its foot on the Indian market.
Honda Brio, thus, is not very surprising
treat of premium hatchback from the
Honda’s pot. It just has to be one of the
best products that may be circulating in
the automobile dealerships across the
country. Starting the talks with the Honda
Brio price, it is something that can bring
the eye balls out of the sockets with               Get Honda Brio Price
tagging the same initially as Rs 3.95 lakh
and increases only up to Rs 5.1 lakh for its
most highly featured variants. seeing the
price tag, customers can get bit surprised
as it is one of the lowest price tag that
Honda Motors have ever allotted to any of
its range of vehicles. This is for the second
time Honda Motors have stepped into the
small car segment which is expected to be
handled well even in future.
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go endless with the upgraded engine set
up and newly emerged technical
features. There is a 1.2 Liter i-VTEC petrol
engine of 1198 cc inside the hoods of
this premium hatchback. This motor
wizard will magically raise the power
peaks up to 88Bhp and torque may raise
up to 109 Nm. The mileage outburst is
just satisfactory with what delivers is
marginally 18.4 kmpl.

                                                           Get Honda Brio Price
                                               Honda Brio is a true example of ‘Style’ as it is
                                               streamed into the showrooms in many
                                               beautiful color options. The length of this
                                               small car is reduced to 3.6 meters which is
                                               quite lesser than 4 meters. Being less than 4
                                               meters repels the excessive excise duty that
                                               is imposed over the vehicles that measure
                                               more than 4 meters in length. All glass
                                               concept is used to decorate the looks of the
                                               rear end of this car and is truly divine in
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