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									  Silsoe VC Lower School
  High Street
  Silsoe MK45 4ES
  Telephone : 01525 860247                                    Headteacher : Mrs Susan Purdue

  SP/MPC.newsletters.spring09                                          9th January 2009

  Dear parents

  I hope you enjoyed a happy Christmas time and that everyone is fully restored to
  good health and ready to enjoy a busy and exciting spring term.

  I was very grateful for all of the help and support that so many of you gave us during
  the run up to Christmas. I know the PTA members felt very well supported at our
  Christmas Market. I was also very grateful to all of the parents who supported us by
  providing refreshments at our Christmas performances and our Christmas party and
  by buying and wrapping so many presents. At an especially busy time for everyone I
  particularly appreciate these efforts.

  I would also like to mention the support we received from the wider community over
  Christmas. The village farm shop ‘Apples and Pears’ donated two pieces of fruit for
  every child to go in to their party box – which was incredibly generous. Our Year 4
  children were very warmly received at Taymer Residential Nursing Home on 15 th
  December and our friends at the church made us as welcome as always when we
  participated in the Christingle Service at the beginning of December and visited the
  church for our end of term Carol Service. We are very fortunate to be part of a
  community which values and supports our school.

  This Term’s Values
  This term the values we are working on together will be as follows. I have included
  the main ideas we will be sharing with the children as we explain these values.

  Courage: Feeling fear but doing the right thing anyway, courage to overcome
  difficulties or disabilities, courage to stand up for what is right.
  Humility: Accepting and listening to others unconditionally. Humility is possible when
  you have personal self-esteem but do not think you are better than others. Humility
  means wanting to help others without asking for praise.
  Care: Caring for ourselves, our belongings and our pets. Caring for other people at
  home and at school. Caring for our world and our environment, both indoors and

  Learning about positive values is particularly powerful when the messages the
  children receive at school are reinforced at home and vice versa, so do let us know if
  your child does something at home which demonstrates our values so that we can
  praise them at school as well.
This terms topics
The teachers are busy updating each class web page so that you can see the details
of the topics each one will be studying this half term but the headlines for each class
are as follows:

       Acorn Class:         Healthy living
       Willow Class:        Katie Morag
       Maple Class:         Our local area and how we can make it safer
       Palm Class:          The Romans
       Oak Class:           Children in World War 2
       Conifer Class:       Space

I know lots of you like to find extra resources from libraries or the Internet to
support and stimulate your child’s learning. I have also been very impressed by the
positive approach so many families have taken to homework this year. As we outlined
at our parent information sessions last term, homework for primary-aged children
needs to be fun and a shared experience with parents so that the children are
encouraged to learn.

Helping your child with maths
Recently we have been involved as a school in a project across mid -Bedfordshire to
encourage a common approach to teaching mathematics. The feedback received today
from a local authority consultant about the work she saw taking place in our school
was very positive. One idea which she suggested to help parents who would value some
help with understanding how maths is taught in school was to direct you to the
Bedfordshire maths website which contains a wealth of useful information and ideas
for activities with your children. To access the site go on to the Bedfordshire
schools website on click on to the students and
teachers icon on the left hand side then from the home page you can access the
maths/numeracy page. From here you can reach a range of national links which include
some excellent websites and games to encourage the children.

Keeping healthy this winter
I was sorry so many children, parents and staff were unwell before and over
Christmas. I hope everyone is now fully recovered. However to help us to avert
another virus such as Norovirus affecting us, some updated advice has been issued to
schools this week by Sherryl Cousins, Health and Safety Manager for Bedfordshire.
The advice is that any child who is sick or suffers from diarrhoea should go home
immediately and that children should not return to school until 48 hours after the
last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting. This is because the person could still be
infectious during this period. So please ensure you let us have updated contact
details whenever you change them so that we can contact you easily in an emergency.
We also hope the children will be able to enjoy fresh air outside whenever the
weather allows so please make sure they come to school with warm coats, hats, and
gloves and, if it is snowy or wet underfoot, with waterproof footwear such as
wellingtons and a change of shoes. To help us at school it is also important all boots,
gloves etc. are clearly labelled.

Consulting parents on admission arrangements to schools from September 2010.
You may be aware that the local authority is currently consulting parents on
admission arrangements for September 2010. This could affect children who start at
lower school next year but also children who transfer to middle school (i.e. the
children in Palm Class.) If you are interested in expressing your views you can access
the consultation document from the following link:

School meals
The cost of a school meal is £1.70 per day. Please send monies into school in a sealed
envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and class. If you wish to pay weekly
the cost is £8.50, for the half-term to Friday 13th February it is £49.30. Please
make any cheques payable to ‘Eden Foodservices’ with your cheque guarantee number,
card valid from date, card expiry date, and child’s name on the back of the cheque.
Please note that dinner monies should be paid in advance.

We are collecting Nestle Box Tops ‘Books for Schools’ at the moment. We would be
grateful for any vouchers sent into school.

Celebration assemblies
Please find set out below the programme for our special assemblies on Friday
afternoons.     I have allocated one special afternoon for each class. On this
afternoon, the class in question will lead the assembly and I would like to invite
parents/carers to attend the assembly. Please arrive about 2.55pm if you are able to
join us on the relevant afternoon.

       Friday 6th February:        Oak Class Assembly

       Friday 13th February:       Palm Class Assembly

       Friday 27th February:       Maple Class Assembly

       Friday 6th March:           Willow Class Assembly

       Friday 13th March:          Acorn Assembly

A list of diary dates for the spring term is attached.

                                    Mrs S Purdue

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