Film & Publication Board:09/10 Program of Action on Child Pornography by Oe16Avx




OBJECTIVE        PROGRESS 08/09           TARGET / 09/10             DUE DATE

Increased        Increased awareness      Rollout of Awareness       June 09 – March
awareness on     of society on curbing    programs                   2010
the problem of   child pornography
child            (approximately 40 000    Focus:
pornography      parents and children      Traditional Leaders
by society as    through various          Religious Institutions
a whole          awareness programs),     Moral regeneration
Increased        Content Development
capacity in      information booklet on
schools and      child pornography        Distribution of 500 000
workplaces to                             copies of anti – child
further          Research – Corporate     pornography booklets
disseminate      Paedophilia
information                               Train the trainer
about the        Workplace awareness      program
problem of       – HR practitioners       Focus:
child                                      Life Orientation
pornography                                  educators
in society.                               School Principals
                                          Workplace (HR
                                          SRCs/ LRCs

                                          Lobby for inclusion of
                                          child pornography
                                          education in DOE
                                          curriculum for higher
                                          primary and
                                          secondary schools

OBJECTIVE        PROGRESS 08/09           TARGET / 09/10             DUE DATE

                                          Revamp FPB
Awareness on     Awareness programs       Pro-child website          September 2009
risks posed by   for parents , children   (more child friendly
the use of       and youth (as            and industry
new media        mentioned above)         relevance) to draw
and                                       more traffic to the site

technologies     Development of anti             Enhance participation
by children,     child pornography               in the mobile space
youth, and       Facebook group                  (facebook, twitter,
families                                         mxit) etc
                 Partnership with MXIT                                     August 2009
Increased        on creating awareness
awareness in     amongst youth           Development and
society on the                           distribution of DVD
existence of                             on child pornography
child            Development and         ( based on Industrial
pornography      rollout of anti – child theatre program):
                 pornography             schools (LO teachers),
                 industrial theatre      Parliament, industry
                 program) in 30 schools stakeholders and
                 in all provinces        NGOs

                  Investigation of reporting
                 and other gaps in the media
                 on issues of child
                 pornography (report available
                 with recommendations)

Education of     None                            Training workshops        July/ August
2010 fans and                                    with Embassies            2009
tourists on
child                                            Training workshops
pornography                                      with tourism industry
legislation in                                   and host cities
South Africa
                                                 Development of            March 2010
                                                 In-flight video

OBJECTIVE        PROGRESS 08/09                  TARGET / 09/10            DUE DATE

2010 child       Consultative                    Facilitate development March 2009
protection       workshops with                  of 2010 protection
plan             industry, NGOs and              plan with various key
                 LOC to identify                 stakeholders
                 dangers of child
                                                                           September 2009
                 pornography posed by
                 the 2010 Soccer World           Develop and submit
                 Cup                             the child protection
                                                 security plan for 2010

Reduced          Consultative                    Efficient and effective   June 09 - March
access of        workshops with key              online and telephonic     2010
sexual abuse     stakeholders, to                reporting facilities
images of        improve evidence
children on      handling processes              Training of CPU staff
the internet     and other related                                         June 2009
                 matters in child                Signing of MOU with
Appropriate      pornography cases               key stakeholders          September 2009

action taken                                 (MTT members)
on cases          Draft MOU developed
reported on       with ISPA,                 Finalisation of            September 2009
FPB hotlines                                 protocols on handling
                                             of evidence in child
Enhanced          In process of              pornography cases
capacity of       developing protocols       Implementation of
FPB to deal       on above issues            internationally
with child                                   benchmarked
protection        Enhancement of             processes and
issues.           infrastructure to report   procedures to deal
                  child pornography          with issues of child
                  (launched internet         pornography
                  hotline, a first of its
                  kind in Africa,

OBJECTIVE         PROGRESS 08/09             TARGET / 09/10             DUE DATE
International     Membership of              Collaboration with         March 2010
partnerships      INHOPE, an                 other countries to fight
                  international body of      child pornography
                  internet hotlines
                  fighting illegal content   Enhancement of FPB
                                             processes to be in line
                                             with internationally
                                             processes                  September
                                             Engagement of SADC
                                             on issues of child
                                             protection - research

Collaboration     Desk study on trends       Development of          August 2009
with law          in prosecution and         training manual for law
enforcement       conviction of child        enforcement officers
agencies to       pornography offenders
ensure                                       Specific training
successful        Education of various       program to educate
prosecution       stakeholders on child      key stakeholders in
and conviction    pornography                the prosecution of
of perpetrators   legislation (1450 law      child pornography
                  enforcement officers       perpetrators
                  and social workers) to
                  improve prosecution        Continued
                  and victim                 collaboration with
                  empowerment                Task teams on Child
                  programs                   pornography

                  Regular Forums to          Multi stakeholder
                  discuss challenges in      Forum (MTT)

    handling child
    pornography issues in
    society (Cooperation
    with KZN Task Team
    on child pornography ,
    child trafficking and
    child prostitution)

    Multi stakeholder
    Forum (MTT)

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