Review tenses exercise class story w answers by WAnDq8iy


									Adapted from Tense Situations, by Hartmann, Esparza and Zarian

DIRECTIONS: Fill in the blanks with the following tenses. In some cases, more than one tense is possible.



         I go to the Gorgeous Body Health Club four times a week. When I (1) (begin) __began___going
there, I (2) (be) _was__ in terrible shape. I (3) (not ever go) __hadn't ever gone ___to a health club before,
and I (4) (not eat) __hadn't eaten___right for years. On the day I (5)(join) ___joined__ the club, I (6)(be)
__was__ thirty pounds overweight, and my girlfriend (7)(worry) __had been worrying__ about my health
for a long time.
         On the first day of my new exercise program, I (8) (run) __ran__ a mile, (9) (swim) ___swam___
twenty laps, (10) (take) __took__ a half-hour exercise class, and (11) (sweat) __sweated___ in the sauna. I
(12) (think) __thought__ I was going to die! While I (13) (sweat) __was sweating__ in the sauna, I (14)
(dream) __dreamed/dreamt/was dreaming__ about going home to an enormous sandwich, French fries, a
Coke, and a huge hot fudge sundae!
         But at that time, nobody (15) (tell) ___had told___ me about the diet program at the health club. I
(16) (change) ___was changing___ clothes in the locker room and (17) (think) __thinking___ about my hot
fudge sundae when my exercise instructor (18)(come) __came__ up and (19) (tell) ___told__ me that the diet
class (20) (just begin) __had just begun___ and that I (21) (be) __was__ five minutes late. “Diet class?” I
(22) (say) __said__ , horrified. I (23) (tell) __told__ him that nobody (24) (mention) ___had mentioned__
such a thing to me.
         Well, I somewhat reluctantly (25)(go) __went__ over to the diet class. When I (26) (walk)
___walked___ in, a terribly thin young woman (27) (give) __was giving__ a lecture on all the foods we
shouldn’t eat. She (28)(point) __was pointing___ to a list of forbidden foods which she (29)(put) _had put_
on the blackboard. All my hopes (30) (sink) _sank_ when I (31) (see) _saw_ all my favorite foods on the list.
Then the young woman (32) (say) _said_ that she (33) (come) __had been coming__ to Gorgeous Body for
two years and (34) (teach) __ (had been) teaching __ the diet class for six months. She (35)(tell) _told__ us
she (36) (weigh) __weighed/had weighed__ 197 pounds when she (37) (start) _started__ the program. Of
course that (38) (be) __was__very inspiring! Everyone in the class (39) (swear) __swore__ to come to class
regularly and to keep the strict diet.
         This (40) (be) __was_ all a year ago. One day at lunchtime last week, as I (41) (eat) __was eating__
my spinach salad, I (42) (think) __thought/was thinking__ about how my life (43) (change) __had
changed__ and how wonderful I (44) (become) __had become___. I (45) (not eat) __hadn't eaten __a
single French fry since I started my diet. I (46) (exercise) _had exercised/had been exercising__ two hours a
day for the past year. And for several weeks I (47) (think) __had been thinking __of entering the Mr.
America Contest. I (48) (try) __had tried__ many times to persuade my girlfriend to join the health club and
become as healthy and as perfect as I was. However, as I (49) (drink) __was drinking __ my nonfat milk, I
sadly (50) (remember) __remembered__ that she (51) (recently leave) __had recently left_ me. She said that
I (52) (become) _had become__ a new person but that she (53) (prefer) __preferred__ the old me to the thin,
vain one. She said it seemed that I (54) (trade in) __had traded in ____ a pleasant personality for a Mr.
America body, and she didn’t think it was a good trade.

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