DRAFT - Minutes � UK J24 Class AGM � 7th July at Weymouth by Oe16Avx


									Minutes – UK J24 Class AGM – 7th July at Weymouth

  1. Committee Members
       a. The current Flag Officers – Chairman Jim Anderson & deputy
          Roger Morris were confirmed.
       b. William Pollock was confirmed a Membership Secretary and in
          the autumn to take over as Treasurer in addition.
       c. Rob Clark volunteered and was unanimously elected to take
          over the Class Secretary’s post in the autumn.
       d. The current Fleet Captains – Falmouth Barnaby Peters,
          Plymouth George Kerr, Weymouth Ken Roebuck & Poole
          Duncan McCarthy were all re-elected. Graeme Love was
          confirmed as the Solent Fleet Captain.
       e. The following addition Members were elected to the
          Committee – Nick McDonald (UK Class Measurer) and Mark
          Penfold (UK Member of the Int. Technical Committee (ITC).

  2. Accounts
       a. The UK Class net worth, as at the 7th July is attached
       b. Assistance for the member attending a WCM was discussed but
          fortunately Bob Turner volunteered to take the UK’s points
          forward in 2012 and the following WCM was likely to be in
          Ireland in 2013. It was decided to see if a web Conference or
          Video link could be considered for the future. Mark Penfold
          volunteered to take this up with the IJCA & ITC.
       c. It was mentioned that a number of J24s are currently racing in
          one design class fleets without being members of UKJCA.
          Agreed that all boats competing as J24s in whatever event -
          including club racing, not just national and international
          regattas – required to be members of the UKJCA, plus
          helms/co-owners if different. Fleet captains to ensure this was

  3. Racing Programme
       a. The Autumn Cup 2011 was confirmed for Plymouth weekend
          1st/2nd October.
       b. 2012 Season – Proposed possibility of running a national series
          rather than single national championship, this was agreed to be
       c. 1). The 2012 World Championships will be at Rochester US
          15th – 23 September.
              2). The 2012 Europeans would be in Italy 2 – 8th June and
              higher qualifying points would be awarded.

   4. Class Website – Damian Thompson volunteered to investigate all
      possible options and report back as soon as was possible, particularly
      whether we could link onto the International Website.

   5. Class Promotion – It was agreed that much greater efforts should be
      made to promote our events and each Fleet must accept their
      responsibility after National Events. Bob Turner agreed to continue
      work in this area in conjunction with Damian on the website.

   6. GPS in the Class – The Class Members were unanimously against
      permitting GPS to be used for Class Events but it was felt that those
      boats competing in Handicap events where others in their Class were
      permitted to use GPS that it was the IJCA’s responsibility to take to
      take actin to help them. The proposal was that at the next WCM the
      UK put forward an additional clause with their proposal that GPS
      should be banned for Class racing as follows “ Not withstanding this
      Class Rule J24’s competing in handicap racing may use GPS if
      others in her Class are not restricted”.

   7. AOB – There being no other business the Meeting was closed.

*Upon consideration of this and commitment already made to existing 2012 regatta
programme it was decided not to put this forward

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