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									Visit Requests - General Guidance. Approval of visits to
AEGIS Technical Representative (AEGIS TECHREP), to include
VADM James H. Doyle Jr. Combat System Engineering
Development Site (CSEDS), rests with the Commanding
Officer. Requested visit dates must be consistent with, and
supported by, the purpose of the visit. An AEGIS TECHREP
POC, conversant with visit particulars, should be
identified on the visit request. When submitting a visit in
JPAS, the POC should be followed by a more descriptive
purpose, for example, John Doe/ACB12 Testing. Visit
requests should be submitted seven (7) days in advance to
allow for sufficient processing time. Faxed or hand-carried
visit requests will not be accepted.

Classified Visits. Classified visit requests to AEGIS
TECHREP/CSEDS will be submitted via JPAS to SMO Code
N390296. Activities that do not have JPAS access may
contact AEGIS TECHREP security personnel at 856-722-2409,
or 856-722-2756, or may contact the Command Security
Manager at COMM 856-722-3847.

Unclassified Visits. Unclassified visit requests to AEGIS
TECHREP/CSEDS should be submitted on Agency/Company
letterhead, signed by the appropriate Agency/Company
manager, and contain the following information:

    a)   Name of Visitor (Last, First, MI)
    b)   Citizenship
    c)   Date of Visit
    d)   Purpose of Visit
    e)   AEGIS TECHREP POC and Phone Number

Unclassified visit requests may be scanned and emailed to:, or mailed to
AEGIS Technical Representative, ATTN: La Gretta Ecckles,
199 Borton Landing Road, P.O. Box 1015, Moorestown, NJ

 This guidance, dated 18 Jun 2010, supersedes paragraph 17
                of AEGISTECHREPINST 5510.1A.

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